Item # : SCP-xxxx

Object Class : Euclid

Special Containment Procedures :

As of writing this SCP xxxx is currently contained at Site 64 next to the [redacted] motorway in the southern United Kingdom.

To maintain discretion and to conceal SCP-xxxx from public attention SCP-xxxx was purchased by the foundation under the guise of refurbishment, on site security present are to consist of no fewer than four security staff with one on alert at all times based on shift rotation to ensure SCP-xxxx’s level of security is maintained.

Following Incident SCP-xxxx-B, heavy steel hatches have been attached to the entrances to SCP-xxxx to prevent a repeat of the incident, these hatches are to be opened only in initiation of testing where they are to be closed upon the subject’s entry into SCP-xxxx.


Description :

SCP-xxxx is an anomalous indoor soft play playground located within a mcdonald's restaurant located at [redacted], the building the entrance to SCP-xxxx is housed in shows no anomalous properties and is considered secured by site security. SCP-xxxx itself appears as an entrance to the mcdonalds play place, consisting of two entrance points parallel to one another.

Entrance one resembling a standardized pink stairwell moving up 1m in height with plastic steps before entering a yellow plastic archway, entrance two being the lower half of a slide coming from an unviewable section of the exterior of SCP-xxxx. Individuals hereafter referred to as SCP-xxxx-1 having entered the scp through either entrance one or entrance two are to be considered lost if their age is over that of 11 [see addendum 2]

From the exterior of SCP-xxxx the SCP appears to be that of a standard mcdonalds play place, however video feed from drones reveal that past the entrance point the layout doesn’t match the exterior appearance, the layout not changing with each subsequent entry of the SCP meaning the layout is fixed and unchanging.

The exact scale, size and dimensions of the interior of SCP-xxxx is unknown and is currently still under investigation pending further exploration, Current explored territory range is 977.5m into SCP-xxxx before and instance of SCP-xxxx-2 manifestation coming into contact with SCP-xxxx-1.
Interior rooms interconnect and do not allow for more than 10m of consecutive sight-line, this is typically broken by either slides, 90 degree bends in pipes or pipes which travel at no greater than 45 degree angles both upwards and downwards. To date there have been no fewer than 15 different standard room formats encountered by test subjects,including some scrapped designs. These rooms contain lighting fixtures to ensure total room coverage.

Examples of these rooms include.

A two meter tall room consisting of ten padded soft play rollers 50cm above the floor and below the ceiling.

A Hexagonal room with one main entrance followed by five slides connecting to additional rooms after various lengths ranging from 4m of slide to 100m of slide.

A 7m length 40cm tall room consisting of padded floor and roof in total darkness.

A ball pit with a depth of approximately 10m, with an access in a plastic diving bell like construct underneath the ball layer.

An unfinished boat room containing half of a pirate ship this has never been seen in any mcdonalds to date.


SCP-xxxx-1 is an anomalous effect which occurs in all individuals over the age of twelve year even by a few seconds which will if given sufficient time result in a manifestation of SCP-xxxx-2.

The effects of an individual under the influence of the SCP are as follows their age will inevitably regress from their current age to the age of twelve, testing has shown that individuals under the age 12 are unaffected by SCP-xxxx and can exist with in the SCP without consequence.

000m-100m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 1 day per minute.
101m-200m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 2 days per minute.
201m-300m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 4 days per minute.
301m-400m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 1 week per minute.
401m-500m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 2 weeks per minute.
501m-600m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 1 month per minute.
601m-700m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 2 months per minute.
701m-800m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 4 months per minute.
801m-900m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 8 months per minute.
901m-1000m - Subject regresses at a rate of approximately 1.5 years per minute.
1001m+ - Presumed double of the previous 100m’s range effect, no subjects have reached this distance as of this documents current written format due to the appearance of SCP-xxxx-2 resulting in [Redacted].



SCP-xxxx-2 is currently viewable by non SCP xxxx-1 instances, SCP-xxxx-2 appears as a heavily malnourished and emaciated individual resembling the Mcdonalds mascot, Ronald Mcdonald, instance are reported by SCP-xxxx-1 individuals to be begging for various McDonald meals whilst pursuing individuals designated as SCP-xxxx-1

SCP-xxxx-1 individuals report differences in appearance between instances of SCP-xxxx-2 manifestation, the manifestation appearing approximately ten rooms away from the instance of SCP-xxxx-1 approaching at high speed, The entity can be injured but cannot be completely inheded as sufficient damage that would render if it were human dead would result in it respawning, proposal to cripple or restrain SCP-xxxx-2 is pending.

Contact between SCP-xxxx-1 and SCP-xxxx-2 will result in [Data Expunged], testing parameters have been revised regarding [Incident SCP-xxxx-B].


