Object Class: Keter Emo lil' thing - Dr. Terry flickr:30833946757

SCP-119 is a humanoid female character with a height of about 6ft 11. SCP-119 is presumed to be marked in a substance of which scientists think may be pen ink. When interviewed, Class-D said that "It smelled like a ballpoint pen ink." Others have reported that it "Smells like SCP-106's corrosion mucus." Scientists are unsure of what it is, due to the fact that they have never even been in the containment cell. It is unsure what the substance is, (As we've stated many times), but some scientists think that it is heavily related to SCP-106.

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-119 is to be held in a box similar to SCP-106's box. SCP-119 is to have an elevator in its cell at ALL TIMES. SCP-119 is to be restrained if any Class-D enter. See SCP-119-A for breach information. SCP-119 has had numerous breaches due to elevator failures. If SCP-119 is not heard in the chamber (As it makes scraping noises when left alone, then personnel should observe Class 5 Hazard Object Procedures.

Re-containing process

SCP-119 is to be re-contained using either SCP-173's extra re-containment box (If not in use) or SCP-096's Scramble Gear. If either fails, all personnel are to evacuate the facility (Including D-Class).


SCP-119 was found in a cave near the Chicxulub crash site. MTF Units were sent to the cave due to many reports of corrosion at the entrance of the cave. SCP-119 was also located near SCP-106's spot location, which could have very well been the cause of SCP-119. SCP-119 has been referred to as "Ink Emo" and "SCP-106's Sister".