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Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: Subject is to be held in a furnished Humanoid Containment Cell at Site-06-3, with at least three nearby Scranton Reality Anchors. The anchors must be checked regularly for damage and their return wires must be changed twice annually. Subject must be constantly monitored. Although unlikely, if subject appears strained or the Anchors begin to fail, it is to be subdued via airborne agents administered into the cell.

Description: SCP-#### is a caucasian male of approximately 37 years of age previously designated as PoI-4343, “Trout”. The subject has low-threat reality bending abilities often involving the application of forces similar to telekinesis, but differentiated by fluctuations in Humes around the Subject when active. The Subject was apprehended on 06/06/20██ by the on site security of Site-77, when an in-storage Scranton Reality Anchor exploded as the result of the presence of SCP-####. A second Scranton Reality Anchor was assembled on site and used to apprehend the Subject. In the presence of more than one SRA, the subject appears to be incapable of anything anomalous.


SCP-#### was not and is not contained as of an observed 3 hours after the previous interview.

Audio Log by Dr. Addams on the Containment Status of SCP-####

On the night after first contact with SCP-####, I was in my office working on a small project of my own. It appeared to be 22:30. I was trying to further compress an SRA, since they are so hard to transport, but I was having trouble with the range. It only reached a couple of meters. I decided to retire for the night, so I turned out the light to go to sleep, but when I turned out the light, the area around my small SRA wouldn’t “turn out”. I kept flicking the light switch, to confirm what I was seeing, but the light stayed. The Anchor was surrounded by light that was coming into my quarters from the sole window, but it was nearing midnight.

This meant that at a 1 Hume level1, it should have been midday, so something had accelerated time with Hume based reality manipulation abilities around the facility. I began to come to realizations about the containment of SCP-####, likely due to the Anchor being nearby

It’s impossible to build a reality anchor on demand. The science of a reality anchor requires a pocket dimension to be held inside the anchor, and for energy to be moved in one side and out the other, or redirected out the front at a lower Hume level. The opening of said dimension has to be performed first, so that the Anchor has a reference of 1 Hume. A supraremium2 sponge then has to be placed inside the dimension with a tungsten line leading to the original opening3. Supraremium is far too difficult to obtain, so we don’t store any on Site-77, and the creation of dimensions for the Foundation is done at [REDACTED]. The apprehension of SCP-#### involved the on site creation of an SRA, which I recall doing, but I’m only now realizing how impossible that is.

In other words, in hindsight there is no way we could have captured SCP-####. He’s also being unrealistically cooperative, and the interview yesterday ended too abruptly. He’s playing with the Foundation, and he’s altered reality so that it seems as if he’s contained. He can also probably alter our memories based on how I never realized how improbable his capture was. Perhaps it was the presence of the SRA I was miniaturizing that allowed me to come to these realizations. In fact, now I don’t think he’s contained at all, but instead he’s trying to contain us.

It’s probably best if I don’t bring it up for now, I’ll interview him with the Anchor on me tomorrow