Zenobiyl: The Gossip Fly
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SCP 4XXX entering it’s dormant state after receiving adequate amounts of gossip

Item #: SCP 4XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 4XXX is to be contained in a 3x3x3 meter containment cell. Four infared Cameras are to be placed in SCP 4XXX’s cell, and the cell is to be submerged in a pool of industrial superglue with a radius of 20 meters. Several television sets are to be placed in SCP 4XXX’s cell and set to constantly run reality TV shows. Any attempt by SCP 4XXX to leave the cell should be reported to a site director. No personnel are to engage in any informal communication within less than 50 feet of SCP 4XXX’s containment cell. Foundation personnel below level 3 clearance who learn about SCP 4XXX’s powers are to be delivered Class-A amnestics, and anyone attempting to lure SCP-4XXX with gossip, intentionally or otherwise, is to be terminated.

Description: SCP 4XXX is a sapient talking insect of the drosophila genus that feeds off of gossip. SCP 4XXX greatly prefers humans, but will feed off of any sapient creature capable of speech. It was found after rumors of voices coming from an abandoned sorority house reached a low-level foundation operative. SCP 4XXX was found reading old magazines, whispering, and laughing with what was described as a “valley-girl” accent. Anyone trying to communicate with SCP 4XXX will typically be met with an attempt to gossip about other foundation members or SCPs. The insect will often engage in games such as truth or dare, 20 questions, or two truths and a lie. Failure or Refusal to cooperate will make SCP 4XXX frustrated, and it will often react passive-aggressively.

When SCP 4XXX has recieved enough gossip it’s eyes will turn red and it will reduce metabolic activity by 80%. Researchers have described this as SCP 4XXX’s “dormant state”. All attempts to communicate or interact with SCP 4XXX during its dormant state will result in it responding with “whatever” or “uh-huh”.

SCP 4XXX has the ability to phase through objects,1 and an innate sense for when someone nearby is gossiping or telling an embarrassing secret.2. SCP 4XXX is highly sociable, and will frequently engage in banter with foundation staff when permitted. SCP 4XXX is forbidden to converse with any other SCPs to prevent an information breach, despite SCP 4XXX making numerous requests.

Although no substance can prevent SCP 4XXX from teleporting, sticky substances can greatly slow down the process. The most effective of these is industrial superglue, which slows the teleportation time from 10 meters per second to 0.1 meters per second. No method of permanently killing SCP 4XXX is currently known. All termination attempts have resulted in SCP 4XXX inhabiting another nearby member of the Drosophila genus. Each “iteration” of SCP 4XXX retains the same capabilities, personality, and memories, with the exception of memories of previous termination attempts.

Note from O5: SCP 4XXX shows abilities that could be particularly dangerous and difficult to contain should the wrong SCP’s learn about it’s existence. All personnel not in charge of containing SCP 4XXX, and SCP’s who interact with SCP 4XXX should be administered class A amnestics after each interaction. D-class personnel should be immediately terminated.