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Lucifer's Prison
The Absence of Nothing
Life Finds a Way - A massive underground forest in which any two creatures are capable of mating, leading to millions of unique organisms. Focuses mostly on exploration and documenting new species. [Oh look this has a tab]
Eleven Dreamers Dreamt Twelve Dreams
We need to talk about the spiders
An entity that knows whatever no one else does; seeks to devour those who know its name, so it can remember. (Stolen from Hippo (He gived everyone permission))
An island that anomalously expands to comfortably suit its current population, except from the outside it doesn’t look like it’s changing at all.
1 Scip 2 Scip Red Scip Blue Scip
Gurney to the centre of the Earth
A flock of ducks that combine to form functional technology/machinery made entirely out of ducks. [Collab with Malice]
A pair of sunglasses that when worn will cause spontaneous explosions to occur randomly behind the wearer [Oh look this also has a tab]
A Maksur (All the parts have to be kept apart) x Hiemal (two anomalies containing each other) scip.
Worm Wave - Basically a tsunami of worms that envelopes and consumes people.
A Group of Lions is Called a Pride Because Lions are Arrogant Little Pricks - A group of lions that are super arrogant and basically act lice kings, the whole "bring me the head of a pig" shtick. also they can talk, and bite through anything.
The memes shall sacrifice themselves upon the altar of communication, so that new memes may be born for the cycle to begin anew - From Feline in Site19, might be able to do something with this.
3D printer printing spiders, which then weave 3D printers as a means of their reproduction.
A boat that can treat anything blue as water, and it uses it to sail across the sky - supported by Baubius and SEPJKL
popcorn cancer: a type of cancer where the tumors explode violently when exposed to heat. 1:34 PM <Jazstar> XilasCrowe: When the ambient temperature reaches over the human's body temperature, the cancer pops. Add this to your description. - Collab with Jazstar
Sloths aren’t lazy; they’re just saving their energy. Today, that energy is released. — So much potential, gotta do something with this
The Adventures Of Hopy Shit, just… just check 19 logs, you'll remember

The Olderworld. Could be either a scip, GOI, or entire canon I guess. Basically it's a secret organization of mythological creatures that are working to return the Earth to the days without humans. If it was a canon maybe it could be like the Foundation set in the ancient Mythos'. Involving gods and stuff as well. if GOI probably mainly in another dimension or something. Same if it was a scip.

The SPC version of Tau-5: Swimsara

Something to which no tags can be applied…is it possible…if so….I will do it…if not…I'll still try.

poky x dado for the V1L3 collab log

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Item #: SCP-1143

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1143 is to be locked in a fitted carrying case kept in a standard Safe-class containment locker. SCP-1143 is not to be worn except during controlled testing performed under the jurisdiction of a Level 3 researcher. Under no circumstances is SCP-X allowed to be worn indoors or within sight of any Foundation structures.

Description: SCP-1143 is a pair of unbranded aviator sunglasses. When worn by an individual (SCP-1143-1) they cause inanimate objects behind the individual to spontaneously explode in a seemingly random pattern.

The likelihood of SCP-X causing explosions is dependent on six variables. These six variables determine the various attributes of SCP-1143's effects.

  • Build: The physical body of the SCP-1143-1 affects the size of SCP-1143's effects. The more physically fit SCP-1143-1 is, the more explosive force is generated. This can also be affected by the mental capabilities of SCP-1143-1: subjects with above-average intelligence also increase the explosion's scale.
  • Attitude: SCP-1143-1's attitude affects the magnitude, spread, and duration of SCP-1143's effects. The exact conditions used to define this are unique to each SCP-1143-1, and are dependent on their individual personalities, but confidence, calmness, and pride have been identified as the three most common affecting emotions.
  • Dress: The clothing worn by SCP-1143-1 while wearing SCP-1143 affects the nature of the targeted object.13 Suits and other formal clothing cause SCP-1143 to target more industrial objects, as well as large scale architecture. Casual clothing results in more everyday, commonplace objects to be targeted, primarily vehicles, homes, and other small scale infrastructure. Pajamas and other sleepwear, including nudity, typically restrict SCP-1143's effect to small scale household items such as televisions, toasters, and the like.
  • Action: Actions taken affect the likelihood of an object exploding at a given time. SCP-1143's effects are most likely to manifest when rounding a corner, throwing an object over the shoulder of SCP-1143-1, or jumping through objects and out of buildings. Standing still has been shown to cause a severe decrease in SCP-1143's effects, with objects exploding at ≈ .4% frequency.
  • Speed: Speed affects the spread and ferocity of the explosions. Moving slowly has been shown to significantly increase the spread of the explosion, with a speed of about 20% SCP-1143-1's average walking speed causing explosions to be roughly 2000% larger. Similarly, moving quickly, preferably with the aid of an open-air vehicle, causes SCP-1143's explosions to be significantly more damaging, usually rendering the affected object shredded and causing flaming debris to be launched violently in every direction.
  • Stamina: SCP-1143-1's stamina and reaction to SCP-1143 determines the potential chain reactions of SCP-1143's effects. After the initial detonation, additional detonations will begin to occur rapidly, until SCP-1143-1 either reacts adversely to the explosions, or witnesses them.

SCP-1143 also exhibits a mild space-warping effect, causing all shrapnel from the explosions to miss SCP-1143-1. This effect will also deflect bullets and other high-projectile objects that approach SCP-1143-1 during SCP-1143's duration14.

In the event of SCP-1143-1 seeing SCP-1143's effect, whether by turning around or in reflections, the explosion will immediately cease. Damage already dealt to the object will remain, as well as any fires caused as a result of the explosion but not directly by SCP-1143.

Addendum 1143-1: Discovery

SCP-1143 was discovered during a Foundation raid on PoI-9173, a Hollywood actor/director and confirmed reality bender. PoI-9137 was able to escape utilizing several anomalous items, the majority of which were retrieved and are currently undergoing testing.

Addendum 1143-2: Incident 1143-A

During a test to determine the effects of SCP-1143 when worn improperly, SCP-1143-1 was instructed to place SCP-1143 on the back of her head. SCP-1143's affect did not activate for the duration of the test15 regardless of any actions preformed by SCP-1143-1. When the testing was concluded SCP-1143-1 was instructed to remove SCP-1143 from her head. Immediately upon doing so SCP-1143 detonated with the estimated force of a twenty megaton bomb. All on-location parties were killed, but due to the volatile nature of SCP-1143 this test had been conducted in a remote location, leading to no further Foundation or civilian casualties. Misinformation confirming the blast was a scheduled nuclear weapons test was successfully implanted, and SCP-1143 was later recovered undamaged from the site. Further testing of this nature is prohibited.

Author post:
Yea so this is a thing I did back at the beginning of doomcon. I know that there's more I could add to it but I either don't know what that is, am to lazy to do it/don't think I could do it right, really wanted a Series 2 spot (It's probably this one).

Thanks to WerylliumWeryllium for telling me to go through with the original idea, JazstarJazstar for giving me the last "S" variable (Had to get that BADASS acronym), CyrusFiredawnCyrusFiredawn, multizigmultizig, and probably like 8 more people who's names I forgot cause my record-keeping skills are garbage for crit.

Uhh, yea that's it.