SCP-3507 (William Dyer's Sandbox)

Item #: SCP-3507

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3507 is to be stored in a standard 12” x 15” x 24” storage locker locked with a key-operated 5-pin padlock. Temporary access may be granted by submitting Request Form 3507-D along with the appropriate medical records to current Site 73 Ethics Committee Chair Dr. ████████. Usage should preferably occur within the on-site Research Sector, though if the medical status of the intended subject prohibits travel, off-site operation may be authorized with the accompaniment of one member of volunteer Mobile Task Force Xi-1 (“Dream Team”).

Discovery: SCP-3507 was recovered on ██-██-████ from the Palliative Care Wing of the ██ ████ Children’s Research Hospital. Several social media posts indicated professional skateboarder ████ ████ had made a surprise appearance at the hospital to entertain patients. However, live footage indicated Mr. ████ was currently competing at the Bondi Bowl-A-Rama in Sydney, Australia, nearly 20 hours away by commercial flight.

Members of MTF Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") were initially dispatched to investigate. Upon confirmation of the anomaly, MTF agents posing as Mr. ████’s management team peacefully escorted the manifestation out of the wing under the guise of being late for another engagement. Agents then attempted to load the anomaly into the back of a reinforced van for transportation to Site 17, which temporarily removed it from the agents’ line of sight. When the agents entered the driver’s side and consulted the rear live-feed camera, the apparent SCP manifestation had dematerialized. Subsequent investigation led to the discovery and containment of SCP-3507 at Site 73 for additional testing.

Description: SCP-3507 is a small cardboard box measuring 4” x 2.5” x 2.5” in size. A small opening exists at the top with dimensions sufficient for the insertion of one folded-over 3” x 5” piece of notepad paper. The materials composing SCP-3507 can be manipulated and unfolded like standard cardboard, and show no indication of anomalous resistance to damage. Any unaffected contents within SCP-3507 may be removed upon opening and disposed of using standard office waste disposal procedures.

SCP-3507's anomalous properties become apparent only when a terminally ill individual between the ages of 2 and 12 places a piece of paper containing a request into SCP-3507. If the request is accepted, the inserted paper vanishes, and an anomalous construct materializes to fulfill the request. To date, all anomalous phenomena have manifested and demanifested outside of direct human sight.

SCP-3507 Experiment Log

Test #1
Subject: Lead Researcher Carter, age 48, healthy.
Request: “LuxeCafé Personal French Press, Single Serve”
Results: After a period of 15 seconds, smoke was observed emerging from the top of SCP-3507, along with an unpleasant acrid smell. No further changes were detected in the testing chamber. After a period of 30 seconds, the request was removed from SCP-3507. Light singeing was noted on the edges of the request.

  • Not too surprising, given where we found it. I know they’re gonna want a kid in here eventually, but I want some more due diligence before chucking a kid in with an unknown SCP.

Test #2
Subject: D-2003, age 37, scheduled for disciplinary termination six hours from time of testing. Clinical diagnoses of schizotypal personality disorder and mild psoriasis, but otherwise healthy. D-2003 was instructed to write down a last meal request and place it into SCP-3507.
Request: “Steak, broccoli, and mashed potatoes and lots of butter. Sour gummy worms. One of those comunnion(sic) crackers.”
Results: Paper remained intact at the bottom of SCP-3507. Request was removed after 16 minutes. No changes were detected in the environment surrounding SCP-3507.


  • There’s more we could try, but everyone here knows it's just stalling. If we have to do it, let’s at least do it safe.

Test #3
Subject: Subject 3507-S1, age 5 years and 11 months. Clinically diagnosed with hereditary Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease 6 weeks prior to testing. Subject was provided step-by-step instructions by Junior Researcher ████ to exactly copy a pre-written request and place it into SCP-3507.
Request: ”One non-anomalous red Gala apple, weighing no more than 200 grams, which materializes at least 3 horizontal meters away from any human being”
Results: Smoke observed emerging from top of SCP-3507 after 6 seconds. Subject sought comfort from Junior Researcher ████. Request was removed after 40 seconds. No further changes were detected in the testing chamber.

  • Holding off the follow-up test until security becomes available. At least ████ thought to bring the kid lunch.

