Item #: SCP-{ }

Object Class: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Special Containment procedures: SCP- Is to be closed off from any members of public at all times. There is to be a 0.5 Km radius of SCP- , where Foundation agents are to be on patrol in order to prevent members of the public stumbling upon SPC- . Any members of the public who persist to try and access SCP- , should be detained immediately, and be sent to on-site interrogation. Afterwards they should be administered Class-B Amnestics.

SCP- appears at first glance to be a WW2-era battleship, of unknown origin or class. It is located 2.7Km below sea level, in a cave on the western central island of the Faroe Islands. Due north of Vestmanna. At a depth of 2.6Km the cave system opens up into a massive cavern. Where the battleship is located half embedded in the cavern wall, 13m above the cavern’s floor. Across the cavern, and along its walls is a known North American bioluminescent fungus, Omphalotus illudens. It is unknown how such a species became prevalent in a cave underneath the Faroe Islands.
The name of said battleship is unknown, as all exposed sides of the ship do not have it on. Since it’s discovery no such record of a Battleship matching its design has been discovered in any nation around the world.
Upon discovery its presence was made known to the Foundation, first expedition logs report, what seem to be hundreds of dead crew members, whom appear to have died centuries ago. They also recovered many artefacts. See Addendum- -2
Foundation scientists then conducted carbon dating tests, which revealed the true age of the Battleship and it’s crew to be over 117,500 years old.
03-Level Personnel assigned to SCP- approved for further expeditions into the Battleship.
On the second Expedition (See Addendum- -1).

Addendum- -1:
List of Artefacts:

  • Unique blade resembling no known culture of craftsmanship. Seems to be a mix of axe, and pruning blade.
  • A bolt-action Pistol of large calibre. *Thought to be belonging to a officer.
  • Leather Journal, (Due to archaic grammar of written journal and mixture of languages it has been translated in to modern English). See Addendum- -4.
  • A photograph believed to be of the battleship in its entirety.

Addendum- -2:
Second expedition into the ship. Intended to gain more information of origins.
2 Agents, (assigned: ALPHA and BETA) were sent in with standard issue Foundation exploration equipment; including:

  • 3 Hour lasting flashlight
  • Gas masks
  • 2 Road flares
  • A days supply worth of water
  • 2 3000 calorie snacks

Log begins after the agents had entered the ship from the deck. All pre-expedition checks had been established with no errors.


Alpha: Yeah, that’s it, its clear down here.

  • Note: Beta is seen climbing down the ladder from the entrance, from Alpha’s camera.

Beta: And we’re down! Thanks Alpha. Command do you read us, we are inside. Safe, and sound.

Command: We read you Beta. Remember, your job is to see if you can find anything else that could be considered of interest, to the Foundation, or in relation to the SCP.

Beta: Copy that. Alpha, will you do the honours of leading the way? *beta gestures towards Alpha, pointing down the corridor in front of Alpha.

Alpha: It would be, my, pleasure. *Alpha is seen hesitantly moving down the dark corridor, with his issued flashlight.*

Beta: God! What, is, that smell?

Command: The first expedition reported a similar smell. Chemical analysis from their clothes reported that it was safe to breath. Proceed.

Alpha: Thank god. That’s one less problem for us to worry about.

Beta: Yeah well remember that the first expedition only explored this floor. So let’s just keep those gas masks in mind, ‘k?

Alpha: Good call. Hey command does that mean we should descend further?

Command: If you think you’re prepared enough for it, then you have our approval.

Alpha: You hear that Beta? We get to go into the unknown.

Beta: Keep it professional Alpha. Now there should be a ladder up to our right here, that’ll take us down to the lower levels. I suggest we take that.

Alpha: Alright, let’s go. Command we’ll get back in touch when we have descended.

Command: Copy that, Alpha.

  • Note: The next few minutes, not much is heard from the Agents, and nothing is reported.

Command: Alpha, Beta. Report… We may have a problem down there.

Alpha: Oh shit! Command! Where have you been?

Command: Alpha we’ve been right here. What’s happening?

Beta: Time displacements, why is that not surprising.

Alpha: Yeah, Command, we lost contact with you for like 20-odd minutes after we descended.

Command: it’s only been 3 minutes on our end.

Alpha: Look, Command. Once we descended into the next level, we found the source of the smell. All the crew is dead down here.

Beta: We’re not joking. Command, We’ve been scouting out this entire level. There’s at least one dead crew member per corridor.

Alpha: After that we came across what we believe is a “war room” on this ship. It’s a massacre. There’s a chair at one end of the room with a impaled skeleton. Get this though, it aint human. It seems human, until you look at the skull. Which has massive horns on it. Its been impaled several times with what looks like cattle prods with blades on the end.

  • Note: The camera footage confirms what Alpha describes, as Beta is seen exploring the other end of the room, steppping over bodies.

