Xiapher's Research Table
Here I will put down all of my prompts and ideas before I shuffle them over to the design of a scp-file. Or if I decide to delete them, because either my drive to push it forward fades, or the feedback I've gotten on it hasn't been able to further refine it.

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== Magmatic Gold Fish == - (Safe - Euclid)


A picture made of one of the goldfish, when a high-shutter speed heat-resistant glass sphere was dipped into the pond. The glass ball was highly scorched an partially molten, but we managed.1

A common pet variety freshwater goldfish (Carassius auratus) which lives in a small school of five (5), listed as Scp-number-1 to Scp-number-5. They do not behave in any other way than a regular goldfish would do, with the only difference being, they seem to visibly suffocate in water. For them to survive they need to be provided with at least 7.5 gallons (28,4 liters) of magma. (Measurements based on the content of the common fishbowl.) Anything less is causing the fish to act as if it is sick.

It's anomalous properties - aside from survival requirement - are that upon entering the magma, it turns the magma into water. But such a form of water that only the viscosity, density and transparency of the magma are replaced by those of water. The Heat and color remain unchanged. Rocks deposited into the liquid also disintegrate as if thrown into regular lava. The goldfish are fed with the little surviving minerals which have a high heat resistance in the rocks provided. Twice a day, the equal amount of mineral deposits it to be dumped into the small containment pool to come near the normal fish-food amount of five goldfish.

They are contained in a cast-iron/titanium alloy pond, which is 3'04" feet or 1 m deep. With a diameter of the double of that. Although minimum magma standards are in place, this pool is filled with 0,6 m of magma. Also provided are three (3) miniature castles for them to swim through and explore. They're still goldfish, after all.

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== Up to chance == - (Keter Euclid)

This SCP is one in two parts. For ease they are to be refereed as SCP-number-A and SCP-number-B. SCP-number-A is a containment of SCP-number-B, whilst the foundation has put up additions containment measures around SCP-number-A.

SCP-number-A is a house, located in ██████ Southern Russia, which changes in exterior paint-job and building accessories at a random interval, without any significant pattern to be observed in it. The front door location, shape, height, width, windows-locations, and roof-type are the only things constantly stable in form of its shape, design, and color. Material of construction also seems to be randomly changing. Touching or entering the premise of the house has no effect on personal, directly or indirectly, proven by medical check ups of every-one of the on-location people.

Within the walls lives SCP-Number-B, named Nikolai ██████. Looking male, in his late 30's (thirties). He seems to emit a faint type of radiation in random intervals in visual shock waves around his body, which personal have linked to the random changes to SCP-Number-A's exterior changes. The interior of SCP-Number-A also seems to change, layout of rooms and placement of interior furniture are constant but design, theme and coloration change with every emitted pulse of radiation. Geiger counters have given no feedback to the radiation which excludes nuclear radiation.

Due to the odd anomaly a D-person was used to interact with SCP-Number-B directly by making direct contact. Upon touching of the shoulder, D-person froze in place, showing signs of distress and then falling over, their skin ripping to reveal a crackled substance with holes riddled across it. After extraction of the corpse, further studies revealed that the entirety of D-person's reaching arm, and greater part of his torso was replaced by sponge often found in the house-hold cleaning variaty. Further more, the heart of the corpse seemed to be made up out of fruit flesh - after testing turning out to be water melon. And the skin had the consistency of pool-toy-like latex.

  • Two/three more tests to come to the keter conclusion.
  • An interview to come to the Euclid conclusion

Both the cases of SCP-number-A and -B are considered Euclid. Their chance-based space-altering properties only activated upon direct contact with SCP-number-B.

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== Prism Primates == - (Euclid - Keter)


A photo taken in the cave where SCP-Number was originally found. Collection of subject resulted in [Expunged] Casualties.2

A group of three (3) Primate-like beings (Closest being to the smaller monkeys) which are void of all facial features and as such do not need a supply of air or food source. All they need is a bright source of white constant light and a white-painted room for it to completely fill up. One of the walls of their enclosure is one-way glass for research possibilities. Cameras are completely made of white components placed into sockets made to look part of the walls they sit in, without any chance of shadows to form. The primates also do not cast any shadows under the brightly cast white light from the many lights in the containment.

Any addition from an item not matching the white environment of these primates will result into a fierce change in attention and body language from all three (3) of the SCP. Which will then speed towards the anomaly to the pure environment, and dig their fingers into it. The object which is touched is them gradually turned into a mineral-like material, until the entirety of the form is made into the mineral matching the color of the primate. The primates seem to be easily distracted by tossing an other handful odd-colored items in the opposite direction, upon which extraction of the first object can be executed. Tests to the mineral resulted in it being purely chalk-stone.

At one point the lights were killed due to a power-failure throughout the site caused by [REDACTED]. Which made for complete silence in the containment. Until heavy footsteps were heard inside of the containment. When the lights came back on, blurred shadows of large primate silhouettes could be seen swiftly turning back into the small monkeys. A controlled test was performed soon after, by turning off the lights and switching on a night-vision camera. Three large, black gorilla-like forms were observed, with again not a single facial feature. An odd-colored object was introduced like before, which resulted into the same reaction, only now the touch turned the object into a black mineral of sorts. Turning the lights back on, changed the large apes back into the white monkeys, which then attacked the black object turning it white again. Distracting the 'no light' variation allowed to the black object to be removed. Tests resulting in it being Coal.

  • A log of multiple colors of light, and their matching mineral results on odd-colored objects.

It is to be noted that anything which is white which is introduced into the containment isn't attacked by any of the colored forms, as the light casting on it makes the object have the purest of that certain color. White is the neutral ground for this SCP. Complete white uniforms were distributed to all involved personal.