XDT Athens

Item #: SCP-3270

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3270 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-3270 is not to be awake for more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period unless they are undergoing testing. Testing must be approved by Foundation personnel with a Level-4 clearance or higher. SCP-3270 is allowed a list of requests. Two armed guards are to be stationed outside of SCP-3270 containment chamber in 8 hour shifts. If SCP-3270 displays changes in behavior or has been awake for more than 8 hours, site personnel are to be informed immediately. Should SCP-3270 refuse to sleep after the 8 hour period, standard sedatives are to be administered. Due to the nature of SCP-3270-1, and SCP-3270's anomalous properties, 1 Foundation standard dog bed is to be kept in the cell at all times, as well as various dog toys. Due to recent discoveries of SCP-3270's anomalous properties, SCP-3270 is to be allowed one day per week with SCP-3270-1.

SCP-3270-1 manifestations take place on Fridays each week. Each manifestation is to last no longer than 3 hours. SCP-3270 and SCP-3270-1 are to remain in the containment cell during this time, and all doors are to be locked and reinforced and any windows shut. Cameras to SCP-3270's containment cell are to be shut off during scheduled manifestations. Personnel may only enter once it is time for SCP-3270's sedation.

Description: SCP-3270 is a 18 year old male human of European descent. SCP-3270 is approximately 1.82 meters tall and weighs 95.25 kg. SCP-3270 displays numerous visual anomalies and any attempts to observe SCP-3270 have been known to cause chromatic aberration. SCP-3270's skin suffers from intense purple discoloration. In addition, SCP-3270 has milky white eyes. Camera surveillance of SCP-3270 shows small intervals of time where SCP-3270 seems to disappear completely from view, then reappears anywhere from 0.5 to 3 seconds later. It is unknown if this is a result of a spatial anomaly or an anomalous effect on technology and cameras. SCP-3270's anomalous properties only manifest when SCP-3270 has been fully conscious for more than 8 hours.

If SCP-3270 has been fully conscious for more than 8 hours, it will display signs of growing irritation and enter a melancholy state until the 9 hour mark. At this point, through unknown means, SCP-3270-1 will appear, though this entity is only visible to those viewing it through any means other than direct eye contact (use of cameras, NV headsets, and infrared sights have proven effective). When observed through a camera, SCP-3270-1, referred to as "Jasper", appears to be an unknown incorporeal entity taking the form of a Canis Lupis Familiaris, displaying signs of advanced decay and wreathed in flames. SCP-3270 seems to be immune to SCP-3270-1's negative effects and reacts with overwhelming joy upon the manifestation of SCP-3270-1.

SCP-3270 is the only known being capable of perceiving the dog without the use of cameras or special goggles or ocular implants. SCP-3270 suffers no burns or damage to tissue despite the entity being seemingly made of flames. SCP-3270-1 remains docile at this point in time and only after the 12 hour mark does SCP-3270-1 display signs of aggressive behavior.

After the 12 hour mark, the entity will begin to cover the walls of the containment cell in an unknown substance using its tongue and attempt to break out. Physical objects that come into contact with SCP-3270-1's saliva are significantly damaged or weakened. Infrastructure will be easier to crumble and living organisms show signs of fatigue, organ failure, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-3270-1 will react to almost any organism or object that is not SCP-3270 with extreme hostility, with a few notable exceptions. It is theorized that since SCP-3270-1 takes the form of a guard dog, genetic imprinting gives SCP-3270-1 a need to protect that which it holds dear. SCP-3270 frequently refers to the entity as a "good boy" and calls it by the name "Jasper".

Any attempts at destroying SCP-3270-1 have only resulted in failure and extreme physical pain to SCP-3270. The entity seems to be invulnerable to pain but SCP-3270 is not. The only known way to contain SCP-3270-1 is to render SCP-3270 unconscious or to heavily sedate SCP-3270. Upon sedation of SCP-3270, SCP-3270-1 will disappear completely, as will any residue it left behind, making active study of the corrosive material covering SCP-3270-1 difficult.

SCP-3270 was first discovered by personnel in the town of Mooresville, North Carolina after a call about explosions and multiple fires at SCP-3270's school was made. This incident lead to the death of over 60 civilians and 3 MTF personnel before subject was contained. SCP-3270 seemed to be unaffected by the flames in the area. SCP-3270 had been awake for nearly 48 hours. It should be noted that SCP-3270-1 only seems to grow in size and danger level with every extra hour that SCP-3270 is awake. SCP-3270-1 also exhibits extra anomalous properties the longer SCP-3270 is awake.

