SCP 300x draft
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Item #: SCP-300x

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-300x is contained in a heat-proof gas cylinder located on level █ in room number 278 on Site-66. The room must be airtight equipped with a 25cm large titanium door that can be opened with the authorization of at least senior scientist, having O5 authorization.
Due to its lethality and infectivity, SCP-300x needs to be manipulated in a -10°C room to reduce spreading through warm air by moving on dust particles.

Description: SCP-300x is a highly toxic, colorless, odorless nerve agent derived from Sarin that reform itself via unknown manners when not manipulated. Found in a ship wreck in an abyssopelagic zone near ████, ██████████ on ██,25,2011.

//Note that extremely damaged humanoid skeletons were under a 2 kg pyramid shaped stone. An extremely high amount of Dosidicus gigas were also found living around the shipwreck, despite the lack of nutriments and living beings.

After approximately 2 minutes, the infected (That we will now call SCP-300x-1 from now) will experience the following symptoms:

  • Paranoia
  • Skin bleaching
  • Extreme Sweating
  • Burning of the eyes and eventual melting of the Iris leading to blindness

After 10 minutes after inhaling SCP-300x, SCP-300x-1 will slowly experience nausea,including dyspnea, leading to unconsciousness. If not medically stabilized, neurodegeneration and degradation of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine will occur, leading to death.

If scientists or other D-Class personnel are still present in the test chamber while SCP-300x-1 is deceased, highly armed guards or cleaning unit equipped with cryogenic weapons are needed to secure the containment room and make the scientists or left personnel leave to a safe area.

If not frozen with liquid nitrogen within about 3 minutes by the cleaning unit only ,SCP-300x will start the stage 2 of its "evolving". Making the corpse of SCP-300x-1 to start dissolving, producing sulfurofluoridic acid and leaving about 10 liters of saltwater(depending on the mass of SCP-300x-1) containing approximately few Dosidicus gigas made out of sulfurofluoridic acid and an unknown neurotoxin. The cephalopods will then attack any living being, aside from other cephalopods, that will touch the saltwater by "jumping" and "sticking" on them, causing skin burns,nerve degradation and the premature death of cells (See Experiment 811-B)

Any clothes/items belonging to SCP-300x-1 will be somehow "teleported" when leaved into the saltwater for too long, to a place near where SCP-300x was found. Under the 2 kg pyramid shaped stone previously mentioned.

To this date,foundation's scientists are still not able to determine how the sulfurofluoridic acid is able to form a living cephalopod and are still doing experiments about it.

Incident 811-B:

On the 17 June, ████, Dr. Frank ██████ entered the room 278 with guard Marcus [SCRIBBLES] to see if SCP-300x was still contained in good conditions. Sadly, after unauthorized testing, both personnel were infected and killed. Which caused a minor breach in level █, causing the death of 8 D-Class personnel that were doing an experiment on SCP-3███ at the same time.
The 8 D-Class team that died on this day were to sent to acid-decontamination and their corpses were dissolved.
After containing SCP-300x. The crew that helped containing SCP-300x received 3 days paid vacation and a respectable amount of fund were sent to their families.

Dr.Frank ██████'s records were deleted for involuntary murder of a guard and his corpse was incinerated and a low amount of fund was sent to his family due to his 6 years of service.