Name: SCP-173-2

Object Class: KETER

Special. Containment. Procedures: SCP-173-2 must be locked in a cushioned, airtight cell with zero light sources and no cameras or video feed at all times unless testing or granted permission by a level 4 or higher personnel. Failure to comply with these will result in an instant termination. If there is no cushions and the floor is made of metal it shall sink through the ground and find its way through the facility

Description: Height: 198.12cm's (6 and a half feet) Width: 60.96cm's (2 feet)
This SCP was discovered in ████████/██████████/Australia and was found in a hole in the ground 8 feet deep. It was found by a man with a metal detector scanning the ground around that area.

SCP-173-2 is made of pure metal and when moving across uncushioned ground sounds like a metal weapon being sharpened on a pedal-sharpening wheel.

This SCP was not included with SCP-173 as it's considered it's own SCP. SCP-173-2 is the so called brother of SCP-173. Leading us to believe there's a family line of SCP-173's.

If one is to come in contact with SCP-173-2 they will begin to turn into pure steel and become a statue. All of the body is turned to steel. Exceptions are: brain, mouth, lungs, throat, and heart. if this is to happen the human shall be still alive though it cannot move. cannot eat, cannot drink. And will die in around 3 days