Scp-4155 "The Assembler"
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Item #: 4155

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4155 is to be kept in a machine workshop with 24 hour video surveillance on both the workshop and adjacent containment areas. Cameras must be replaced every two weeks, and placed into containment restricted to only Class C or higher personnel. SCP-4155 is to be supplied with requested materials after review by a designated engineering team. All materials must pass inspection before being given to SCP-4155, and all projects should be confiscated from SCP-4155 and be classified as SCP-4155-A. All conversations with SCP-4155 are to be carefully recorded and analyzed by both the engineering team and SCP-4155’s on-call psychologist, Dr. [REDACTED]. SCP-4155 is under no circumstances to be provided with connection to the internet.

SCP-4155 is a pale skinned humanoid male that appears to be aged between 18 and 24 years old. SCP-4155 stands 1.95 meters in height and has white hair that is also 1.95 meters in length. SCP-4155 is believed to be immortal, with estimates of its age being between 70 and █████ years old. SCP-4155 possess extensive knowledge of engineering and mathematics, with specific interests in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and nuclear physics. SCP-4155 is believed to have inhabited the eastern coast of the United States of America, spending most of its time in ██████████, Florida, and the Boston area over the past 60 years. SCP-4155 was discovered in ██████████, Florida, on 6/16/████. SCP-4155 had previously attended six different engineering schools under the name [DATA EXPUNGED] along the east coast before failing out of all of its classes and eventually moving to Florida. SCP-4155 was discovered after a routine malware sweep on Site 19’s database, where an intrusion into secure on-site documentation files regarding SCP-914 was detected. How SCP-4155 uncovered knowledge of SCP-914 is unknown, but it is speculated that previous intrusions had been made prior to its discovery and interest of the SCP-914 files. SCP-4155’s location was traced to an apartment building in [DATA EXPUNGED], where MTF Nu-7 (“Hammer Down”) was deployed to apprehend SCP-4155. A small squad resembling a SWAT team was initially deployed, but subsequent implosions and calls for backup from surviving squad members led to all perimeter stationed forces to move in and apprehend SCP-4155, sustaining heavy casualties in the process. SCP-4155 appeared resistant to gunfire, and rhino tranquilizer was eventually applied to subdue SCP-4155, whereupon it was identified as anomalous and moved into containment. Amnestics were applied to all potential witnesses. Recovered from the apartment and SCP-4155’s person were:

  • 100:1 Scale replicas (functioning and nonfunctioning) of the Chernobyl reactor prior to meltdown
  • A laser pointer with an intensity of 500,000,000 lux
  • A weapon resembling a .44 revolver capable of producing gravitational anomalies up to a strength of [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • A perfectly harmless sofa (according to SCP-4155)
  • Two supercomputers
  • A safe which has remained unbreakable after ██ years.

Various engineering anomalies now discovered and contained by the Foundation are suspected to have been created by SCP-4155, and SCP-4155 claims to have built SCP-1958, SCP-713, [DATA EXPUNGED], and SCP-2117, responding with “Yes, that was me” upon inquiry about said anomalous constructions. Verification of SCP-4155’s involvement in these objects is ongoing. SCP-4155 escaped its first containment facility on 6/17/19██, and immediately returned to its original apartment, whereupon it was once again contained and placed into a higher level containment facility in a sealed room with no eating utensils provided. A psychologist, Dr. [REDACTED], was brought in for assessment of SCP-4155, and the current on-staff engineering team was appointed to monitor SCP-4155’s interviews and behaviors.


Dr. [REDACTED]: Good evening.

SCP-4155: Hi.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Exactly why did you kill all of those people?

SCP-4155: The SWAT dudes?

Dr. [REDACTED]: Yes.

SCP-4155: They had guns.

Dr. [REDACTED]: When was the last time you had guns pointed at you, might I ask?

SCP-4155: Yesterday.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Other than yesterday.

SCP-4155: Ukraine.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Why were you in Ukraine?

SCP-4155: Uranium.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Why were you buying uranium in Ukraine?

SCP-4155: For stuff.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Was it for weapons? If it’s for weapons we won’t reprimand you, only I must inquire where they are.

SCP-4155: Can I get a better room to stay in?

Dr. [REDACTED]: You aren’t answering the question.

SCP-4155: It wasn’t for weapons.

Dr. [REDACTED]: What was it for then?

SCP-4155: Stuff.

Dr. [REDACTED]: For your reactors?


Dr. [REDACTED]: You need to calm down.



Dr. [REDACTED]: promptly ended the interview after repeated attempts to calm SCP-4155.
"SCP-4155 remained agitated over the course of a few hours before regaining composure."


Dr. [REDACTED]: Hello, 4155

SCP-4155: Hey, doc.

Dr. [REDACTED]: It’s been quite a while. Are you enjoying your new space?

SCP-4155: Yeah.

Dr. [REDACTED]: I have a formal request from the engineering team asking for updates on your
progress with [REDACTED].

SCP-4155: I’m not done yet.

Dr. [REDACTED]: You always know that if there are issues with the machine you can ask me for assistance.

SCP-4155: You got food?

Dr. [REDACTED]: Excuse me?

SCP-4155: (inaudible)

Dr. [REDACTED]: You’re going to have to speak up.

SCP-4155: I’m not gonna build it.

Dr. [REDACTED]: What?

[Dr. [REDACTED] triggers silent alarm]

SCP-4155: Stop the alarm.

Dr. [REDACTED]: How did you-

SCP-4155: (producing a .44 revolver) Stop the alarm.

Dr. [REDACTED]: (shouting) Call off the task force! Nobody enters this room, do you hear me!?

SCP-4155: Sure would be a shame.

Dr.[REDACTED]: (faintly) Please have mercy.

SCP-4155: I have requests.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Tell me them, goddammit!

SCP-4155: Calm. You always tell me to stay calm. If you’re going to get out of here alive, I want you to give me access to ██████████, ███████, ███████████, and ████.

Dr. [REDACTED]: I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what those are, I-

SCP-4155: I say we go find out. Take me to the man you call 05.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Where are you getting this information from? How-


Over the course of the next thirty-six seconds, the containment cell is flooded with poisonous gas, instantly killing Dr. [REDACTED], but leaving SCP-4155 totally unharmed. SCP-4155 repeatedly attempts to open the door with the .44 revolver without firing, and, realizing the futility of its actions, sits back down and patiently stares into the camera monitoring him for seventeen hours while the gas dissipates. SCP-4155 then expresses its desire for Dr. [REDACTED]’s corpse to be properly disposed of. After no response is given by Foundation staff, SCP-4155 performs a cremation of Dr. [REDACTED]’s remains using what appears to be little more than a t-shirt and a pile of sticks for fuel, and places Dr. [REDACTED]’s ashes in one of SCP-4155’s nonfunctioning reactors. SCP-4155 is appointed a new psychologist, Dr.███████████.


Dr. ███████████: Hello, I’m-

SCP-4155: I didn’t mean to kill him. I apologize.

Dr.███████████: 4155, I’m not here to reprimand you.

SCP-4155: I don’t care. I need to make up for it.

Dr. ███████████: Make up for it?

SCP-4155: He kept telling me to do stuff.

Dr. ███████████: I am aware.

SCP-4155: He wanted me to build that gun or whatever.

Dr. ███████████: Will you, 4155? For [REDACTED]?

SCP-4155: Yes.