3930 Debrief

Please, sit. I find sitting helps me focus. It might help you.

I know you've seen the 3930 file. Please sit back down. If you were going to be killed I wouldn't be here, rest well assured of that.

I’ve read the file you’ve read, and I'm not one of the seven. I'm also sure we still exist, but we'll get to that. To be blunt, you're valuable to the Foundation. That may be strange to hear, but it's true. You have valuable skills, and despite what you may have heard, the Foundation is not in the business of wantonly executing employees. It's far easier to discipline than to find replacements.

By all indication this was an accident. You didn't know what you were reading; we get it. After this session and a temporary watch period, you can move on with your life. Easy. Not everything is an executable offense, or requires amnestics.

And no, you have not been given amnestics, nor will you. It's also far easier to discipline than to use expensive medications.

Feeling any better about this? This a debriefing, not an interrogation; we both know you're innocent here. The worst is over.

Now, since that's cleared up, lets talk about 3930. All this will be easier if we can clear up one thing: 3930 doesn't exist.

I'm sure you're thinking, "that's exactly what I'm supposed to think!", but really, think about it. What is 3930 supposed to be?

Nothing. Let's talk about nothing.

Can I see nothing? Of course not, right? But let's be clear about this: if I see something, I don't just mean there's something I'm looking at, do I? I mean that I'm seeing.

Look around you. Maybe there aren't walls, or floors, or this table, or me. But can you deny seeing? Are you seeing in the first place?

You can take as much time as you'd like. I cleared out your schedule for today.

If it helps, we can talk about what not seeing is like. Imagine you go home, see a scratch on your car, and complain about it. Obviously you wouldn't complain if you didn't see it, right? There'd be no reason to. So there was something that got you complaining, wasn't there? Regardless of whether your car was actually scratched.

Or even better, imagine you did complain about it, even though you didn't see anything. Well, what got you complaining? Nothing. You needed nothing to complain. You can start complaining now then. In fact, out in the waiting room you had every reason you needed to start complaining: nothing. No reason. Were you complaining then? Or even if you didn't own a car, you would still complain, wouldn't you? You wouldn't need one to start complaining. You would need nothing.

This is just what no reason does. It makes things ridiculous, unthinkable.

So think about what 3930 is supposed to be. Nothing. Which means when you look at it, you're not looking at anything. So how are you supposed to be seeing in the first place? We've both seen the file; if 3930 is seen, but it doesn't exist, there is no reason it is seen in the first place. Which means you don't start seeing 3930 in Usinsk, you see it before you enter the country, and before you get on the plane from Washington, and before you were born. Because you already had all the things necessary to see it: nothing. Nothing is required to see it.

Doesn't make any sense, right? It’s ridiculous. So why would there be an SCP that's nothing, and why does it look like a Russian wilderness? And why is it classified? Because there isn't one.

I'm not suggesting you didn't read the file, or that you have false memories. I've actually got a copy of the file here, see? You can look at it again, if you'd like.

What I'm saying is the file is a fake. A hoax.

I shouldn't have to tell you the Foundation has enemies. Suffice it to say not everyone is ignorant of the existence of the Foundation, and not all of them agree with it's principles. In a perfect world, we would have no enemies, no moles or leaks.

But this isn't a perfect world, is it?

What you've stumbled upon is one of many safeguards against these enemies. A red herring. The more effort they put into investigating a plausible sounding, classified SCP, the less they have to find the real secrets, the kind that are above both our pay grades. Besides, you didn't think your site director had a restricted file just lying out on their desk, did you? I can't say I have level 5 clearance, but I'd be surprised if those kinds of files are in print. Or printable.

3930 is just a straw man. And as for why you haven't been amnesticized, aside from the cost, think about the file. Personnel are supposed to be convinced 3930 doesn't exist. Do you get it?

3930 is a self persisting red herring. We don't need to amnesticize you, because even if you know the secret, it'll look like you don't. Like you've been tricked.

Or course, the secret has to remain a secret. It needs to look like some big, dangerous monster that's just barely contained; otherwise the charade won't work. So we can't have you running around letting your friends in on the big secret, and we expect you to treat this as what it is: a secret operation.

That said, there's nothing the Foundation needs to do besides mark a note in your file and send you back to work. Easy.

It seems like you've got a pretty good handle on this, so I think we can end here and send you on your way. Your site-director will probably have a few more things to say, but I'm done with you. Actually, while I'm thinking about it, here's my office number; you can reach me there if you have any more questions about this. Folks have been pretty confused about this operation before, so don't hesitate to call if you start to have concerns.

I'll be sure to clear up any confusion.