SCP-XXXX(If You Go Away)
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be held in standard Safe-Containment Locker-37 on Site-24. The locker should be kept under 24/7 surveillance. Every 7 days, SCP-XXXX should be cleaned for any dust particles that may either obstruct the view of any part of the globe and or, alter the altitude/height of different locations on the globe. Due to the risk of breaching of information, loss of a subject or breaching of SCP-XXXX, Testing should be approved by no less than three Lvl 3 researchers and one Lvl 4. All testees should be injected with a tracking beaking to lower the risk of compromisation. SCP-XXXX is to be guarded by 2 armed personnel. Use in MTF operations should be approved by Sargent Lee or Sargent Griffin.

Description: SCP-XXXX Is a large floor standing metal and wooden globe. It is approximately 131 cm in height, and the globe’s diameter is 46 cm.

When the globe is spun no less than 290 cm per second and stopped by human means, the one who stopped it will be “teleported” to the exact point in which it was stopped at. When being transported, subjects will be placed at highest altitude with solid ground/footing. Everything the subject comes in contact with and anything that is also in contact with said item will be transported with them. If a human is to touch the clothes of the one being transported, they will be transported as well. If any other part of SCP-XXXX is in contact with the subject, SCP-XXXX will also be transported to their location. Solid ground/flooring is not transported with them, whether it be solid floor, dirt, or a loose tile, it is not teleported with them, in other words, anything that the feet of the subject is touching will not be teleported.

Once Transported The subject will instantaneously arrive at their location. No time will pass from the moment of touching the globe to the moment of arriving at their destination. MTF Epsin has approved SCP-XXXX for use in MTF operations. Please see Test X-5 for the first time SCP-XXXX is used by MT

SCP-XXXX was found by foundation staff on 6/3/██ when it was sold to Researcher north at an antique shop. Researcher north brought it back to her house and spun the globe with her husband. Her husband was teleported somewhere in the Atlantic ocean (presumed deceased). Researcher North has requested to lead the research of SCP-XXXX, this request has been Denied due to the emotional biased she may have for SCP-XXXX.

Addendum X-1:

TestID: X-1
Location: Off the coast of Oregon C:(42.2, -151.023)
Subject(s): D-84315
Notes: Subject was asked to stop the globe in the water. Subject was equipped with rebreathers, emergency rations, and flippers. Subject was transported at sea level. Then was submerged in water. Subject stayed in the water for about 10 minutes before being picked up by Foundation aircraft,[REDACTED]

TestID: X-2
Location: Tumpat, Malaysia C: (6.204, 102.153)
Subject(s): Agent Kingston
Notes: Subject was asked to attempt to stop the globe on land. Subject was equipped with Emergency rations, rebreathers, and a standard Glock 22. Subject was transported 4 meters above sea level on top of a small building. Subject made their way to the Malaysian airport and was extracted.

TestID: X-3
Location: Area 51, Nevada C: (37.2420, -115.8154)
Subject(s): Agent G████
Notes: Subject used a Laser guider to atominusly stop the globe. [DATA REDACTED]

TestID: X-4
Location: Site 16 C: (██████, ███████)
Subject(s): D-27343
Notes: Subject Used a laser guider to autonomous stop the globe. Subject was equipped with a standard issue D Class uniform. Subject was apprehended and put back into the Class D program.

TestID: X-5
Location: CI FOB(?) C: (-2█████, (█████)
Subject(s): (Gs-9a (GodSpeed)) Agent Kingston(GS1), Agent ██████(GS2), Agent ██████(GS3), Agent Lux(GS4), Agent M██████(GS5), Agent ██████(GS6), Agent ██████(GS7), Agent ██████(GS8), Agent ██(GS9), Agent ██████(GS10).
Notes: On May 9 (20██) Site-24 was “tipped” of a CI Base Holding SCP-████ and undefined anomalous entity. After activating Satellite Heat Signatures, Site-24 confirmed at least 10 different armed individuals, stationed in and or at least 10 m away from the location. GS-9a (God-speed) equipped with (1) M-107 ,(6) M4A1, (2)AK-5, (1)XCR-M, (5)H&K USP, (5) FN-57,(20) m84 Flash Grenade, (15) ET-MP. GS-9a used a laser guider to autonomous stop the globe. GS-9a where transported 30 m away from point of interest. GS4 stayed at original drop off point with the m-107 to find a vantage point. Once the rest of GS-9a entered the 10 m mark of the point of interest Site-24 Raid staff stated that the heat signatures all had run inside. Once GS-9a entered the building 15 20 explosives where detonated destroying the building. KIA: GS2, GS5, GS8, GS0. MIA: GS1, GS9