Item# SCP- 3229

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP - 3229 must be kept in a 12mm Thick (If more it will lose strength, and if less it can break free)wall with almost no space to move. The door must locked at all times and 30 m away from the cell.The elevator must be encased inside of Titanium with the walls being 9mm thick. He is an SCP that can speak all languages, and is likes to be interviewed by Scientist Jones anyone near his cell must be wearing a Gas mask, and Gas proof suits. Too enter you must have O5 Access █████

Description: SCP - 3229 looks like a human that has reptile body parts and dark red eyes. The hand is completely reptilian, half of its mouth is completely reptilian, it wears a half mask that looks like a gas mask. It will only speak to Scientist █████ and other SCPs the bones in the body are completely reptilian.

Interview: So SCP - 3229 how long have you been alive?
SCP - 3229: Almost 35 Melienia.
Dr. █████: So, what do you think about 682?
SCP - 3229: what do I think, I think he knows nothing we may look alike but I despise him for his bloodthirst.
Dr. █████: What is it that you desire most?
SCP - 3229: I desire most to reunite with my brethren. And find SCP - 231.
Dr. █████: Do you find other SCPs inferior?
SCP - 3229: Some SCPs I find vastly inferior some I find my Superior’s one of which is SCP - 001.
Dr. █████: If I my request gets accepted what SCP would you like to visit?
SCP - 3229: SCP - 106.
[EXPUNGED]: Dr. █████ this interview is over.
Dr. █████: Wait!.
[EXPUNGED]: This interview is over please exit the area and goto the elevator.