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Black Gloves (Part 1)


Zhun is sleeping in class. He suddenly wakes up and realizes that he needs to wash his face thoroughly. He goes to the toilet to do so. After he leaves the toilet, Jun Jie exits a toilet cubicle and washes his hands, but not thoroughly.

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Introduction & Conflict (1):

Zhun is eating with Dan Neil and other classmates. Meanwhile, Jun Jie finishes his food and steps outside, crossing a badminton game. He gets hit by a shuttlecock and argues with one of the badminton players, Marcus. Jun Jie goes to the general office to tell on Marcus, even though he is in the wrong.

The Discipline Master, Mr Tan, leaves the general office to find Marcus. Jun Jie finds a right-hand black glove in a box, but does not take it. Zhun and Dan observe Mr Tan and Marcus arguing. Zhun discusses with Dan about Jun Jie’s behaviour and decides to do something about it.

Conflict (2):

Dan drops off Zhun at the library where he finds Jun Jie and sits with him. Zhun wants to talk about something and Jun Jie says that as his “only friend”, he is willing to listen out for his problems. Zhun replies that it is Jun Jie who has a problem.

Zhun talks with Jun Jie about why Jun Jie was annoying at the badminton court. First, Zhun explains the incident from Marcus’ point of view. Second, Zhun notes several flaws in Jun Jie’s behaviour. Third, Zhun suggests what Jun Jie can do to heal the relationship between himself and Marcus. However, Jun Jie still insists that he was right.

During their talk, one of the Indian boys accidentally plays a high-pitch noise with a broken MP3 player. It plays out loud and everyone in the library hears it. A lot of people, including Jun Jie, cover their ears in reflex, but Zhun does not for he is numb (This foreshadows how Jun Jie will be defeated). Jun Jie goes to the toilet, leaving Zhun in the library.

Discovery (1):

Jun Jie discovers a left black glove in a cubby hole near the toilet and puts it on. He clenches the black glove, and it feels nice to him. With his glove still clenched, he goes into the toilet and opens the cubicle door outwards, but discovers that someone called Felix is using it. Jun Jie covers his eyes and asks why Felix didn’t lock the door. Felix says that he did, but the lock broke. Jun Jie apologizes, but he leaves without closing the door, even though Felix is calling at him to do so repeatedly.

Black Gloves (Part 2)


Zhun wakes up from another nap and goes to the toilet that Jun Jie went to. On the way, he briefly pauses to observe the broken MP3 player on the librarian’s desk (foreshadowing). In the toilet, he finds the broken cubicle with Felix still in it. He finds the broken lock on the floor and picks it up. Felix tells Zhun to close the door. Zhun closes the door and leaves with the broken door lock.

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Discovery (2):

Dan guides Zhun to his seat. They are back in class, and Jun Jie is also there. Jun Jie observes the left glove he is wearing and examines the black glove for fun. Meanwhile, Marcus tells his friends that Mr Tan almost sent him to detention for cursing. Marcus notices that Jun Jie now has a glove added to his clothing. The words “bulletproof jacket” and “indestructible gauntlet” get mentioned. Basically, Marcus talks trash about Jun Jie.

Jun Jie takes offence and approaches Marcus. Marcus refuses to apologize because of the argument earlier. Jun Jie somehow angers Marcus with a finger poke, and Marcus pushes Jun Jie. But because Jun Jie was clutching his left glove, Jun Jie is unmovable like a rock, and Marcus pushes himself backwards off Jun Jie's body. Both Jun Jie and Marcus are confused. Then the teacher walks in. Everyone in class returns to their seats, and the fight does not escalate.

While the teacher prepares his stuff, Zhun confronts Jun Jie by placing the broken lock on his table. Zhun says “Explain this.” and “Where did you get that glove?” Jun Jie tells Zhun everything he knows and that he will return the glove to the general office. Zhun calls Jun Jie out for not returning it during Mother Tongue period and sternly instructs Jun Jie to return it in the next period, Lunch. After not hearing and making Zhun repeat himself (angrily), Jun Jie casually says ok. But he does not mean it.

Discovery (3) - Need to build up to the Arm Wrestling by exploring the potential of the black glove and developing tension between Jun Jie and others:

Jun Jie starts to realize that the feeling he gets from clenching the glove might mean something.

