SCP-XXXX: The giant centipede

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is held in a room similar to that of a three dimensional octagon. The room is made of tungsten. There are motion sensors installed in SCP-XXXX chambers. SCP-XXXX has proven quite adept at breaching containment. It burrowed into the walls of the containment chamber. What is inside the holes is of yet unknown. Recently SCP-XXXX containment chamber has been moved far underground, and now requires 2 elevators and several checkpoints.

Description: SCP-XXXX seems to be a large combination of a centipede and a millipede. Length of the subject is unknown as it will never stand still and has a need for constant moving. Theories suggest its length to be larger then a school bus. It’s face seemingly always has a red fluid on it. Ongoing theories suggest this is blood, or a venomous liquid. SCP-XXXX can clock speeds up to 50-60 KM/H. Whenever tests go on with Class-D personnel, cameras placed in SCP-XXXX chamber, seem to be scrambled, and nothing is left but static. This static can go on for 1-6 hours whenever tests are going on. The entity has burrowed a hole in the wall. Sometimes subjects exit the chamber with a confused look. When interviewed Class-D exposed to SCP-XXXX say that they enter the chamber, sit around for a bit, and then hear a message.

A log will now play of an interview between subject D-2031 and Dr.████

<Begin Log>
Dr.████: Now, tell us what you saw and what you heard in there.
D-2031:Ok so I, just walk in, and to my left there is this big ass hole in the wall.
Dr.████: Could you describe approximately what size the hole was?
D-2031: I don’t know, it was really dark in there, no lights or anything.
Dr.████: Motion detectors say, you sat in the middle for about 3 minutes?
D-2031: Yeah, nothing happened.
Dr.████: Then we picked up that you… sat up, and stared blankly into a wall for 5 minutes?
D-2031: Now that you mention it, I don’t remember what I did after standing up…
Dr.████: Alright, do you remember anything after that?
D-2031: Yeah, I heard this voice in my head, it was hard to make out but I think it said…
D-2031 then takes about two minutes to remember what he heard.
D-2031: Oh Yeah! Now I remember, it said something about going into the hole and falling asleep?
Dr.████: Hmm. What did the voice sound like?
D-2031: It sounded soothing, deep, and relaxed.
Dr.████: Did you want to go into the hole?
D-2031: Kinda, it was really relaxing, like I was being read a bedtime story.
Dr.████: After you came out of the test chamber, what did you feel like?
D-2031: I felt sleepy like it was 12 am. It was 3PM right?
Dr.████: No, it was about 1AM when you came out.
D-2031: Wait when did I go in there?
Dr.████:About 10PM.
D-2031: I thought it was 2 PM when I went in there.
Dr.████:Seems like this is all the time we have now. Thank you for your help.
<End Log>

Addendum: SCP-XXXX seems to mutilate the test subjects’ faces it doesn’t attempt to lull into the hole. On one occasion, one subject was violently mutilated once it entered the testing chamber. When cameras came back online, it found the test subject dead, missing the skin on his face. Where the skin is now unknown.