Item #: SCP-3495

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-3495's central point is to be kept in a locked room at all times. The room itself can be entered at will however it is advised against due to the Hume altering effects of SCP-3495 and should only be entered for testing purposes.

Description: SCP-3495 is a central point of space inside SCP-3495-1. SCP-3495 alters the level of Hume in the space around itself in which that space is considered to be SCP-3495-1 once affected by SCP-3495, the central point being SCP-3495 itself always reads as 0.06 Hume on the Kant counter while the ends of SCP-3495-1 reads 0.01 Hume lower than the natural ambient Hume. The space that is considered SCP-3495-1 is everything within sight from SCP-3495's point of view. SCP-3495-1's propagation functions oddly, disallowing itself from expanding past any hole produced by a Window, Door or other stereotypical household features that yield an opening where as its fine spreading through holes such as a crack in a door, broken window or a hole in a wall. SCP-3495 has no presence with the only way to ascertain SCP-3495's location is to use a Kant counter to map out the area's Hume and finding the space with lowest amount. SCP-3495 seemingly moves on its own but lacking any purposeful movement except when a living being is near, in which it will attempt to move its central point to the center of said living being; due to the lack of any presence minus that of the effects that SCP-3495 yield to the propagated areas Hume, it is impossible to separate SCP-3495 from anything it is following.

Notes for adding to it;
Should be recovered from somewhere in China.
Found inside of a Shanty town kind of house.
New containment area created at house itself to contain it due to inability to move it.
Non-corporeal, with the ability to move through objects.