The Completely Symmetrical Ruler

Item #: SCP-3272

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3272 is to be kept in a symmetrical 15x15x15 centimetre box on top of a symmetrical 1x1x1 metre table in a symmetrical 20x20x20 metre room. This box is to be checked daily for any 'leaks' or yellow discolourations. SCP-3727 must never enter an unsymmetrical room or area unless advised as necessary by an on-site manager.

Description: SCP-3272 is a light-brown coloured wooden ruler, measuring approximately 30 cm in length, and 3 cm in width. It appears slightly worn down with many scratch-like marks visible, which are almost completely parallel to one-another.

SCP-3272 was found in an abandoned laboratory in [DATA EXPUNGED] after complaints were made that the laboratory was "leaking a strange yellow liquid". Upon inspection of the building, it appeared that the complete interior of the building was filled with a thick, yellow liquid (later confirmed to be a liquid similiar to honey).

SCP-3272's anomalous effects can only be observed when it is in a room in which the interior is unsymmetrical. If these conditions are met, SCP-3272 will release a thick, bright yellow liquid (referred to as SCP-3272 - 1), seemingly through microscopic holes imbedded into the wood. SCP-3272 - 1 has been recorded at being produced at a rate of 1L/minute on average. It is currently unknown to how SCP-3272 reacts to the atmosphere.

Since the incident at Site 5, on the ██/██/2016 (see Incident Report 3272 - 1A), SCP-3272 has been relocated to Site 13.

Incident Report 3272 - 1A: On the ██/██/2016, SCP-████ had damaged and disfigured the containment box and cell of SCP-3272 after temporarily breaking free. SCP-3272 was quickly placed in a compensated shipping crate and then sent off to Site 13 as a result.