SCP-3270 is extremely amicable and seems to regard Foundation personnel with respect, though SCP-3270 expresses annoyance at being unable to see "his dog", and expresses a desire to be with their family. SCP-3270 has been extremely cooperative with Foundation personnel even during Manic or Depressive episodes. Recent testing on SCP-3270 has revealed that if SCP-3270-1 is unable to manifest at least once in a 7-day period, SCP-3270 starts to suffer from heat stroke and immolation. SCP-3270 has made a list of requests since containment:

  • One copy of the Torah for study and reading material. Request granted in order to provide SCP-3270 with means of entertaining himself.
  • One golden and white yarmulke from subjects former home. Request denied on the basis that SCP-3270 is legally dead and any disappearance of SCP-3270's former personal property may cause suspicion. SCP-3270 has however been granted a standard yarmulke for religious reasons.
  • One laptop with a working internet connection for recreational use. Request denied in order to maintain Foundation secrecy.
  • Four (4) extra blankets to sleep better at night. Request granted on the basis that the longer SCP-3270 stays asleep, the better.
  • A personal library of various young adult books. Request granted.
  • "A bullet to the fucking head". Request denied. SCP-3270 himself is not dangerous or actively malicious and study of SCP-3270-1 is a priority.
  • To be referred to as "Jacob" instead of his SCP designation. Request pending approval.
  • One (1) femur bone to placate "his dog". Request pending approval. So far this is the only known way to placate SCP-3270-1 and keep it tame past the 12 hour mark.

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Frederick Mason.

Dr. Mason : Good morning, SCP-3270.
SCP-3270 : Good morning, doctor. Could you please just call me by my real name? If you're going to ask me questions, could you at least address them to me?
Dr. Mason : Very well. Jacob, what is the estimated time, you would say, that you have been awake today?
SCP-3270 : Um… I don't know, maybe 5 hours. I still feel tired.
Dr. Mason : That is to be expected, given your condition. Is there anything you can tell us about your… dog?
SCP-3270 : You mean Jasper? Yeah, he's been with us since I was a kid.
Dr. Mason: Yes, but then he passed away when you were 14. In a… house fire. You were in that house too, weren't you?
[SCP-3270 remains silent for 5 seconds, rubbing at his arm.]
Dr. Mason: SCP-3270?
SCP-3270: Yeah, sorry. I ah… I just zoned out there. Yeah he um… he left us when I was just going into high school. That was a difficult weekend. I still remember the flames. There was nothing I could do for poor Jasper. I… I remember inhaling so much smoke and the last thing I saw was Jasper's body.
Dr. Mason: I'm sorry.
SCP-3270: Yeah. It was traumatic. All I remember is waking up 6 months later. My family didn't think I was gonna make it. But I made a deal.
Dr. Mason: A… deal?
SCP-3270: Yeah. A deal. I remember all that time I was comatose and in the hospital, I only had one dream, and that was right before I woke up. This… this being made me an offer.
Dr. Mason: Can you elaborate on this offer? What were you given?
SCP-3270: Not only did he promise I would wake up, he promised Jasper would be back too. Now my sweet boy is immortal. He'll live as long as I do.
Dr. Mason: Right.
SCP-3270: I think I was blessed. What other reason would I be allowed a second chance at life?
Dr. Mason: Thank you for this information. I think this has been an interesting interview. You may go now.
[SCP-3270 is escorted to the door by two armed guards before turning back to Dr. Mason.]
SCP-3270: Hey doc? When do you think I can see my family again? I'm sure they'd all love to see Jasper again.

It should be noted that SCP-3270 does not seem aware of SCP-3270-1's negative effects. Whether SCP-3270 is willfully ignorant or unable to perceive the damage caused by SCP-3270-1 remains unclear. Studies of SCP-3270 and SCP-3270-1 on camera inbetween the 9 hour mark and 12 hour mark show that both entities play with each other as a typical owner would play with their dog; SCP-3270-1 rolls over for belly rubs and SCP-3270 obliges. Dog toys are also used to keep SCP-3270-1 happy and it seems to especially enjoy "tug-of-war". For some unknown reason, these items are also immune to SCP-3270-1's anomalous properties. It is speculated that SCP-3270-1's saliva only affects what SCP-3270 perceives as a threat.

