What even | SCP-507-J

SCP-507-J (left) in its natural habitat trying to square up with Dr. Jack Bright (right)

Item#: SCP-507-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-507-J is to be situated in a 2 room cell with each room being 10x10x5. SCP-507-J is allowed a bed, a computer (being only on sites that do not expose the foundation), a TV, DVDs of horror, fiction, and romance, a king sized bed, and a nightstand. SCP-507-J is allowed to freely roam the facility, accompanied by at least 1 level 3 personnel, to make sure that he is away from any children. If SCP-507-J breaches containment, he will be tased and brought back to his cell. SCP-507-J is NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to come into contact with children under 18.

Description: SCP-507-J is a Caucasian male 1.72 meters in height. SCP-507-J likes to be called "Jim" and will not answer to anything else. SCP-507-J speaks in the same accent as SCP-507. SCP-507-J shares the same DNA as SCP-507. Research into if they both are related in anyway is still ongoing.

When SCP-507-J is within 10 meters of a human under the age of 18, SCP-507-J will proceed towards the subject with a belt in its hands, even if SCP-507-J is not wearing a belt, and will say something along the lines of "Get your ass over here!" and will chase the subject until the subject is in the range for an "Ass whooping" from SCP-507-J. SCP-507-J will proceed to beat the subject saying "This is why mom left you!" or "You're the reason me and mom got a divorce!" When SCP-507-J is interfered with during these "Ass whoopings", He will try to fight them. A document of the phrases SCP-507-J uses has been made.

SCP-507-J was recovered in New York city after an accident that occurred on 6/7/2017 after a boy by the name of "█████", along with other children, got assaulted by SCP-507-J. everyone there was registered class B amnestics.

Document #507-J-00: