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SCP-3xxx-1 prior to containment.1

Item #: SCP-3xxx

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3xxx is to be contained in a 5mx5mx5m non-corrosive room with cubes of gelatin of different sizes covering the floor. Should a breach occur, MTF η-10 ("See No Evil") are to surround the facility and [REDACTED]. When the breach ceases, SCP-3xxx-2 should be fed raw seafood until it enters a coma. Prior to Incident-3xxx-3, SCP-3xxx-2 and PoI-███ cannot be contained, but SCP-3xxx-1 is to be stored in a spherical steel chamber filled with gelatin in Site-███. To prevent gelatin from damage, nanotechnology should be utilized to fill the damaged areas with gelatin of different hue than the surrounding gelatin.

Description: SCP-3xxx refers to SCP-3xxx-1, -2, and -3. SCP-3xxx-1 is a factory in which multiple extracts are made. Most extracts are flavored as items that are inedible to humans. All extracts are completely non-toxic, except for [REDACTED] during the containment breach on ██/██/19██ at Site-███ (See Incident-3xxx-2 for more details).

The factory appears to float on an unknown substance (see footnote) and has multiple staircases and ladders on the outside. The ladders and stairs lead to [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED].2 When water touches the substance in which SCP-3xxx-1 floats in, SCP-3xxx-2 is created. The inside is inaccessible; the extract bottles form in [DATA EXPUNGED] outside of the factory.

SCP-3xxx-2 is a sentient Shiba dog with extreme regenerative abilities who is capable of speech. They claim their name to be "█████████", but enter a stage of aggression when [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-3xxx-2 appears to morph into a Loxosceles reclusa and begin laying eggs when stabbed in the [DATA EXPUNGED]3. These eggs hatch into [REDACTED] which produce a Class I visual cognitohazard effect and is a vital component in treatments for Class E, serving as an anti-memetic, anesthetic, and amnestic. The Ethics Committee has suggested different methods for obtaining the resource, but have been ultimately denied by the O-5 Council.

Incident Report-3xxx-1: [DATA EXPUNGED].4