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A complete album set of SCP-3432.

Item #: SCP-3432

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All recovered instances of SCP-3432 and SCP-3432-4 are to be contained in standard Safe-class containment lockers in Site-64. Testing with SCP-3432 requires either Level 3/3432 access, or permission from Senior Researcher Dr. Robert Marshall.

Description: SCP-3432 is the designation for currently thirty two (32) instances of the 1979 music album "The Wall" by the psychedelic rock band "Pink Floyd." SCP-3432 has been found in multiple forms of media, including but theorized to be not limited to: nine (9) instances on vinyl record, eight (8) on cassette tape, twelve (12) on discs with CD or DVD formants, and three (3) on multiple electronic devices in a mp3 format.

When an instance of SCP-3432 is played, it will manifest a memetic effect that causes the subject(s) listening to suddenly have a strong motivation to act on what they perceive as prominent conflicts they have with others, most usually others they perceive as significant in their personal life, or to involve themselves and others with social and political controversies and movements that they have interacted and/or have taken an interest with recently. This effect and motivation (referred to as SCP-3432-1) manifests when listening to a track on SCP-3432 with subject matter or content which the subject relates to their own perception of their personal life or social and political controversies of interest.

If the subject does not act to sate SCP-3432-1, then the strength of SCP-3432-1 within the subject's perception will increase over time, and the subject will increasingly focused on sating SCP-3432-1. If the subject perceives or comprehends that they are in a situation or state where they cannot sate or act on SCP-3432-1 in any mattet, then it will become dormant within said subject, until said subject percives they are in a situation or state in which they can act on or sate SCP-3432-1, or they expire. If 3432-1 is dormant for more than approximately thirty six (36) hours, than it will resurface in an amount of time that roughly corealates with the amount of time SCP-3432-1 was dormant, after the subject perceives their state or situation has changed.

SCP-3432-2 refers to series of messages that have been found along side currently twenty two (22) instances of SCP-3432. Sixteen (16) instances were secured and given to the Foundation by PoI-9641 (Michael O'Neil) on 06-21-2017, with the rest being secured via intelligence and aid from PoI-9641. All but one instance are in physical form1, being on a white 10in. X 10in. paper card, with both sides reading as follows:

"Front" Side of SCP-3432-2:

[Three Moon Symbols] Initiative.

You Are Watched. You Are Protected. You Are Loved.

Glory to JALAKÅRA.

"Back" Side of SCP-3432-2

Amor vincit omnia.2

To: [Subject who originally acquired the instance of SCP-3432 and 3432-2]
Interference of this type is not common for us.
We have reached a consensus that this is necessary.
We only have this to say:

Listen to the music.
Listen well, and closely, and let it empty out your heart of what you feel deeply.
Let it present that truth to you.
Then go, and make your world a better place.
Go forth with no fear, knowing that:

You Are Watched. You Are Protected. You Are Loved.

SCP-3432-3 is the designation for currently ten (10) instances of SCP-3432 that are were anomalously produced by PoI-9641 and have a fundamental difference from original SCP-3432 instances. Two (2) are in vinyl record, four (4) on disc/DVD, and four (4) on a hard drive in an mp3 format. Instances of SCP-3432-3 closely resemble SCP-3432 in their properties, but motivates the subject to create anomalous art, or anart, that is associated with or has many similarities with anart produced by GoI-5869 (Gamers Against Weed).

SCP-3432 and was first discovered in the aftermath of a series of raids on several apartment buildings in [REDACTED], Oregon on 3/29/2018 in an investigation on the whereabouts of PoI-9641, who is was associated with GoI-5869, after a local Foundation agent received an anonymous tip. At 1629 hours PoI-9641 was found and apprehended, as well as several instances of SCP-3432 and SCP-3432-4 discovered and secured. PoI-9641 then was interviewed and cooperated with the Foundation in securing other instances of SCP-3432 and SCP-3432-4, and proving intelligence on activities and locations of two other PoI's associated with GoI-5869. Using intelligence given by PoI-9431, Foundation agents secured PoI-8761 and documentation on the whereabouts of PoI-79963, as well as secured documentation on SCP-2293, SCP-████, and other activities of GoI-5869.

__Addendum 3432-1: __

Transcripts Of Interviews With PoI-9641:

GoI-5869 Chat Logs Recovered From PC Of PoI-9641:

Addendum 3432-2: SCP-3432 Testing Logs-1,-2,-5, and -8: