Xilas Crowe

Lucifer's Prison
The Absence of Nothing
Life Finds a Way - A massive underground forest in which any two creatures are capable of mating, leading to millions of unique organisms. Focuses mostly on exploration and documenting new species. [Oh look this has a tab]
Eleven Dreamers Dreamt Twelve Dreams
We need to talk about the spiders
An entity that knows whatever no one else does; seeks to devour those who know its name, so it can remember. (Stolen from Hippo (He gived everyone permission))
An island that anomalously expands to comfortably suit its current population, except from the outside it doesn’t look like it’s changing at all.
1 Scip 2 Scip Red Scip Blue Scip
Gurney to the centre of the Earth
A flock of ducks that combine to form functional technology/machinery made entirely out of ducks. [Collab with Malice]
A pair of sunglasses that when worn will cause spontaneous explosions to occur randomly behind the wearer [Oh look this also has a tab]
A Maksur (All the parts have to be kept apart) x Hiemal (two anomalies containing each other) scip.

The Olderworld. Could be either a scip, GOI, or entire canon I guess. Basically it's a secret organization of mythological creatures that are working to return the Earth to the days without humans. If it was a canon maybe it could be like the Foundation set in the ancient Mythos'. Involving gods and stuff as well. if GOI probably mainly in another dimension or something. Same if it was a scip.

The SPC version of Tau-5: Swimsara

Something to which no tags can be applied…is it possible…if so….I will do it…if not…I'll still try.

poky x dado for the V1L3 collab log