XC AllCanon

Basic ideas/things that are going to happen/other stuff

Ok so it's the AllCanon series. You've heard about this in chat. It's my series involving every canon. I don't care what you say I'm doing it.

Yes, I have way to much ambition

The basic rundown is either its all the canons fighting a war for canon supremacy, or its all the canons uniting in a war against the massive multidimensional entity that created them as a food source/material to build itself mates, as it is the last of it's species. Or hell, I could combine them, universes fighting each other while a much more serious threat looms overhead.

i have few ideas for whats going to happen if its the first one. But for the second one I got plenty of stuff that can go down.

Use 682 to recruit 3125
All the gods are recruited, multiple times, one for each canon.
still can't decide what kind of protagonist I want
they deck out 682 in armour and regenerated stuff and such
Kaiju vs 169, at stormbreath's request
Looping SRAs through 2719 to take the concept of "inside" send it inside, then send that outside
use the Kaleidoscope from Dread and Circuses to help lasso various universes and group them
kill the thing by converting several dozen universes to pure energy, then looping those through a SRA chain to amplify it, then essentially choking the thing with it
recruit 682 by promising freedom, as in giving it it's own universe without humans
The Court of MEKHANE - basically a place they go to recruit a shit ton of MEKHANEs
There are going to be alien civilisations. Some more advanced, some less, but there will be a lot of them
At one point they turn every atom in a universe into a big bang
army of reality benders at one point or another
Pattern Screamers
…upon coming across this I now have to incorporate it http://www.scp-wiki.net/unicorn-crackfic-procedures (or at least mention it)
…also this http://www.scp-wiki.net/a-s-s-and-other-low-threat-groups-of-interest

Note: This is a prologue, full chapters shall be much longer and more focused and stuff

And the Beast saw it, from his chamber of acid and steel. He paused for a moment, and stared at the entity before him. And as he watched the vortex, he felt something. For the first time in his unending life he felt a shiver of apprehension run down his spines.

He began to laugh. And as the portal closed, and the memories ran, he kept laughing. He laughed even as the alarms blared and the chamber flooded he only laughed louder. Even as his voice was drowned out and his flesh melted away he laughed.

He knew what was coming.

But he had no idea what it would do to him.

And so he forgot.