Beta: Yeah, and by the looks of things, there was a mutiny. A bunch of bodies are collapsed on this side. Looks like they were shot by- well what used to be people.

  • Note: Beta is seen pointing at a bunch of bones and corpses violently scattered across the wall and some bodies merged in the wall.

Command: Copy that, what else is there to report?

Alpha: Well Outside this room are metal casts, of what seems to be 3 soldiers pointing there weapons at the stair well, to the lower levels.

Command: Copy that. Alpha, Beta. Your orders are to return you did a good job.

Beta: On our way.


Addendum- -3:
Third expedition, approved by unknown 03-Level Personnel. Agents were issued same standardised equipment.
Agents are identified as Echo, and Foxtrot.


Command: Echo, Foxtrot. You are to proceed down the stairwell that the previous expedition pointed out. With the same objectives that they had.

Echo: Roger that Command. We’ll notify you once we’re at the top of the stairwell.

Command: Acknowledged Agents. Proceed.

Foxtrot: Talk to you later.

  • Note: Agents aren’t heard for the next 50 minutes. Command assumes this is due to time displacements as seen in the previous expedition.

Echo: Command we’re here.

Command: Acknowledged Agents.

Foxtrot: Wow i never thought it could be this dark. It seems to be noticeably more dark down here. Our flashlights are barely making it 3m in front of us.

Echo: Command i’d Like to share his opinion and concern. We’re proceeding down the stairwell… Nevermind we’re at the next floor.

Foxtrot: Hey. There seems to be, what looks like a cargo room? To our left. And too our right is- Ohh… Let’s leave that till later.

Echo: What is it- Oh! Yeah, no i agree. Command. Right of the stairs is a bunch of bodies, that look as if they were fleeing something. Our lights wont show what’s past them though, as it wont shine past 3 metres.

Command: Echo, Foxtrot. We’d like you to proceed to the cargo room and then down the corridor.

Foxtrot: Way ahead of you command. But-

  • Note: Foxtrot is seen on Echo’s camera shining his flashlight between shelves.

** Foxtrot:** This isn’t any regular cargo hold. No food. No munitions. Only shelves with labels slots. Some of these objects are… Command? There’s a ring here, a jar of weir looking liquid, a mask! What the hell is this room for?

Echo: Foxtrot? Check this out.

  • Note: On Echo’s camera, a door is shut with a window showing a giant skeleton of a great beast. Although the light struggles to illuminate the whole thing, it’s clear that people where in the room with it before it died.

Foxtrot: Ok, right. Command we’re going to check out what was down the other corridor.

  • Note: Echo and Foxtrot are seen nodding at each other and proceeding to leave the room.

Command: Understood agents, we’ll send another team to retrieve the items of interest.

Foxtrot: Damn.

  • Note: Foxtrot is seen to be bashing his dying flashlight.

Foxtrot: Stupid thing won’t work!

Echo: Hang on lemme throw a flare down the corridor so we can see what we are doing.

  • Note: Echo is visibly seen retracting a flare from his gear, and begins to ignite it.
  • At this point ALL video and audio devices cease, and communications cease. Communicatios are failed to be re-established.


Addendum- -4:
These are the contents of the journal recovered on the initial expedition.
Half of the Journal are personal thoughts and opinions in the crewman’s daily life.
the Journal starts towards the very end.

Day 527: I cant believe it. They did it. Yesterday when i was asleep, c=on duty crew reported huge flashes of light to our south and east. After that everyone has lost communication to command in Enkyslt. I think the war just went from zero to 100 REAL fast. I’m going to see what the Erika thinks as she is giving a speech today.
Day 528: The Erika keeps telling us everything is fine. But a I’m hearing a lot of rumours >that we’re IT. We’re all that’s left of the Duumvirate. All of this is for nothing i guess.
Day 529: Today i was going about my regular errands, and i heard that jackass Thylker talking shit about the Erika.
I have a real bad feeling about what they plan on doing.
Day 530: Holy shit I’m right! The Erika summoned me today. The world has mostly gone to shit. The Duumvirate decided to use the weapon, and here we are. She also thinks that people on the ship are planning something. So. She asked for my help.
Day 531: Garunteed Afiliated Destruction, we know a bunch of people are planning a mutiny. But not how many or who. So unfortunately I’ve been chosen to come up with a last resort.
Day 532: FUCK FUCK FCUK! I cant believe they did it! They used the containment spears and killed the Erika. She wanted to help us! They’re rounding up a bunch of us who were loyal and killing us. Its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid! After all these artefacts and technology, we still cant agree with anything. I’m gonna release the pestilential class artefacts. If we cant live in a world were we agree. Nobody on this ship can! Goodbye. On the chance someone finds this and we where wrong. Tell my fiancé i love her.