Item #: SCP-3830

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3830 is to remain in a combination lock deposit box in Storage Facility-██. Testing of 3830 may be approved by personnel of Clearance Level 3 or higher. If 3830 is reported to be missing from containment, MTF Task Force Kappa-80(“Bookworms”) is to be contacted immediately so they may locate SCP-3830 and, if found open, enter the 3830-B entry that 3830 is open to in an attempt to retrieve any individuals that may be alive inside. No pictures are to be taken of SCP-3830 as this could lead to a mk-class media-indused-chaos scenario should the photographs be leaked online.1

SCP-3830 is a 70-page notebook with a red cover. The first 3 pages of the notebook are either partially torn out, or covered in doodles. SCP-3830 was retrieved from a college dorm in southern California. The creator of 3830 is unknown. When opened to a page beyond page 3, an entry of SCP-3830-B is visible.

SCP-3830-B entries appear to be ideas for different stories written down in ink. If an individual begins reading a 3830-B entry, they will vanish from sight upon completing their first sentence.
Subjects will then reappear in a world with features correlating with the entry read. Upon arrival, Subjects can only leave the world by finding the world’s equivalent of SCP-3830(usually nearby, within 1km of subject upon arrival.) and reading the entry SCP-3830-B-67(consists of 1 sentence: “The world as we know it.”

Addendum: Test Log attached to main file. See below.

SCP-3830 Test Log:

The following format will be used:

Entry: name given to SCP-3830-B entry

Sentence sentence read before subject arrived in 3830-B location

Subject: individual(s) performing test

Equipment equipment or apparel given to subject for test

Description description of what occurred during the test

Notes: any notes attached by researcher present for test

Entry: 3830-B-01

Sentence: “The United States has split into several warring countries.”

Subject D-3830-0241

Equipment: two-way radio & shoulder mounted camera

Description: Radio and camera functioned with little interference. Subject arrived in a trench with the sound of gunfire audible over the radio. Several U.S. soldiers were present in the trench and firing at an advancing group of soldiers wearing tan uniforms. Subject then ran down one end of the trench for approx. 8 minutes before spotting SCP-3830 lying next to a deceased soldier. Subject managed to read the 3830-B-67 entry and returned with a bullet wound in his shoulder. Staff transported D-3830-0214 to the Medical Bay immediately.

Notes: “You have to be kidding me, the first entry manages to put a bullet in someone?! Okay, make sure other test subjects have a firearm with them to defend themselves before they go in, because if the first one was this dangerous, then the rest are probably worse…” -Researcher Turner

Entry: 3830-B-12

Sentence: “The world discovered 30 years ago that the supernatural creatures they wrote about have been real all along.”

Subject: D-3830-0259

Equipment: two-way radio, shoulder mounted camera, desert eagle w/ 2 add. clips of ammo

Description: Radio and camera functioned with no interference. Subject arrived in a dimly-lit city, with no light in the sky suggesting that it was nighttime in the 3830-B-12 reality. Members of Control viewing the camera feed began panicking and pointing out that the Subject was standing in an alternate version of SCP-1678. After this realization, Control proceeded to instruct Subject to ready his weapon as a precaution. Subject did so with no objection, and proceeded down a street until he came across a group of people wearing clothing similar to that of 1820s U.S. Military uniforms.

Upon realizing the Subject’s presence, the group proceeded to run while calling for help. Right after the humans vanished from sight, two instances of SCP-1678-A appeared from around the corner of a building and began running toward the Subject. Subject fired a shot into each instance and killed them before running inside a building to hide from more 1678 instances. Once inside the building, Subject spotted SCP-xxxx sitting on an end table. Before subject was able to grab xxxx, sounds of gunfire could be heard from outside the building. Control requested that the Subject look out a window to see what was going on, and upon doing so, it was revealed that 3830-B-12’s version of SCP-106 had appeared in the street outside and was attacking 1678-A instances.

Control began panicking once again and instructed Subject to get away from the window immediately, and be ready to read the 3830-B-67 entry if SCP-106 enters the building. Subject grabbed SCP-3830 off of the end table and ran up a nearby flight of stairs before he began reading the entry. Subject arrived back at the Foundation with no injuries.

Notes: “Wait, what? This one makes no sense… I thought they meant stuff like vampires and werewolves… why did the D-Class end up in Unlondon-i mean, 1678? Is there something going on here that we don’t know about?” -Researcher Turner

Entry: 3830-B-19

Sentence: “Giants roam the streets of New York City, terrorizing the human population.”

Subject: D-3830-0304

Equipment: Two-way radio, shoulder mounted camera, desert eagle w/ 2 add. clips of ammo

Description: Radio refused to function, while camera functioned with little interference. Subject arrived in a derelict street in what appeared to be a ruined version of New York. after Subject wandered down the street for 2 minutes, a person was seen running out of an alley and into a nearby building that had been boarded up. Subject walked up to the door and knocked to see is the person would let him inside, and was met by another person with a rifle who looked over the Subject for a few seconds before ushering him inside.

Once inside, Subject was escorted by the door guard up a few flights of steps and into a large room where around a dozen other people were gathered. Torn furniture, small bits of litter, and a trash can with a fire in it made up the features of the room. After Subject appeared to talk with the group for around 10 minutes, the door guard ran to a nearby window and after looking outside for a few seconds, made a series of hand gestures implying that the group needed to move. Subject then approached the window and looked outside to see [DATA REDACTED] dragging itself down the street.

Subject began acting erratically at this point and started glancing around the room, presumably trying to find SCP-3830 sitting somewhere in the building. Subject stopped his search when two people ran past him and up to the window with rifles in their hands. After the two fired a few rounds at the [DATA REDACTED] below, it became apparent that they were using rifle versions of [DATA REDACTED], as the bullets clearly had effect. Subject then proceeded to follow the group of people as they ran for the door downstairs.

Once outside, the group ran down a nearby alley and began heading for another building with a trash can fire next to the door leading inside. Subject stopped following them when he spotted SCP-3830 poking out of a pile of rubble in the alley, and quickly flipped to entry 3830-B-67. Subject appeared back in the Foundation with no injuries.

Notes: “I think everyone in Control at the time knew what it was they were looking at, though i’m fairly certain we are not allowed to say what it was in the document. Check to see if D-3830-0304 was part of any tests related to…you know what. Either SCP-3830 is using memories of readers to create these worlds, or whoever wrote this book knows way too much about us.” -Researcher Turner

Entry: 3830-B-33

Sentence: “The human race spontaneously disappeared, leaving animals to rule the planet.”

Subject: D-3830-0317

Equipment: Two-way radio, shoulder mounted camera, desert eagle w/ 2 add. clips of ammo

Description: Radio and camera refused to work. Subject was gone for approx. 30 minutes before he reappeared with scratches on his left arm. When asked what happened, Subject answered “There were definitely animals… thousands and thousands of animals…”. Subject began sneezing uncontrollably for the next 15 minutes before staff realized that his uniform was covered in animal hair. Subject was supplied with a fresh uniform and has recovered.

Notes: “Okay, not much to say on this one, but if we want to send another person into this entry, we should probably make sure they don’t have any animal allergies.” -Researcher Turner

Entry: SCP-3830-B-67

Sentence: "The world as we know it"

Subject: D-3830-0513

Equipment: two-way radio, shoulder mounted camera, desert eagle w/ 2 add. clips of ammo

Description: [DATA REDACTED]

Notes: "HOLY [EXPLETIVE]!!!" -Researcher Turner

Addendum: Testing has been suspended until means of determining the contents of other 3830-B entries are discovered.