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Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4XXX not causing a current threat it is to be kept in a 5m x 5m room 10m x 10m1 to give it space to move. If SCP-4XXX breaches containment it is to be replaced in its cell being picked up by any staff, and no harm is to come to SCP-4XXX due to it having possible memetic effects2. if harm is to come to SCP-4XXX the responsible staff are susceptible to punishment.

Description: SCP-4XXX is a sentient stone with roughly a height of 5cm and a width of 6cm With Googly eyes fused to its surface on a molecular scale however it has no control over these.
Scp-4XXX first showed sentience after it was discovered by a Richard ██████ working at the █████ mines in California, 23/5/20██. SCP-4XXX is capable of doing simple math and processing simple questions and responds accordingly to its answer, for more details see Report-4XXX-1. SCP-4XXX has been observed to move via a "rolling" movement and how it accomplishes this is unknown but it is theorized it can control how it positions its weight, this is backed up by SCP-4XXX having a varying weight when moving but only by a minor difference. Recently after Dr.████'s Interview with it, SCP-4XXX has started showing signs of being capable of minor telekinesis.

Addendum 4XXX-1:After initial testing it has been observed that SCP-4XXX easily grows tired of staff or personnel it deems // "tiring" // and this may cause a change in the interviewer. SCP-4XXX has an amazing memory and will only reply to staff it has not come into contact with before.

Answer 1+1. SCP-4XXX rocked forward 2 cm and then back twice indicating the number 2
are you sentient? SCP-4XXX rocked forward and then rocked back to its original position
Can you speak or communicate in any other way? SCP-4XXX rolled back a few inches and didn't return to its position

after the original test, it wouldn't reply to the current interviewer, therefore the interviewer was changed from Agent-████ to Dr.████ .

Interviewer: Dr.████

Interviewed: SCP-4XXX

Dr.████: SCP-4XXX, can you answer me some of these questions? >

Dr.████: Do you have a preference of what to be called? >
SCP-4XXX: SCP-4XXX was presented flashcards of the entire alphabet and over a course of 5 minutes chose the following letters; M I L E S.
Dr.████ Do you know about your origin? >
Dr.████: Can you tell me anything about you, M i l e s?

After that point SCP-4XXX only replied to questions with questions via telekinesis from itself like ;

  • What are we doing later █████?
  • Did they put you up to this?
  • Can we go for a walk, this interview room is cramped.

It is theorized SCP-4XXX may come from a small "pocket dimension", this is supported by its use of telekinesis and by the fact that SCP-4XXX has been observed rolling into a "portal" shown on surveillance camera footage.

Addendum 4XXX-2:Any similar cases of SCP-4XXX are to be reported to the site-12 supervisor as there has been one other sighting of SCP-4XXX however this is to be confirmed.

1. SCP-4XXX requested a larger room and was given access to a larger room in which to have more freedom of movement.

2.If SCP-4XXX has any memetic effect, the affected staff are to be given class-C amnesiacs.