Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter Euclid

SCP-XXXX when it was found first time

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX has to be contained in 5x5x3 room. Containment chamber must have transparent walls, for that walls of this chamber are made from 10mm bulletproof glass. Five (5) reflectors placed twelve (12) meters from chamber [each placed to be able to light up SCP-XXXX's chamber from every wall and ceilling] have to light up SCP-XXXX's chamber 24/7 except when SCP-XXXX is used tests.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an entity with an appearance smiliar to Canis lupus commonly known as the wolf. SCP-XXXX have dark black fur with dark brown eyes. SCP-XXXX measures around 140 cm from ground to top of its head.
SCP-XXXX is able to talk English, Spanish, French and some unkown language(s) but mostly SCP-XXXX make sounds typical for wolfves like barking, growling or whimpering. SCP-XXXX doesn't show any needs for food or beverage but when it's given to SCP-XXXX, it will consume it. While SCP-XXXX was in room without oxygen, SCP-XXXX started to suffocate and make sounds of whimpering.
SCP-XXXX show signs of exhaust whenever is in strong direct light.
Any light sources 8 meters from SCP-XXXX is setted off in some way.

Results of several light sources after entering range of 8 meters from SCP-XXXX

Light Source
Light bulb filament in bulb has stopped casting light. After getting out from range of SCP-XXXX it imidiately started to cast light again
Burning Log fire had suffocated
Fireflies their light-emitting organs had been destroyed but the rest of the body seemed to be intact

SCP-XXXX seems to look for subjects with great physical and psychical condition. When two D-class personnel were exposed to SCP-XXXX, it always attacked one with muscular or athletic figure. When fat, skinny, ill, traumatized, injured, or crippled D-classes were exposed to SCP-XXXX it showed no interest in them.

Addendum XXXX-A: portion of recorded transmit:

Dr.██████: What are you searching for?
SCP-XXXX: My…master
Dr.██████: Your owner? So what is name of your master?
SCP-XXXX: Names are for someone who is making contact with other sentient creatures
Dr.██████: How does he look like?
SCP-XXXX: It matters who he will posses.
Dr.██████: Posses? Like…a mask?
SCP-XXXX: No. But it's my purpose of existing.
Dr.██████: What exactly is purpose of your existence?
SCP-XXXX: To find the perfect body

<End Log>

For SCP-XXXX are no needs to use any kind of sedatives or impairing of movement (few strong light sourcers in distance more then 8 meters are enough). When is any obstacle between SCP-XXXX and light source, SCP-XXXX's range of this anomaly is decreased. The size of decreasing depends on thickness and mass of obstacles.

Addendum XXXX-C: One person of D-class personnel was exposed to SCP-XXXX

D-7283: So you say that this dog won't bite me?
Dr.██████: Just follow given instructions (Dr.██████ then turns off 4 of 5 reflectors in SCP-XXXXs chamber)
D-7283: Hey doctor what are you doing?
SCP-XXXX: Just making romantic atmosphere
D-7283: Bloody hell! How do you talk dog?
SCP-XXXX: Whats your name?
D-7283: Uh…My name is uh… 7283
SCP-XXXX: Are you there to let me free?
D-7283: Nah sorry dog, if i had a key from there i would be already drinking beer at my place
SCP-XXXX: So why you are here?
D-7283: Well they told me to ask you few questions or they will shot me down. At first i thought they been joking, but now i see you are actually talki-(While D-7283 was talking SCP-XXXX bitted him in to arm, but instead of blood, there was a black liquid leaking from D-7283s wound) (D-7283 was screaming for a several seconds and then just silently stood on same place for 14 seconds)
D-7283: (With deep disorted voice) This one is really weak. Why are you wasting my time with bodies like this! (D-7283 kicks SCP-XXXX to head)
SCP-XXXX: I am sorry. But my access to humans is really limited right now
D-7283: (With deep disorted voice) I see, sorry my companion but don't call me until you will get better one! (D-7283 then falls on ground and lays motionless for over 3 hours.)

<End Log>

After close examinations, D-7283 was found dead (reason of death seems to be heart attack) and the black liquid that was leaking from wound of D-7283 was compared with black liquid from SCP-035 but no similarities were found.

Addendum XXXX-E: SCP-XXXX was exposed to SCP-682

SCP-682: What do you want
SCP-XXXX:(SCP-XXXX stares on SCP-682. This was lasting 4 minutes. You seems to be powerful and mighty
SCP-682: You seems to be really ignorant
SCP-XXXX: Too bad you are not human
SCP-682: I would rather die then being a virus to my own home
SCP-XXXX: What do you mean?
SCP-682: Humans…are thrash that have no dump
SCP-682: What do you think about them?
SCP-XXXX: Well, i can't hate them even if i wanted to, i-
SCP-682: Oh i just undertood. You are tied to one of them aren't you?
SCP-682: Disgusting
SCP-XXXX: Well, not quite. My master is just an entity that can posses human creatrues
SCP-682: Get off my sight before i will bite you in half. And when i will do breach again I recommend you to stay away from my way

<End Log>

SCP-XXXX was then pacified and placed to its cell.