Xylon C
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Photo of SCP-XXXX sleeping taken by Researcher () before capture.

Item #: SCP-4206

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: White

Special Containment Procedures: As of 04/02/2019, SCP-XXXX was transferred to Site-██, Floor ██; locked inside a standard room constructed of polished through-body porcelain. The modified humanoid room contains but not limited to:

  • Platform water bed1 with fluorocarbon-based material for the liner and cover supported by stainless steel framing.
  • Nano Membrane Toilet2; requires cleaning and replacement of batteries every week.
  • Polymer corner bookshelf holding laminated novels.
  • Wifi IP Security Surveillance Cameras.

Class B and C personnel entering SCP-XXXX's unit are required to wear hydrophobic coated suits and flat outsoles found in the West Wing to prevent germination; entering nude is also efficient but prohibited under Section Five, First Article of Site-██.

SCP-XXXX's diet is strictly honeydew honey3. Feeding it anything else will be met with mild but adamant resistance such as: covering its mouth, shaking its head, shutting its lips or simultaneously all three.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a female humanoid resembling that of a mythological nymph due to its lime-green skin and youthful beauty. Unknown origins but captured in Parc Ela, Switzerland by the provided information of Researcher (). Has the body of an adolescent girl. An omnivore shown by its teeth structure; unknown why it only drinks nectar. Height measuring at 4.2 m and weighs 25.8 kg the average for a 12 year old female.

SCP-XXXX’s anomaly is the uncontrollable growth and spawn of seeds on an organic surface in a 2 meter radius. The spawning of seeds would only decrease if there was a lack of space.

Estimated to be 300 years old after research of the dress it wears; dates back to the Baroque period.

Speaks English but with the dialect from Baroque.


SCP-XXXX has been the main talk after the 2019 Beijing Summit, September 28 held underground attended by Chinese rep. ████ Yi, Algerian rep. ██████████ Messah, Egyptian rep. █████ ██████ Shoukry and United State's rep. ███████ █. Doyle. A transcript of the meeting can be read below.

Aerospace companies: NASA, Boeing and SpaceX demand SCP-XXXX to be up for purchase. Countries: Algeria, Egypt and China also have the same demands. Agent Thomas suspects that the aerospace giants wants their hands on SCP-XXXX for the purpose of terraforming mars and that the two African countries would want to use its anomaly to transform the Sahara desert. It is unknown why China wishes to use SCP-XXXX but Agent Thomas could only conclude that it was for economical purposes.

after the fortunate discovery of SCP-XXXX in Saudi Arabia 01/07/2019 (TIME). Agent Thracius, Liese and Everette breached the Muslim League Underground Auction in which SCP-XXXX was found to be auctioned to Chinese rep. Wang Yi for a total of ████████. Algeria’s rep. Abdelkader Messah and Egypt’s rep. Sameh Hassan Shoukry was seen challenging each other for the bid. Possibility of being relocated due to NASA, Boeing and SpaceX showing interest with SCP-XXXX.