SCP-4256 (Zepellin)

Item# SCP-4256
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedure:
SCP-4256 is to be contained in a 16mx16mx16m cell with a 10 digit passcode and with two sercurity guards at the containment cell entrance and two right behind the containment cell entrance. Must need 05-6 approval testing Level 3 keycard needed. SCP-4256 needs a containment cell with dead trees and rough grassless ground. It is to held at Site-19.
SCP-4256 was found in Akureyri, Iceland during a Police Raid they found SCP-4256-1 SCP-4256-2 SCP-4256-3 held in chains found in a warehouse. SCP-4256 has the length of about 1m and its skin is varying shades of brown and has canine like teeth approximately 3 cm long. SCP-4256 has a venomous bite which causes a fever and eventually develops into coughing up blood and hallucinations. In all known cases four to five hours after the initial bite a lethal heart attack will occur