What A Terrible Thought


Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any person found to be the current host for SCP-Thought is to be fitted with a muzzle, sufficiently tight to restrict speech, and hooked up to an EEG machine. Upon cessation of Thought-TRIAL event1, the corpse is to be disposed of through regular means.

Any persons that have begun a Thought-DEBATE event are to be contained in humanoid containment cells modified to silence any sound coming from within, and are to be considered SCP-Thought-1 instances. Surveillance in these cells is only to be done through the camera system. As SCP-Thought-1 instances are notably non-violent, they are allowed paper and standard-issue writing utensils upon request to aid in mental health and compliance. Any personnel entering these cells are to wear noise-delay headsets to negate risk of infection.

Description: SCP-Thought is a memetic entity spread through speech. Subjects infected by SCP-Thought are to be considered SCP-Thought-1 instances. When infected by SCP-Thought, a person will go through 2 distinct stages:

Thought-DEBATE: SCP-Thought-1 instances immediately enter a stage on intense introspection and reflection, audibly reminiscing on events of their past. Victims tend to linger on actions that society would consider immoral, even if the victim would normally have a differing opinion. SCP-Thought-1 instances often request large amounts of paper2 and writing utensils to use as visual aids, or to draw diagrams. Denial of these resources often result in Thought-1 instances becoming depressed or hysterical. This is the only time, aside from when Thought-1 instances are deliberately distracted from their reflections or kept from being able to speak, that their attitude and mood changes. All vocalizations during this stage have a small chance, approximately 20%, to infect those that hear it.

Thought-TRIAL: Upon cessation of the currently active Thought-TRIAL event, or immediately if there are no active Thought-TRIAL events, a singular Thought-1 instance is chosen to enter the Thought-TRIAL event based on self-assessed readiness. During a Thought-TRIAL, the Thought-1 instance is rendered catatonic, and repeatedly utters the phrase, "What a terrible thought". All persons who hear this phrase immediately become Thought-1 Instances and enter the Thought-DEBATE stage of infection. After approximately 20 minutes3, brain activity ceases, and the SCP-Thought-1 instance dies.