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Item #: SCP-3367

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The region of woodland believed to contain SCP-3367 and produce SCP-3367-A is to be marked and monitored at all times. Security teams composed of no less than 4 persons are to perform routine patrols around the perimeter approximately 50 meters from the marked region. Personnel are not allowed inside the marked region without level 3 authorization given prior.

If traces of SCP-3367-A are found outside the marked region and are not hostile, the entities are to be brought to corresponding Site 203A for examination. Hostile instances of SCP-3367-A1 are to be terminated by patrols, and the bodies to similarly be brought to Site 203A for examination.

SCP-3367-A2 are to be contained within 5x5x5 meter holding cells at Site 203A. They are not allowed out of their unit unless scheduled for an examination or interview. Only personnel with level 3 clearance are authorized to interact with them for questioning.

Description: The appearance of SCP-3367 is unknown. Whether or not SCP-3367 actually exists as a physical entity is still undergoing discussion by Foundation research staff. However, instances of SCP-3367-A2 that have retained functional cognitive and verbal ability commonly reference a being called “Mother.”

Knowledge of SCP-3367, came to the Foundation when reports filed in of numerous disappearances in the woodlands near ██████, ████████. Rangers and police search parties reported the appearance of "enormous deformed creatures” (now identified as SCP-3367-A) roaming the woods and in some cases attacking them.

Instances of SCP-3367-A manifest whenever a human subject comes into contact with SCP-3367. Currently it is unknown exactly how SCP-3367 “creates” these entities, but all humanoids who enter the marked zone believed to contain SCP-3367 will eventually reemerge after a span of 5-14 days as new instances of SCP-3367-A.

SCP-3367-A are humanoid entities that have undergone intensive anomalous mutations. Types and extents of these mutations vary across instances. Researchers theorize much of this difference depends on the genes active in the DNA of affected subjects. There do appear to be common patterns across instances of SCP-3367-A, as listed below

  1. Severe deformation of tissue and physiology.
  2. Increased overall cell mass - occasionally concentrated in specific areas.
  3. Increased strength and durability.
  4. Increased pain tolerance.
  5. No need for basic nutritional sustenance for survival.
  6. Capability to understand personnel - varied across instances.

Occasionally instances of SCP-3367-A that emerge are hostile towards Foundation personnel, and are referred to as SCP-3367-A1. In other cases the entities are significantly docile and willingly cooperate with Foundation personnel. These instances are referred to as SCP-3367-A2.

Instances of SCP-3367-A2 are brought to Site 203A for separate containment. Those that retain basic or advanced cognitive functionality are questioned on their knowledge of SCP-3367. Documentations of encountered instances of SCP-3367-A, and successful interviews with instances of docile SCP-3367-A2, are attached to this form.

Related Documents: Below are attached separate successful interviews between personnel and instances of SCP-3367-A2. In most cases, instances with advanced cognitive function were the only ones capable of communicating beyond standard “yes/no” questioning.