Test #4
Subject: Same subject as previous test. Subject was instructed to make a request of his own volition. Agents ███ and ███████ were brought into the testing chamber for additional security.
Request: “Puppy”
Results: Approximately 20 seconds after deposition of the request, test chamber personnel reported hearing scratching sounds originating from outside of the test chamber door. Agent ███ was instructed to assume a guarding position in front of the subject, and was subsequently accompanied by Junior Researcher ████. Agent ███████ was instructed to cross the room and carefully open the door. Immediately upon opening, a small Golden Retriever puppy weighing approximately 6.5 kilograms energetically entered and engaged in play behavior with the subject, which was reciprocated. Subsequent veterinary analysis revealed no evidence of anomaly, with the instance appearing to be developmentally normal for a dog of its apparent age and breed, spayed, and in overall excellent health. The puppy was later cleared to return with the subject to ██████ ████████'█ ████████ contingent upon continued observation, and the permission of the subject’s parents. Deconstruction of SCP-3507 revealed that the paper containing the request was no longer present.

  • Well, everyone’s still alive, which is already above average for a first successful test. I find it interesting too that the second request worked even after we botched the first one. Agent █████ from the retrieval team led me to believe we could expect just one request per subject. If ███ and ███████ have time, I want to do one more quick follow-up to test if there is in fact a larger limit, or if it just gives the kid the benefit of the doubt for “wishes” that don’t work.

Test #5
Subject: Same subject as previous test. Subject instructed to repeat previous experiment with another request.
Request: “Cookies!”
Results: Paper remained intact at the bottom of SCP-3507. Request was removed after 10 minutes. No changes were detected in the testing chamber.

  • Alright, the initial report still stands. Good on █████ for being thorough.

Test #8
Subject: Subject 3507-S4, age 9 years and 5 months. Clinically diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type II, which had progressed to paraplegia and severe respiratory problems.
Request: “World peace”
Results: Paper remained intact at the bottom of SCP-3507. No changes were detected in the immediate environment. A cursory examination of the official ███ RSS feed revealed that the ███████-███████ conflict was still in progress. Request was removed after 11 minutes. Subject later requested “Flight,” after which a mechanical apparatus resembling a simplified version of the ███████ ████████ ██-█ materialized behind a recently installed cover curtain.

  • Kind of glad nothing happened there, in hindsight. So SCP-3507 does have its limits. I wish we could probe those more fully, but we’re pretty much at the whim of the kids here.

Test #10
Subject: Subject 3507-S6, age 4 years and 9 months. Clinically diagnosed with post-peripheral rabies after an initially unnoticed encounter with a feral cat. While the subject was writing her request, Junior Researcher ██████ noted a misspelling through the testing chamber’s overhead observation camera. Agent ███ was urgently instructed to intercept the submission, but the subject had already deposited it by the time the instructions were fully relayed.
Request: "█ ████ ██████"
Results: Approximately 40 seconds after deposition of the request, a non-anomalous [REDACTED], which appeared to please the subject. The subject later confirmed the interpretation of her request was accurate.

  • Christ. It could have really gotten us there if it had wanted to. If intent makes sense as something to ascribe to SCP-3507, then it really doesn’t seem to be malicious. Given the results of this test, and SCP-3507’s previous history of zero harm, I think it's worth formally requesting reclassification from Euclid to Safe.

Test #14
Subject: During a routine Foundation-administered physical occurring on ██-██-████, Lead Researcher Carter was diagnosed with tumors in his liver, dextral lung, and two distal lymph nodes, suspected to be a result of his involvement in the initial containment of SCP-███. Consistent with exposure, on-site biopsies revealed the tumors to be extremely invasive, and Lead Researcher Carter was given a prognosis of 8-12 weeks to live. Lead Researcher Carter informed the Site Director of his intent to perform this test, and the Director didn’t tell me no.
Request: “Complete documentation on the afterlife”
Results: Paper remained intact at the bottom of SCP-3507. Request was removed after 34 minutes. No changes were detected in the testing chamber.

  • Just kids. I know. No hard feelings to you either, 3507.

Test #23
Subject: Subject 3507-S16, age 11 years and 8 months. Clinically diagnosed with Stage IV glioblastoma, which reemerged after two seemingly successful rounds of surgical resection and combined radiotherapy/chemotherapy.
Request: “Something that can fix me”
Results: Approximately 220 seconds after deposition of request, a small red pill was noted lying behind SCP-3507. Subsequent analysis determined the object to be physically and chemically identical to SCP-500. The object was removed for further consideration.