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Item #: 3361

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
The area surrounding SCP 3361 has been blocked off under the guise of unstable ground. Wild gorse bushes have been allowed to take over the local area in order to keep the area undeveloped. The area is being monitored remotely from Site 29. Foundation web crawlers are to search for references to SCP 3361. Within one hour of a death on SCP 3361 the on duty senior researcher must be notified and a TH-1 “Fallen Tree” Event Declared. MTF Omega 14 “Diggers” should retrieve the body and relocate it at least 10 Kilometres from SCP 3361.


SCP 3361 is a phenomenon regarding a hill 300 meters in height nearby Featherston, New Zealand. The hill has 1 trail leading to the summit. If a human subject climes climbs to the summit they will experience a feeling of total peace, at that point they are designated SCP 3361-1. The SCP 3361-1 instance may then continue a “normal” life until they are going to die, at this point the SCP 3361-1 instance will travel to the summit of SCP and die. Regardless of cause of death the SCP 3361-1 Instance will die at the summit of SCP 3361. It is to be noted that the SCP 3361 - 1 instances can unnaturally prolong death and suffer extreme pain just to die on SCP 3361.

Not all humans who climb SCP 3361 are e affected by the anomaly that is SCP 3361 . The foundation is currently aware of 2 situations where humans are not subject to SCP 3361. This negating effect seems to be permanent. Any person who becomes subject to this negating effect is to be referred to as a SCP 3361 - 2 instance. The two exemptions are:

  • Within 72 hours of a body being discovered on top of the hill
  • Being directly related to an SCP 3361 - 1 or SCP 3361 - 2 Instance

The foundation first became aware of SCP 3361 when an agent planted in the national media was informed of a news story regarding a Korean Student who had travelled from his home in Chilgok, Korea to SCP 3361 just to kill himself. As of 7/5/18 the foundation is aware of 1273 SCP 3361 - 1 Instances.