item number:SCP-XXXX

code name:Planet orbit toy

object class:Safe

threat level:Green ‚óŹ

special containment procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be held in a 5x5x3m containment cell so that there is enough room for the planets to move freely through containment cell. A security camera is to be used to monitor object during any major astronomical events to study its behaviour.

SCP-XXXX appears to be a regular battery operated planet toy, with the exception that all of the planets are not connected to the toy, but floating. The toy sun is the only object connected to the base of the toy. It is approximately 150 cm in size when Sedna, a dwarf planet belonging to the toy, reaches the aphelion of its orbit around the toy sun. It contains all of the planets of the solar system, including all of the dwarf planets. The device is operated by 2 AA batteries, and is activated by the flip of a switch located on the device, which causes all of the planets to rotate. The device seems to automatically track the positions of the planets in real time. The planets can be manually moved along their orbital path, but cannot be removed. (see test log XXXX-1) All of the planets measurements go as so:

  • sun: 50cm
  • Mercury: 12mm
  • Venus: 17mm
  • Earth: 2cm
  • Mars: 15mm
  • Ceres:5mm
  • Jupiter: 10cm
  • Saturn: 8cm
  • Uranus:6cm
  • Neptune:6.5cm
  • Pluto:8mm
  • Haumea:3mm long side, 2mm short side (due to its eliptical shape)
  • Make make:6mm
  • Eris:7mm
  • Quaoar:5mm
  • Sedna: 5mm

The object does include all of the moons of the listed planets, Although alot of these moons require a microscope to see. When the object is activated, the planets will begin to rotate at a ratio of real time to toy time of 1 year to 5 seconds. When this occurs, all of the real planets will begin to shift position according to the toy. It is thought that the object warps space-time to cause the planets to speed their movements up. It is still unknown why it is noticeable to humans that the planets have an accelerated speed, due to the laws of physics. Its origin is thought to be alien, and was found inside a vault on the ground with various other pieces of what appears to be metal, but under inspection has been proven to not be any material of earth origin. The site of the vault that it was located in was at [DATA EXPUNGED]. The material the planets are made from is currently unknown to mankind, and is currently indestructible by human means.

Test log XXXX-1
Class D personnel member asked to enter containment cell. Subject did as instructed, and entered cell. Subject was then asked to approach object and grab a planet and move it to a different position along its orbital path. Subject approached jupiter and moved it a quarter of the way around its rotational path. SCP members in [DATA EXPUNGED] at night, were observing jupiter before being told that it was about to be moved. Jupiter moved across the sky and out of viewing range from observers. They reported back to say that jupiter had moved. Subject then asked to move jupiter back into the position it was previously in. Subject moved it back in place. Subject was asked to remove Jupiter from its position and take it to another place in the room. Subject attempted to move it away from the object, but failed to do so.

Test log XXXX-2
A Class D personnel member was asked to approach SCP-XXXX and flip the switch at its base. Subject complied and did as instructed. All planets began to rotate around the toy sun. SCP members in [DATA EXPUNGED] observed all planets moving rapidly across the sky before toy was deactivated.


  • although earth rotates around the toy sun like all other planets, earth's rotation and orbit seems to be unaffected by the object. This has caused rumours and theories to spread throughout the foundation that aliens are using the device to study earth, but this is thought to not be true.
  • After the tests of XXXX-2, a cover up was put into place that claimed that the USA was simply testing new satellite technology and any thoughts of acceleration in planetary movement was entirely false.