Item #: XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be stored in a 5m x 5m x 4m soundproof (See Incident log SCP-XXXX-1 for details) reinforced concrete cell in Site 57. Weapons, as well as items resembling weapons, are forbidden in SCP-X's containment cell, unless used for tests approved by Level 3 staff. Sealed metal crates that can be locked/unlocked via remote access are to be used when transporting SCP-X for both testing and relocation.

In the event of a containment breach, unarmed site security are to approach SCP-X and carry it back to its containment. Armed personnel are advised to avoid confronting SCP-X under normal circumstances.

Description: SCP-X is a cube shaped automaton resembling a loudspeaker composed of reinforced steel and aluminum, measuring at about 1m x 1m x 1m. Concave speakers of various sizes are found scattered across the main body of SCP-X, totaling to 24. The dust caps of these speakers house camera lenses, some of which have been shattered or damaged, that track movement within an estimated 25m range of detection. Its chassis shows visible signs of damage, including those created from gunshots. The presumed front side of SCP-X has a round rectangular opening, and is visibly stained with various drip marks and splashes of a dried, black substance. The sides of the body hold several holes that houses its limbs when deactivated. The top of SCP-X holds a compartment that opens when SCP-X is ready to deposit an item. This compartment can be opened manually while SCP-X is deactivated, revealing a pool of pitch black liquid. All attempts to detect a bottom to this pool have failed thus far. On the bottom of SCP-X lays a set of imprinted numbers and letters arranged as “CU-378” and the words “Only through our careful hands will the diseased be disarmed of their tools of transmission. Only when all Obscenity has been excised will this world know peace”.

Under normal circumstances, SCP-X will remain deactivated, remaining stationary in one spot and is safe to approach, touch and carry, provided none of its prerequisites are met. While active, SCP-X will extend its mechanical limbs from the sides of its body; 2 arms and 4 mechanical, arachnid-like legs, standing at approximately 1.5m. Its right arm is equipped with a fully articulate metal hand comprising of four fingers, while its left arm is equipped with a pair of visibly worn out and lightly rusted shears. These shears have shown to be adept at cutting through most materials despite their wear.

SCP-X will activate when firearms, violence, blood/visible injuries and/or nudity are within its visual range. Upon spotting one or more of these requisites, SCP-X will begin to move towards the offending target to censor/confiscate it. When approaching firearms, explosives, and objects recently used for violence, SCP-XXXX will pick the item up and open its compartment to deposit the object. Objects too large to fit into this space will first be cut into evenly spaced pieces by SCP-XXXXs left arm before they’re deposited individually.

If a living being is wielding something perceived as a weapon within SCP-Xs vision, SCP-X will approach the subject and attempt to disarm them.Heavy resistance towards SCP-Xs attempt to confiscate the weapon will result in an attempt to amputate the subjects limb, typically towards the arms that is wielding the offending weapon. Further resistance will result another amputation towards the remaining limb, continuing until the subject is incapacitated and unable to provide resistance. When assaulted either physically or fired at with firearms, SCP-X will give chase to its attacker in an attempt to sever the offending limb, not stopping until it has either severed the desired limb off or if the subject is brought far enough away from SCP-Xs detection range to deactivate. Severed limbs and extremities are then deposited into its compartment. Limbs too large to fit will be cut into smaller segments before they're deposited.

When in the visual vicinity of blood, visible injuries and nudity, SCP-XXXX will face towards its target and begin spewing a thick, black substance at the offender from its rectangular opening. Composition of this substance appears to be made up from a combination of tar, rubber, a variety of cyanoacrylate adhesives and a material not found in the Foundations expanded periodic tables. This substance will absorb liquids while it is still fresh, before hardening over the span of a minute. When completely dried over flat surfaces, this substance can be peeled off with relative ease.

However, observations on those who have made skin contact with this substance have shown that the substance will fill into the skin pores, settling down on the deepest layers of the dermis. It is not recommended to peel the substance when treating subjects who have made skin contact as this typically leads to the coated skin being torn off as well. Treating victims who have been coated by this substance has proven to be extremely difficult due to the impenetrable nature of it when completely hardened, and as such, there are currently no known ways to safely removed this substance off of living beings.

It has been observed that SCP-X appears to put priority in confiscating weaponry over chasing attackers, censoring nudity, and censoring blood/injuries. Once all offensive material in the area has been removed, SCP-X will retract its limbs and deactivate.

Additionally, SCP-X will emit a bleep sound effect the moment an expletive is spoken inside of its radius of detection, estimated to be 15.2m. This appears to primarily affect languages spoken in the Western Hemisphere, with the outliers to this case being German, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. The sound effect varies in volume depending on the volume of the spoken word, the distance between SCP-X and the sound, and any obstructions in the way. Whether or not the sound can actually be heard by SCP-X doesn't seem to affect its reaction, which can be provoked whether SCP-X is active or not and has no effect on triggering its activation.

See attached document for SCP-X recovery report.

Recovery Report SCP-X-1


Incident log SCP-XXXX-1: On ██/██/████, security cameras captured Dr. ████ and Dr. ███████ walking side to side in the hallway outside of SCP-Xs containment, having a discussion together.

Dr.████: I swear, I am at my wits end with that guy! I've left notes, stuffed it in the way back of the fridge, and even made myself look like a paranoid idiot by telling everyone to not touch it when I walk into the room, and what do I see for the 4th time in a row now? Him eating my lunch again!
Dr. ███████: You haven't told your superior about this yet? Because this seemed like a really easy situation to catch onto and avoid by the second time it happened.
Dr.████: Well excuse me for having faith in my fellow adult researchers! How am I supposed to know he'd be the pettiest son of (Censored)

SCP-X then emitted a bleep sound effect measuring at approximately 148Db, circumventing its sound proofed containment. Glass and ceramic furniture, particularly in the Sites right wing, were shattered. 46 site members were treated for a variety of hearing conditions afterwards. Dr.████ and Dr. ███████ were rendered permanently deaf from the incident. SCP-X containment has been changed into the Sites isolated containment wing following Dr. Gehrens request. Sound proofed walls are to be replaced with standard reinforced concrete. Additionally, several signs prohibiting profanity are to be set up in the hallways leading to SCP-Xs containment.

Incident log SCP-XXXX-2:
On June 8th, 1918, SCP-X began broadcasting a series of messages being sent from an unknown source over the span of one month.