Additional notes :

Age related calculations by junior researcher Xenmos on the estimated appearance timeframe for the manifestation of scp xxxx-2

000m-100m - 6 hours to regress 1 year
101m-200m - 3 hours to regress 1 year
201m-300m - 1.5 hours to regress 1 year
301m-400m - 45 minutes to regress 1 year
401m-500m - 22 Minutes 30 seconds to regress 1 year
501m-600m - 11 minutes 15 seconds to regress 1 year
601m-700m - 5 minutes 30 seconds to regress 1 year
701m-800m - 2 minutes 45 seconds to regress 1 year
801m-900m - 1 minutes 22 seconds to regress 1 year
901m-1000m - 41 seconds to regress 1 year.

“In a best case scenario finding a 100+ year old that’s physically strong enough to enter scp-xxxx and calculate a path beyond the 1000m point with idea scenario would be no more than 2.1 hours to reach the 1000m point, but this is purely a hypothetical and unlikely due SCP xxxx-2.” - Junior Researcher Xenmos.

[wip here and beyond]

Addendum 1: Effects of SCP-xxxx appear to not effect those under the age of 12, those over the age limit of 12 even by that of a few seconds see test log 3.

Addendum 2: Following Incident SCP-xxxx-B, containment parameters have been revised and the addition of steel sealable hatches have been added to the entrance to SCP-xxxx.

Addendum 3: “The ethics committees doesn’t consider further testing on this scp reprimandable on the grounds that standard Dclass ages and parameters don’t exclude them from tested even if they’re regressed physically into children, their mental and cognitive states do show they maintain maturity throughout exploration logs.” - Ethics committee.

Testing logs :

Document :-xxxx-test- I

Test outline : Introduction of an unmanned drone into the interior of SCP-xxxx in an attempt to gain mapping data on the interior of SCP-xxxx

Researcher : Doctor J[redacted].

Subject : Standard ground based drone outfitted with live feed filming equipment with a battery life of approximately Eight hours.

Procedure : Drone was to be sent into the interior of SCP-xxxx for mapping and exploration.
Results : Drone upon fully passing through the threshold to the interior of SCP-xxxx resulted in a total loss of communications, no connection re-established with the drone and has been presumed lost.

“Perhaps it requires the introduction of living or organic matter in contact with the inorganic in order to ensure safe passage, this seems likely as Agent Marley, upon entry to the interior of SCP-xxxx was still in contact with all equipment and didn’t result in a loss of radio contact, we’re going to have to test using D class as opposed to drones unfortunately.” - Doctor J[Redacted].

Document :-xxxx-test- II

Test outline : Introduction of a 12 year old child following testing parameters, one test of this type was approved by the ethics committee and would be made note of on researcher’s record.

Researcher : Doctor J[redacted].

Subject : [redacted] [redacted] an 11 year 5 month old child with no serious health conditions.
Procedure : Child was to be sent into SCP-xxxx for testing purposes.

Results : Testing revealed a confirmed hypothesis as child didn’t enter the SCP-xxxx dimensional space, instead passing through the threshold into the observable mcdonalds play place, test subject was recovered easily and given class B amnestics.

“It seems that the warning note on the entrance stating “12 under only” isn’t a guide rather than a rule that causes SCP-xxxx to not activate, I don’t think any further testing with those of an age underneath that of 12 would yield any further data beyond this, i’m hoping that this won’t reflect negatively on future tests involving SCP-xxxx” -Researcher Doctor J[Redacted].

Document :-xxxx-test- III

Test outline : D class to me partially passed through the threshold zone of SCP-xxxx then removed and monitored for potential side effects, forcefully if required.

Researcher : Doctor J[redacted].

Subject : D-21717

Procedure : D-21717 was to introduce their hand into one of the two openings of SCP-xxxx then remove said hand if possible, if not possible, limb would be removed forcefully, if that proved unsuccessful, amputation of the limb was authorized.

Results : D-21717’s despite being non-compliant initially did insert their hand into the vacant space through which SCP-xxxx is accessed and removed it without incident, debrief was carried out and the test concluded.

Testing in this manner was discontinued see incident report SCP-xxxx-B.

Exploration logs :

(( Formatting ))

D class
Camera live feed wireless.
(3) Backup batteries. 72 hours
Food and water rations 48 hours worth.

Specially designed and heavily elasticated clothing to prevent snag or nudity. Ethics committee demands.

Document :-xxxx-exploration- 0 - Agent Marley (29) - Accidental discovery.

Log :

M“Woah! shit, Stop!”

X”Marley, where are you, I can’t see you through the entrance do you want me to come in after you?”

M”Jesus christ no!”

M”Stay the hell away from the entrance of this thing, I can’t even see where I came in.”

X”You mean you’re trapped Marley?”

M”Looks like it… shit…”

X phones it in that Agent Marley accidentally exposed himself to SCP-xxxx, Agent X is advised to inform Marley that he is to either stay put if there’s any chance he can be recovered or to begin a pre-containment exploration log.

