Special Containment Procedures:
A population of 13 SCP-XXXX instances (designated SCP-XXXX-A through SCP-XXXX-M) is contained at Site-54. Each instance is contained in a type-C humanoid containment cell with its host and SCiPnet terminal, with access restricted to a local information feeding database and the terminals of other SCP-XXXX instances. All communications between SCP-XXXX instances should be logged.

Each SCP-XXXX instance should be supplied with a new host every nine months. If a host expires before its SCP-XXXX instance can contact a replacement, the new host should be sedated prior to introduction.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is displayed in a glass case inside the central hallway of Site-78(footnote: Site-78, located near OOOOOOOOO, OOOOOO, is primarily used for the containment of Keter-class objects with a history of causing containment breaches). All structural additions or alterations to Site-78 must be approved by two offsite personnel with clearance level 3/XXXX. All plans for additions or alterations to Site-78 which do not receive offsite approval must be modified or delayed rather then denied.

SCP-XXXX is a (material) (object) bearing the inscription (something about castles in a foreign language). When contained in a constructed dwelling, SCP-XXXX exerts its anomalous effects on that construction and its inhabitants. All inhabitants of the affected dwelling will begin to exhibit increased concerns related to the physical security of the dwelling, as well as increased proclivity to alter or add on to the dwelling's structure in order to increase its security. These effects continue until either SCP-XXXX or the affected dwelling's inhabitants are removed from the dwelling, or the dwelling is destroyed.

When the inhabitants of the affected dwelling are prevented from modifying the dwelling for an extended period of time, or when SCP-XXXX is contained in a dwelling without inhabitants, SCP-XXXX has been observed to cause spontaneous modification of the dwelling's structure. For more information, see Experiment Log XXXX-17 and Incident Report XXXX/27.

SCP-XXXX was obtained during an auction of the possessions of JOOOOOOOO DOOOO, following his bankruptcy in 19OO, four months after obtaining SCP-XXXX. Investigators traced the object's ownership to EOOOOO OOOO, who recorded his recovery of the object from the ruins of OOOOOO Castle, OOOOOOOOOO, in 18OO, from "an anthill… (that was friggin big)".

Test report - D class are in a house, they add all kinds of extra security measures to it

Test report - D class in a house, they don't let them add stuff, it starts putting in parapets and pots of boiling oil and drawbridges and shit.

Letter from researcher DOOOOO - During the time this shit was in site-whatever, employees approached me with ideas that improved containment procedures for O scp objects. I suggest we stick it in a high-security area and see if it helps.

Approved - O5

Letter from site director - After we had it around it reduced containment breaches by like 10%, so yeah let's keep it here.

Incident report - Don't keep it in a truck for too long, this one that it was in for over 24 hours grew arrowslits and shit.

######New idea: lead with a bunch of super high containment procedures then reveal they were caused by the object. Scrap the "we want our minds altered by this thing" angle, it's dumb

Dark Side of the Moon
It's a recording of the album that makes anything read/watched/listened to sync up with it.

SCP-682: [unintelligible]
researcher:move mic
d-class: but no
d-class: does the vocal part from great gig but in screaming
scp-682: I never sd I was afraid of dying

and it makes the length/time to read match up.

Undertones that there's some kind of wave (universal background radiation link?) that makes all narratives sync up with the album

e.g. guy wakes up with it, temporal anomaly that makes his whole day take only the length of the album.

they want to test a baby being born with it on but the ethics committee overrides it (sickos)
or maybe they just test it on an animal.

When you play it with itself like a round (starting at different times) it acts like the double-slit experiment

Also it could be cool to drop snippets from the album in the text too, seem like the song is affecting its documentation too.