Object Class:Apollyon

Containment Protocols: The area around SCP-4000 must be under supervision and under guard 24/7. Any cilivans personnel who enter SCP-4000 must be evacuated immediately under the ruse of a military base, and entitles that spawned form SCP-4000 is to be contained and, if needs be, terminated.

Description: SCP-4000 is a house in (REDACTED),New York. SCP-4000 was made in the late 1900
and was use by the (REDACTED) family. SCP-4000 unusual phenomena comes in its seemingly begin a sort of collection of portals in the hallway and basement. These portals are through multiple explorations have been discovered to varing to other places on earth to possible entire universes. Entitles and objects that have spawned form SCP-4000 are named SPC-4000-2 these things include a hard to kill fly, a telepathic doll, and possible the most dangerous a reality manipulator named(REDACTED).

Discovery: SCP-4000 was discovered in 2014 after a spawn from 4000 was reported to the New York police department. MSF-Alpha-1 "Housekeepers" went to the scene and reported seeing a tall, red skin man with wings, they terminated the subject and explored 4000. they came back saying that the house was much bigger than it seems and there were somethings in there that cant be unseen.