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Item #: SCP-3314

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Scp-3314 is to almost always be contained in a highly filtered room of which does not allow any type of heightened smell to enter the room, the containment should also contain soundproof walls to not disturb the creature under any circumstances. Under no circumstances unless having the security of level 4 or higher should touch SCP-3314 as it will then attempt to attack who touches them. SCP-3314 is likely to follow you under a secure environment if you have item-1259, read document #████. After taking SCP-3314 to the testing facility, under keen supervision. You are to not do anything with SCP-3314 without specific qualification, see document #████ for more information on the qualifications. Once Dr. ████████ or Dr. ███████ arrives on the scene, begin testing and document all findings. After testing is done, return SCP-3314 back to the containment facility using the same direction used to bring it to the testing facility.

SCP-3314 is extremely docile in a set environment. In which the set environment is broken in any way it will begin to become aggravated slowly until it begins to get hostile. This is because of the strong nose and hearing that SCP-3314 has. SCP-3314 feels pain when touched by most objects it is not used to, an example of objects it would be used to are Clothes, walls, floors and, beds. If touched by an object/organism it is not used to it will become immediately hostile, examples of items are, humans, poles, and rope. If in a situation SCP-3314 is hostile it will attempt to destroy whatever broke its stable environment. It will then begin scratching through the walls creating a loud noise beginning to annoy it even more, up until it goes berserk. When in berserk, it is now set for immediate termination, as containment will no longer happen. While in berserk, it will begin to shred anything in its path with its nails. When getting cut and scraped, SCP-3314 seems to lack much blood as it barely bleeds.

Test A - 03-██-20██

Subject: SCP-3314
Procedure: SCP-3314, placed in a secure room, has been restrained to a restraining chair. All personnel other than SCP-162 handling unit shall remain behind triple layer 1-way glass. The handling SCP-162 handling unit, led by ████ ██████, will enter the reinforce room with SCP-162 in special handling dolly, to prevent activation, and place SCP-162 on the epidermis of SCP-3314 and to immediately leave the room and wait for results.
Results: SCP-162, upon contact with the epidermis of SCP-3314, embed ██ hooks into SCP-3314, causing minimal bleeding in comparison to other tests conducted using SCP-162.

Interview A - ██-██-████

Interviewed: SCP-3314

Interviewer: Dr █████

Foreword: [Small passage describing the interview]

<Begin Log, 13:42>

Interviewer: [speech]

SCP-3314: [speech]

[Repeat as necessary]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: