Xhuis' Skips
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SCP-XXXX prior to relocation

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained in the medical bay of Biological Containment Site-66 in an airtight glass container. SCP-XXXX should be placed in a location that ensures at least two sapient organisms fall asleep within direct line of sight of the object every 24 hours. So as to avoid vapor production, SCP-XXXX should not be provided with water at any time.

Personnel suffering from insomnia or nightmares may request to sleep in proximity to SCP-XXXX. Inhalation of SCP-XXXX's vapor is forbidden outside of approved testing.

Notice as of Incident XXXX-1: Individuals who voluntarily inhale SCP-XXXX's vapor outside of approved testing are to be monitored until they awaken, at which point they are to be administered Class A amnestics and undergo full psychological evaluation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a flowering shrub of unknown origin or phylum. The object lacks a coherent stem; instead, its branches coil around one another to provide the object structural support. In place of a root system, SCP-XXXX possesses an eight-pointed star-shaped formation roughly 6 inches across. This formation appears to serve the same purpose as roots in other plants.

SCP-XXXX's does not require nutrients, moisture, or light. Instead, through unknown biological processes, SCP-XXXX's health is dependent entirely on the sleep of sapient creatures within its line of sight. Total sleep time is directly proportional to the health of SCP-XXXX; after an unrelated containment breach resulting in the hospitalization of eleven personnel in the Site's medical bay, the object was observed to be in complete bloom, with vibrant colors and a visible appearance of health. Any damage caused to SCP-XXXX will heal at a rate similarly tied to sleep time.

SCP-XXXX appears to "override" the dreams of those sleeping near it. Subjects have universally reported the same experience while dreaming: a blue light, coupled with a feeling of preternatural calm. Notably, SCP-XXXX's presence appears to serve as a natural sleep aid, increasing the brain's melatonin production for as long as the subject wishes to fall asleep.

Despite not requiring the factors that most normal plants do to survive, SCP-XXXX is capable of undergoing natural photosynthesis when they are present. However, instead of using produced glucose to sustain itself, it is converted through as-of-yet unknown processes into a thin blue vapor that is expelled through the object's flowers that dissipates into water in within thirty seconds. In sapient subjects, inhalation induces immediate drowsiness that persists until the subject next falls asleep. SCP-XXXX's vapor has no apparent effect on non-sapient subjects. Use of SCP-XXXX's vapor as a sleep aid has been discussed.

When any subject who has inhaled SCP-XXXX's vapor falls asleep, they will enter a coma in which they experience an extraordinarily vivid and crisp dream. The subject is aware they are dreaming, but typically note that they feel completely awake during this time. This coma will end naturally between 12 and 24 hours, or when the subject consciously chooses to awaken.

Upon awakening, subjects are capable of giving highly detailed accounts of their experience. To date, all dreams consist of the subject awakening in one of three recorded locations:

Due to unknown causes, all equipment worn by the subject when they enter this coma physically changes and functions without any input as the subject manipulates it within their dream. Radio transceivers have proven successful in allowing Site staff to communicate with personnel during their sleep. Additionally, supplies provided to subjects before sleep are usable during their dream, and will materialize and disappear accordingly from their belongings.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was located in a forested area near the town of █████████, North Carolina, on ██-██-201█. At the time, the object was growing in the absolute geographical center of a medium-sized clearing. The object came to the Foundation's attention when local news reported a sudden drop in animal population, prompting an investigation by local law enforcement, who located a large gathering of animals sleeping around SCP-XXXX. The object was then acquired by the Foundation, documented, and moved to its current location in Site-66. Class A amnestics were administered where necessary. Animal populations have since returned to normal.

Addendum: Incident XXXX-1: On █-██-201█, Dr. ████ and Agent ████, at the time assigned as researchers on SCP-XXXX, attempted to disseminate information of Level 4/XXXX security classification to all personnel. In light of this, security measures of SCP-XXXX have been heightened, and all researchers moved to other projects.

Addendum: Exploration: Following the discovery of the anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX's vapor, the Site Director approved exploration of the "dream scapes" presented to sleeping subjects. Explorations are logged chronologically.

There are no current plans for additional testing of SCP-XXXX at this time.