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This is MrWrongMrWrong's sandbox page for stormbreathstormbreath's Kaiju attack project.

Purpose: To locate both Ryūgū-jō and Lt. Ueshima. Location of Ryūgū-jō remains unknown to IJAMEA.1 Lt. Ueshima has been missing amidst implementing Operation Jingu,2 in which he is Operation commander.

Recent occurrence of the Three Portlands Incident – an attack on a decidedly American city3 by a youkai tentatively dubbed as 'Himodemotare-ryu'4 – suggests that Operation Jingu's purpose must have been fulfilled, which can only be the case if its Operation commander persisted. Lt. Ueshima did not fail his family or IJAMEA.

Thus, if Lt. Ueshima did arrive at Ryūgū-jō, he must still be inside and unable to exit Ryujin's palace. Such postulation is of little surprise, for the folktale Urashima Tarō equated 300 years in the mortal realm to two to three days in Ryūgū-jō. If Lt. Ueshima left Ryūgū-jō, he would surely know that he would perish – and that is not his intent. Therefore, he has to be inside the palace.

After all, before setting off for Operation Jingu, Lt. Ueshima has promised to meet his family again. He will not dishonour such a promise.

Assets: For purpose of Project Urashimako, the following assets will be amassed:

Assets Classification Status
One bodily remnant of Himodemotare-ryu. Supernatural Recovered from Marshall, Carter and Dark warehouse.
One Class-3 psion with verified psychometrical capabilities, pursuant to the West scale. Supernatural Hired from Prometheus Laboratory psionic experimental sector.
One seafaring mode of transportation. Material Hachikō Maru, generously provided by General Sasaki.5
Crew capable of operating a seafaring mode of transportation. Material Hired by General Sasaki.
At least ten private military contractors. Material Hired by General Sasaki.

Results: The psion conducted psychometry on the recovered bodily remnant of Himodemotare-ryu, and successfully identified the areas once travelled by it. Based on the provided psychometry report, the earliest-known location of Himodemotare-ryu corresponds to a region in the North Atlantic Ocean.6

The assembled crew thus travelled to the region, wherein an island unknown to cartography was identified instead.7 Said island was heavily guarded by the SCP Foundation.

Nonetheless, Himodemotare-ryu's location of origin is made known. More puzzling is the SCP Foundation's heavy presence on that unknown island. Are they seeking to imprison Ryujin, as they have with various other youkai?

More importantly, Lt. Ueshima will inevitably be caught in any potential scuffle between the SCP Foundation and Ryujin. The purpose of Project Urashimako must be fulfilled.8