Jun Jie breaks one of the thin metal poles underneath the table to test out his strength. He first tries bending the metal pole with his right hand without clenching the glove. It does not bend. Then, he tries bending it while clenching the glove - it not only bends but also snaps. Jun Jie now understands that the glove gives supernatural strength when he clenches the glove.

Later, during lunch, Jun Jie is reluctant to return the glove. He is sitting on a metal guardrail, inspecting the glove and wondering how it works. When he looks at the students walking by, they give him weird looks back. Jun Jie feels that he is ostracized and has no friends, so he feels like he must do something to gain the respect of his classmates.

Turning Point:

Lunch period. While the rest of the students of class 3-8 are eating at their table, Jun Jie comes to visit. Jun Jie challenges Marcus to an arm wrestling match. Marcus declines (3rd time he had to meet him that day). At first, Jun Jie apologizes to Marcus in a sarcastic and condescending tone for the two other meetings that day. He even says that he “forgives Marcus” for “talking bad about my drip”. To make it up to Marcus, Jun Jie says he will buy Marcus a drink if he wins, the catch being that if Jun Jie wins instead, Marcus must buy Jun Jie TWO drinks. Marcus flexes his giant muscle and asks “Why do you think you stand a chance?” Jun Jie replies “I have a hunch.” while looking at his glove.

Marcus and Jun Jie arm wrestle with their right hands. Jun Jie overpowers Marcus and takes him down violently. Marcus is hurt and exhausted. Jun Jie stands on the chair and table and exclaims “Guess who’s got 2 free colas!” While there was a crowd, everyone was silent. Jun Jie shouts at the crowd to clap. Out of fear, the crowd starts clapping. Jun Jie welcomes it as if the whole school was cheering him (delusional). Zhun is not clapping. He becomes serious.

Mamta rushes over to Marcus to inspect his injury.

"Can you still flex it?"
"Then no bones were broken. Com’on, let’s go to the sick bay."

Jun Jie picks up Mamta with his super strength and yells at her: “Don’t ruin the moment, girl!” (Jun Jie discriminates against girls). Jun Jie throws Mamta onto the table. He steals some money from Marcus' wallet and says "Who wants some drinks on me?". No students follow Jun Jie as he goes to the drinks stall to buy some drinks.

Black Gloves (Part 3)

Empathy (1):

After the incident with Marcus and Mamta, lunch has long since ended and class resumed. Jun Jie was acting aloof in class, i.e. putting his legs on the table. To get some privacy, Zhun excuses himself to the toilet and brings Dan with him.

Zhun talks to Dan about this, about how this is all possible. Dan, being a baseline for a normal guy in this arc, rationalizes that Jun Jie’s sudden display of supernatural strength was due to being enraged at the moment. But Zhun points out that he was not angry when he took down Marcus. Zhun says that the glove corrupts him somehow, but not in a literal way. It is a tool that allows Jun Jie to grow his destructive nature.

Dan still is not sure about Zhun being right. Thus, Zhun concludes that he must be the one to stop Jun Jie since he thinks that only he thinks this way, and he will do it when school ends (Zhun has his own stubbornness). Dan says he cannot let Zhun do this, because he promised Zhun’s mother that he would keep Zhun safe. Zhun says that he must make an exception today, or else no one will be safe. Also, he will take the blame if anything happens.

Dan asks Zhun "Do you have any idea what you're doing?". Zhun puts his hands together and makes a quick, silent prayer. "I don't just have an idea, I have a plan." Zhun says while he taps his head with an index finger (a reference to the "Roll Safe, the Guy-Tapping-Head Meme").

The school bell rings, marking the end of the school day.

Empathy (2):

Jun Jie walks down the hallways with a chestful of confidence. He goes to an occupied bench table, chases away the students there and occupies it himself so he can do homework. Zhun and Dan observe this, and so Zhun decides to start his plan.

After taking some time to prepare some things, Zhun and Dan approach Jun Jie. Zhun asks why he humiliated Marcus.

Jun Jie, laughing madly, downplays the incident, saying he was “just having fun”. Zhun gets worked up and starts shouting “You sprained Marcus’ arm! IT IS NOW IN A SLING”. Jun Jie tells Zhun to go away, or he will force him. Zhun starts to make a few guesses about what is going through Jun Jie’s mind.

Here is a few thing he says:

  • “You and I are not so different…”,
  • “You think that everyone else is wrong and you are right…”,
  • “You wonder why everyone is against you…”,
  • “You are incapable of observing the hurt you cause to those around you…”,
  • “You complain that you have no friends, yet you push everyone away…”.

