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Object Class: Euclid

Threat level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept in a standardized humanoid containment unit at all times, however up to 3 exercising mechanisms may be placed into the containment unit. If Minitopia's military forces begins to act against the Civilized Agreement Act, Minitopia's supplies transportation must be steady decreased until the whole government sector of Minitopia agrees to follow the Civilized Agreement Act, this classified as a breach. If any breaching of SCP-XXXX's skin is to be seen, SCP-XXXX must be transported to a on-site medical facility and breached skin must be replaced with a organic plates, preferably made out of human skin, however in the case of Site-39 running out of organic human skin, an graphene layer may be used as a temporal replacement.

A separate file must be created for SCP-XXXX within Site-39's data storage, this file containing previous test preformed on SCP-XXXX, the different committees found with in Minitopia, the file marked as "SCP-XXXX-GREEN" and back-ups upon this file being performed daily, recovered objects originally from Minitopia that either was discovered while testing or Minitopia handed this said object over to the Foundation, must be stored within the on-site storage area, interior storage being a glass box, size approximately being 5 cm x 5 cm x 3cm.

All transportation that goes through SCP-XXXX must firstly be sevefrally decreased in sized, this involving food, metal and such, in a nearly pulverised state Minitopia via digestion, under no circumstance is any variant of weaponry is to be transported to Minitopia and shipping being preformed monthly.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 32-year-old British male approximately 67.7 inches in height (5 foot and 10 inches) with no facial hair. SCP-XXXX general appearance is quite large, with an extremely expanded chest region, however further research has shown that SCP-XXXX has no type of fatty acids. SCP-XXXX rarely is shown to breathe, only breathing through the mouth, however can still perform average movement and is described to be "quite proactive", SCP-XXXX also rarely sleeps, only sleeping for 1 hour before suddenly waking up, SCP-XXXX has not yet been seen to go through REM (Rapid Eye Movement), however SCP-XXXX doesn't seem to prohibit any sympathies of sleep dementia. SCP-XXXX has the normal mental capacity of a average adult, and accent being British with a small lisp.

Further investigation upon SCP-XXXX's body shows no internal organs, nor any interior human cells, only Titanium, steel and brick, some forming housing areas while others unknown, these structure may be highly furnished (Usually being near the brain section or the neck), while others being described as "Slums", two forest like sections are located at both SCP-XXXX's right and left legs, vegetation having no anomalous properties. With SCP-XXXX itself houses humanoid like organism, further study upon there genetic information suggest that these humanoids, referred as SCP-XXXX-1 originated from a cancerous growth that formed on SCP-XXXX's diaphragm, however this cancerous growth has not been spotted after [DATA EXPUNGED]. These humanoids have a similar bio-structure as humans, however do not have a reproductive system and reproduce through cell replication (Being interphase, mitosis and cytokinesis stages). Around one million SCP-XXXX-1 incidents have been spotted within SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXX-1 are significantly intelligent, able to have the intelligence of a adult human under 2 minutes of cell replication. The culture of SCP-XXXX-1 incidents only seem to be a religion, being called "Traplity" which currently shows SCP-XXXX being a "sadistic hell", and the only way to escape SCP-XXXX is by terminating him, but still must worship SCP-XXXX to please SCP-XXXX, and a unintelligible language referred to personnel as "Tavin", SCP-XXXX-1 incidents have managed to make a hand held speaker for translation purposes. The current high ranking "political" member within SCP-XXXX, being named ████████, have told Foundation staff the city's name, which is "Minitopia", and the whole of Minitopia's "Diplomacy Committee" have agreed to form a peace treaty with the Foundation, being called "The Civilised Agreement", which states Minitopia will not purposely destroy skin tissue of "The wall" (Rule not applying under testing conditions) and in return, the Foundation will ship supplies and resources to Minitopia monthly.

The "job" structure of Minitopia seems to vary, higher up jobs in Minitiopia being refereed to as "Committees" while other lower class jobs being refereed as "Digitizes". A short list of these jobs have been made.

English name: Tavin translation: Description:
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Incident XXXX-01: SCP-XXXX was discovered on April ██ 19██ in the country side of █████ with reports from a local hospital of a man in his early thirties' with multiple metal objects piecing the lining of his stomach and upper abdominal region. After a week or so, a foundation medical assistant by the name of Dr ████████ was sent out to the said hospital after more reports came in of the same patient having small human like figures roaming around near his lung area and abdominal region. After 3 more days of the hospital housing SCP-XXXX, and arguing with Foundation staff about the situation, the hospital have now given SCP-XXXX into foundation possessions.