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Hendricks.
INTERVIEWEE: MTF-87 ("Dogs of War") Sgt. Donovan Walsh, in charge of initial retrieval of SCP-3270.

Dr. Hendricks: Good morning, Sergeant Walsh. Do you know what today is?
Sgt. Walsh: Yeah, it's the one year anniversary of when we bagged that kid and I lost 3 of my best friends to his stupid fucking mutt.
Dr. Hendricks: Could you please describe the incident?
Sgt. Walsh: Sure can. I still remember it every time I close my eyes. That… huge fucking thing. We couldn't see it until we put the night vision specs on.
Dr. Hendricks: Could you describe what SCP-3270-1 looked like?
Sgt. Walsh: He was… Christ, he was gigantic. Too big for a dog. Do you know what the largest dog in the world is, Doctor Hendricks?
Dr. Hendricks: I am a psychiatrist, not a zoologist, so I'm afraid I don't.
Sgt. Walsh: The Great fucking Dane. They're 30 inches tall. You know how tall this mutt was? He was at least 50 times that. Hell, he towered over that 3 story school. Son of a bitch must've been 150 feet tall. He swatted one of our helicopters out of the sky.
Dr. Hendricks: That seems… disturbing.
Sgt. Walsh: Disturbing? Try downright terrifying. If it was a normal German Shepherd that just happened to be 150 feet tall-
Dr. Hendricks: I don't think that qualifies as normal.
Sgt. Walsh: If he was a biologically normal German Shepherd that was 150 feet tall, then I think I could fucking deal with it. But… he had this disgusting liquid dripping from him, and the entire top half of its head was missing. When it looked at me… god, it's mouth. It's indescribable. I felt like I was gazing into a black hole, only if a black hole had a billion fucking teeth.
Dr. Hendricks: So what did you do?
Sgt. Walsh: The only thing we could do. We shot at it. It didn't do shit but hurt the poor kid, Jacob. If I had known he felt its pain… well, I don't think we had any other option. Eventually the dog disappeared and we found the kid inside the school building, comatose from extreme physical pain. Then, well, you know the rest.
Dr. Hendricks: Yes. Thank you for your time, Sergeant Walsh. You may go now.

NOTE: SCP-3270 has recently been moved to Site 50 in the Pacific Northwest as a result of good behavior and a willingness to cooperate. SCP-3270 has shown notable changes in behavior as a result of the move, but almost all are positive. SCP-3270 expresses sadness that it is moving further away from its "home" and believes SCP-3270-1 will grow more restless as distance from Subject's home increases. Testing regarding SCP-3270-1's "restlessness" pending.


On October 29th, 2017, testing was carried out on SCP-3270. The entity was asked to remain conscious for as long as possible, and was to be given stimulants of increasing intensity if they started to fall unconscious. Researcher Elijah and four armed guards were stationed outside of SCP-3270's cell at the 8 hour mark, and SCP-3270's containment cell was being viewed through a camera feed. Once SCP-3270-1 began to manifest, SCP-3270 possessed a much different reaction than what was anticipated and what had come to be expected. SCP-3270 huddled in the corner of their cell as far away from SCP-3270-1 as possible, seemingly disinterested in the entity despite having reacted with joy during previous tests. SCP-3270 did not even acknowledge SCP-3270-1. At this point in time, SCP-3270-1 was observed to throw its head back and let out a piercing howl, rendering all personnel and entities in the vicinity apart from SCP-3270 unconscious. The entity SCP-3270-1 used its anomalous properties to then breach containment, ramming headfirst into the containment chamber's wall and completely destroying it. SCP-3270 and SCP-3270-1 ignored Researcher Elijah and the armed personnel as the entities exited the containment chamber. The site was put on lockdown as soon as possible, though recapturing of SCP-3270 proved to be near impossible, as SCP-3270-1 killed any personnel in its path. Both entities escaped the facility and were not seen for months, despite multiple task forces being sent in pursuit of SCP-3270.

Eventually SCP-3270 was found at a local gas station after having willfully contacted the Foundation. SCP-3270 claimed to have been captured by GOC operatives. Both legs appeared to be shattered and SCP-3270 appears to be permanently paralyzed from the waist down after the incident. SCP-3270 claims the only way it was able to escape the GOC was with help from its dog. Since recapture, SCP-3270 seems far more unresponsive and appears to be suffering from signs of PTSD.