SCP-3425 The most hate SCP by comments
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Item #: SCP-3425

Class: Euclid


Image of SCP-3425

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3425 is in essence a walking chemical weapon making it a danger to any living being not protected from it's deadly toxin. It should be kept in a air tight reinforced titanium room with duel air locks that redirect all gasses back into the room. All those entering the room must wear fully sealed anti-Bioweapon sealed suits as the nerve gas SCP-3425 gives off is absorbed through the skin. They also have to be German (Nazi) looking as well as speaking or there is a high chance SCP-3425 will kill them almost instantly. SCP-3425 has a likely desire to breach it's containment at any chance it is given.
In the event of a containment breach all engaging personnel of SCP-3425 should be notified of it’s nerve gas as well as it's ability to create German World War II weaponry from the gasses it expels. SCP-3425 is highly vulnerable to fire as it burns through the nerve gas it’s formed from so use of incendiaries is advised, but for re-containment purposes it is best to cause physical damage to SCP-3425’s solid form forcing it back into gas that can be vacuumed and seal back to containment.

Description: SCP-3425 is apparently a accidental by product of a secret Nazi program during the second World War named “Projekt schwarze Wolke” (German to English translation :Project Black Cloud). The purpose of the program was to create a new nerve agent that could easily pass through the human skin and what was created is what SCP-3425 is made up of now. From the little records found on the facility there had been an incident with a test were a soldier had been exposed to the prototype of the new weapon and caused the complete abandonment of the facility. As modern age authority's had been alerted to the possibility of a hidden Nazi chemical weapons facility so had a sleeper agent for the Foundation. When Foundation operatives located and entered the base in bio-hazered suits they found SCP-3425. SCP-3425 takes the shape of a male in it's solid form which is the most common form it takes on rather than it's black gas state. The SCP wears a old German World War II uniform with the most notable feature being it's gas mask that has two cracked glass eye lenses.

The SCP takes almost any living person that doesn't seem to be a German or an ally of The Third Reich and treats them like an enemy creating weapons to kill them if they haven't already died from it's nerve gas. It shows common intelligence that a person in Germany during the 1940's would have had but nothing more than that. SCP-3425 thinks the war is still going on and that it must leave the Site as thought it was captured by the allies and those Nazi soldiers that are brought in to speak with it are fellow prisoners of war. This is the reason SCP-3425 has a large conviction to try to leave the Foundation's facility and one of the reasons why containment of SCP-3425 is essential.

SCP-3425's black nerve agent seems to be more advanced when compared to more modern chemical weapon equivalents. The complexity of it's chemical structure seems to be alive ,evolving making it even deadlier and harder to pinpoint it's true make up. This goes way beyond the possible ability of scientist in the 1940's there is something else in play here… that has yet to be discovered.

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