Eventually, Zhun gets into Jun Jie’s head. Only then, Zhun asks why Jun Jie still hasn’t returned the glove.

Jun Jie snaps and throws a fake left hook at Zhun, stopping his left gloved fist just before it touches Zhun’s face. Momentarily shocked, but remaining serious and unsmiling, Zhun says “You really gonna hurt your only friend?” Then Zhun puts out his hand “Hand over the glove. It’s not yours.”

For the first time in Zhun’s life, Jun Jie shows the first signs of remorse/regret/sadness. Jun Jie verbally lashes out at Zhun. Zhun says something along the lines of "My words are wasted on you" or "only the most stubborn will win". Then, Zhun challenges Jun Jie by yelling "Three drinks… if I take those gloves, you owe me THREE DRINKS". Jun Jie, feeling challenged, accepts the fight with Zhun, saying "You're on!"


Jun Jie and Zhun fight (I’m not specifying how. Choreographing of the fight happens later), but Zhun does say aloud that Jun Jie needs to clench the black glove in order to activate its power. This is important.

Zhun unbuttons his shirt, revealing that he strapped a small hardcover book to his chest, as well as two paper bombs.

Zhun uses the two paper bombs to make a loud noise close to Jun Jie's ears and stun him momentarily. Zhun manages to connect a few hits, but they are ineffective since Jun Jie is indestructible. Zhun eventually retreats into the library. Jun Jie walks into the glass doors and shatters them. Jun Jie looks at the other students in the library. Jun Jie gives out a battle cry, scaring all the students and the teachers out of the classroom.
Zhun picks up the broken MP3 player and connects it to the AV box. He plays the broken MP3 player through the library speakers.

Zhun hides in a classroom within the library and shuts the door. High-pitched noise blasts through the speakers for a short while. Zhun wonders if it knocked out Jun Jie. No, it did not. Soon, the noise is cut. Jun Jie bursts through the classroom door. He had stopped the MP3 player to bits and pieces. Jun Jie slowly approaches Zhun, who is sitting against the wall in a fetal position. Jun Jie raises his left hand to attack, but he is so exhausted that it is not fully clenched. Seeing that Jun Jie's invulnerability is not activated, Zhun rushes at Jun Jie one last time, pinning him to the ground. Zhun interlaces his right-hand fingers with Jun Jie’s left gloved fingers to prevent him from clenching again. Zhun struggles with Jun Jie until he pulls the glove off. Zhun punches Jun Jie in the jaw. Jun Jie becomes limp. Zhun won the battle.


Zhun collapses onto the ground, next to Jun Jie. Dan leads Mr Tan and a few policemen, plus the vice principal, into the library. Since Zhun is clearly injured and Jun Jie was already labelled as the perpetrator of the cafeteria incident, Zhun is seen as the victim and Jun Jie as the perpetrator. Zhun gets to leave Scott free. Jun Jie is arrested by the policemen and carried away, leaving his fate unclear. (He’s definitely not returning for at least a few more arcs.)

Zhun gives a left black glove to Mr Tan, saying that it does not belong to Jun Jie. Dan then helps Zhun out of school. Dan asks Zhun "Did you give Mr Tan the real one or the one you bought from the Mama Shop?" Zhun shushes Dan profusely.

Zhun says:

  • "The glove breaks the laws of science as we know it."
  • "No one can know that such a thing exists"

Zhun then takes the lid off a public trash can. Zhun takes out another black glove, squeezing it into a ball in his right hand. He holds the glove over the trash can, saying “You see this? This never happened.” He drops the glove into the trash can, followed by an ignited lighter. The bin burns, along with the glove. Dan stares into the fire. Zhun walks away from the fire and calls to Dan, “You following?”

Thus, the story arc ends.

Zhun bought a lighter and a pair of black gloves similar to Jun Jie's from a large convenience store (the "Mama Shop") near the school before confronting Jun Jie in the final fight.

The fake left glove he gave to Mr Tan.
The fake right glove he burned in front of Dan.

Zhun is now secretly in possession of the real black glove.

Edit: Changed the interaction between Jun Jie and Marcus during the Badminton scene. Made Jun Jie seem more silly and annoying instead of being sad about struggling to understand others.

Also transformed bullet points into paragraphs. No more bullet hell.