X”What do you see in there anyway?”

M”Colours, padded walls and floor, pipes, much like the play place from outside but inside, and it
looks like it goes on a hell of a lot further than the outside.”

X”Temperature, Light?”

M”Same as outside, light breeze actually, there’s vents in some of the walls that lead into what looks like whiteness?”


M”Think fog… but it’s light, difficult to describe.”

X”Internal dimensions of the area you’re in.”

M”About a meter or two in height, hexagon padded room, six separate tunnels of varying dimensions and colour patterns.”

X”Okay, You prepared to head out?”

M”Copy that, don’t have anything to leave a trail however, so I doubt i’ll be able to keep track of where i’m going.”

Agent X checks in with the nearest site, who advise Agent Marley to try and maintain a straight line or not to go any direction which may be trapping him off from the path he took.

Agent Marley continues through the interior of SCP-xxxx recording surroundings, approximately three hours through the tight condition, the agent complaining the whole while, recording what he sees.

M”Hang on, stop… Something’s not right.”

X”Copy, what?”

M”My face is… feeling odd, I felt a prickling and stubble is on my chin, it’s been happened more than a few times now, shaving’s… undoing itself, it’s weird.”

X”Undoing itself, explain.”

M”One minute i’m going through a polished smooth metal tunnel, the next i’ve suddenly spawned a b… and it’s gone again. I don’t know it’s stranger than normal.”

X”Understood, you going to try and head back?”

M”Maybe, I think I remember the way.”

Agent Marley returns slowly on the previous direction for approximately 4 hours, Agent X makes Agent Marley aware of a sudden change in Agent Marley’s voice, it begins to audibly crack and sound, younger.

M”You’re sure you can hear this, because I can’t.”

X”Positive, Known you for years Marley and this isn’t something I remember you sounding like, you definitely sound younger.”

M”Okay, bit of the fight or flight kicking in here but I think you’re right, one of my tattoo’s just vanished, got it when I was I was 21…”

M”Oh…fuck fuck fuck… I am getting younger…”

X”Relax. I’m sure the foundation will be able to get you out of here soonish, hopefully”
At this point Agent marley has returned to his original location, approximately 600m have been covered by the presumably 21 aged marley. Has been waiting at the entrance for a further 1 hour 35 minutes. This is… the point prior to which Agent Marley encountered SCP-xxxx-2.

M”It’s weird… I still hear, normal me but looking at myself, clothes too big and hell everything is wrong…”

X”You’re telling me, I’m listening to you as a kid here. This is fucked up…”

M”Ye- you hear that X?”



X”Marley what the hell is happening in there!”

M”Some starved looking mcdonalds clown bastard crawling down the pipe right in fucking front of me!”

X”Get the hell out of there!”

SCP-xxxx-2 at this point is heard over the radio by Agent X who begins to panic slightly and is discomforted by the sounds of the child Agent Marley vocalizing distress as Agent Marley begins to flee SCP-xxxx-2, this proceeds for approximately thirty minutes before exhaustion causes his child body to slow down at which point SCP-xxxx-2 catches up with Agent Marley, sounds of [Data Expunged] can be heard for approximately 20 seconds before cutting off.

Following this Agent X was sent for therapy which eventually resulted in the agent being administered class B amnestics, before being returned to active duty three weeks later.

Document :- xxxx-exploration- I - Unmanned exploration

See Test log document xxxx-test-I.

Document :- xxxx-exploration- II - Manned exploration - D class - Average 28

Individual made it 700m before the appearance of scp xxxx-2

Document :- xxxx-exploration- III - Manned exploration - D class - Athletic - 33

Encountered xxxx-2 after only 300m due to attempting a different path encountering a series of rooms which brought progress down significantly.

Document :- xxxx-exploration- IV - Manned exploration - 12 year old

See Test log document xxxx-test- II.

Document :- xxxx-exploration- V - Manned exploration - D class - age 86

Found guilty of murder/assault, perfect candidate, told to go as far as possible as fast as possible.
Made it to the 977.5m record.

Document :-xxxx-exploration VI - Manned exploration - Service personel(1) - diagnosed with inoperable cancer and volunteered to attempt to cut through the interior of SCP-xxxx

Result - instant manifestation of scp xxxx-2 upon damage of scp-xxxx

Incident reports:

Incident SCP-xxxx-A

Agent went in to inspect the location, accidentally became an unwilling instance of scp-xxxx-1 resulting in security overhaul of 5m safety zone around entrance to avoid accidental instances of scp-xxxx-1 being generated.


Incident SCP-xxxx-B

D class stuck hand in then pulled hand out, de-aging effect occured at a delayed rate for approximately a week, then scp-xxxx-2 breached scp-xxxx resulting in the casualties of all present.