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Hello, this is my sandbox page, this is where I post SCP articles I'm working on, get feedback and post them to the wiki.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: All of them

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a .onion shopping website having a gray gradient background, the creator of the SCP-XXXX is unknown as attempts to locate the publisher has been proven futile, though attempts are still going. The index page of SCP-XXXX appears with a heading saying "William's Product Generator" and a captain saying "Type anything you can think of and get it for $25", below is an input box and a button saying "Submit", upon typing an item the user desires and clicking the Submit button, the user will be able to get a three-dimensional preview of the item with all the fuctions the user typed in the input box, tests have shown that typing in other languages appears to work, typing nothing will appear red bold text saying "Please input the product you want please!", below the item preview are two (2) buttons saying "Back" and "Purchase", clicking Back will to back to the index page, clicking Purchase will show 5 input boxes, the first being for the name of the item, and the others being for the location of where to send the item, below are two (2) buttons, the "Back" button, and a "Payment" button, clicking the Back button will go back to the index page, and clicking Payment will redirect the user to a bitcoin payment, once the payment is finished, it will redirect back to SCP-XXXX with bold text saying "Thank you, your order will come in 1 hour", after 1 hour, a package will be sent with the item the user desired.