Zaxiadus- draft

Item #: SCP-4090

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4090 is to be contained in a 6 m x 8 m x 10 m chamber reinforced with 40 cm light absorbing material lining all inner surfaces of the cell. The outer walls of the chamber are to be coated with a mixture of sealant and chemical ██████. Personnel are forbidden to enter the chamber without permission from Dr. ██████. All unauthorised personnel attempting to communicate with SCP-4090 will be restrained and taken to site ██ for decontamination. In the event of a containment breach, the 40 m x 40 m x 40 m area around the chamber is to be immersed with chemical ██████, which has been shown to sedate SCP-4090 for any amount of time between six hours and four days. Any personnel at the site which come into contact with SCP-4090 are to be handcuffed and taken at least ten kilometres away from SCP-4090.

Description: SCP-4090 is a white humanoid figure of unknown origin. It appears to be 240 cm (7’9’’) tall and 60 kg (132 lbs), with no visible sensory organs. The upper body and appendages of SCP-4090 are shrouded with a grey gaseous substance (SCP-4090-1). Testing of this substance reveals that its composition is similar to a mixture of carbon monoxide and ████████ ████. Upon inhalation of SCP-4090-1 by a subject, SCP-4090 is able to trace their exact location within a radius of a few kilometres. Testing has indicated that this effect is most potent on reptiles, allowing SCP-4090 to locate them at distances of up to twelve kilometres. The cause for this is unknown, however Dr. ██████ theorises this may provide evidence that SCP-4090 has existed since the Mesozoic era. In humans, SCP-4090 is able to locate a subject up to eight kilometres away. Instances of SCP-4090-1 lessen in molar volume as distance increases from SCP-4090. Thus, samples of SCP-4090-1 must be tested within a one kilometre radius of SCP-4090.

Any person who observes SCP-4090 in the presence of a light source will enter a trance-like state, where the subject becomes manually unable to break visual contact with SCP-4090 for a time period between five and thirty seconds. After this time period has passed, the subject is able to look away. If the subject does so, they will be rendered unable to recall anything that has occurred in the last five to ten hours, effectively forgetting about the existence of SCP-4090. Due to this memory gap, subjects exposed to SCP-4090 for extended periods of time often experience mental breakdowns and outbursts of uncontrolled paranoia shortly after. Any personnel who comes in contact with SCP-4090 must be forcibly restrained in order to prevent any disruptions to other SCPs. Tests made by Dr. ██████ have shown that the observation of SCP-4090 through digital means do not trigger memory loss. However, if a subject who remembers the existence of SCP-4090 comes in contact with SCP-4090-1, it will trigger a rage-induced state in SCP-4090, where it actively tries to track down the subject to forcefully induce memory deletion. This effect only ceases when the subject is brought out of range of the effect of SCP-4090-1.

Smaller instances of SCP-4090 exist sporadically in residential areas, which only induce a memory gap of three to five minutes. These encounters are commonly brushed off as feeling of deja vu or a sign of forgetfulness. Due to their less potent nature, they have been classified harmless and therefore no action has been taken as of (██-██-████).

Addendum 4090-D: Portion of recorded transcript ██████:
Personnel D-096: (Enters the room)
Dr. ██████: Move closer to it.
Personnel D-096: Understood. I-i…
Dr. ██████: D-096, have you established visual contact?
Personnel D-096: Y-yes sir, it’s moving towards me (Incomprehensible)
Dr. ██████: Good, explain to me what it looks like.
Personnel D-096: I-i can see shadows around its upper body, sir, and it seems humanlike apart from its height, its towering over me, sir, can I go now you told me all I had to do was describe it and it’s coming closer, sir, I don’t know what to do I can’t look away (Starts to scream)
Dr. ██████: Thank you for your information, D-096. 4090 is incapable of inflicting any bodily harm to you, so as soon as it has finished with you, you may leave.
Personnel D-096: (No communication)
Dr. ██████: D-096?
Personnel D-096: W-what am I doing here? I thought I was in my bed, they said they didn’t need me for an experiment until later why am I here why is it so dark what happened to me what happened why is this happening I don’t understand why (Incomprehensible)
Dr. ██████: (To personal radio) Backup requested with personnel D-096, take them to site ██ for decontamination.
<End Log>

Dr. ██████: Sometimes, it is hard for the human brain to process events like this, but smaller instances of SCP-4090 appear rather commonly in daily life. For example, have you ever gone into a room and forgotten what you were doing there?