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Object Class: Euclid

Threat level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept in a standardized humanoid containment unit at all times, up to 3 exercising mechanisms may be placed into the containment unit. Only (1) one Level-3 Security guard may safeguard SCP-XXXX's containment unit for a 5-hour rotation, and debriefing to the next Security guard on SCP-XXXX's behavior. Any testing upon SCP-XXXX must firstly be approved by (2) two Level-3 Researchers and the Level-3 Security guard that is stationed to guard SCP-XXXX. Any hostile or unnerving actions towards the Civilised Agreement by Minitopia will result in the contract being eliminated and all supplies being shipped to Minitopia be halted.

If any ripped/scratched skin on SCP-XXXX can be visually seen, SCP-XXXX must be transported to the nearest medical station and damaged skin must be replaced with an organic layer, preferably human skin. If any approved test on SCP-XXXX is soon approaching, approximately 3 days away, and damage skin is found on SCP-XXXX, this skin may be replaced with a Graphene layer, to safely view SCP-XXXX's interior (Minitopia) if necessary. All supply transportation that is sent to Minitopia must be severally decreased in size, in a nearly pulverized state and enter Minitopia via oral transport. Under no circumstance is any metallic material transported to SCP-XXXX, all items firstly being oxidised before transported.

Recovered objects originally from Minitopia that either was discovered while testing, must be stored within the on-site storage area, interior storage for these objects being a glass box, size approximately (5) five cm x (5) five cm x (3) three cm. These objects if authorized by a Level-4 researcher may be used for testing purposes, however, these object (Now Designated SCP-XXXX-A to D) may be used on other SCPs, however, these SCPs must be classified as Safe to conduct a test. Other higher classed SCPs (Euclid) must have authorization by two (2) Level-4 researchers, Keter classed SCPs are completely restricted.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a pale British male in his late thirties, approximately 67.7 inches (5.6 feet) in height. SCP-XXXX's appearance is quite large, with an amplified chest region, approximately
10 inches in width, however, further research has shown that SCP-XXXX has no type of fatty acids. SCP-XXXX has the normal mental capability of an average adult, but SCP-XXXX has a large frequency of Epinephrine (Adrenaline). This high amount of Adrenaline leads to SCP-XXXX able to run and fight for long periods of time, making SCP-XXXX very strong. SCP-XXXX has not seen to inhale Oxygen, and because of this lack of Oxygen this makes SCP-XXXX's skin have a very milky white texture, skin cells however still are able to perform normal functions other than producing aerobic energy.

Further investigation upon SCP-XXXX's body has shown no internal organs, nor any interior human cells. Microscope showing unspecified city-like structures, upon examination these structure's composition seems to be Steel-type in analyze, however, in further inspection, the particle structure of this Steel-type seems to be in a very straight zig-zag formation. Samples of this Steel-type has shown when exposed to Oxygen, the Steel-type will turn into a liquid substance, similar to Mercury. The method of how this anomalous event takes place is unknown, however, Site-39 has named it the "Robertson effect" where the oxygen particles enter the nano-gaps between particles within the Steel-type, partly separating the particles and forming some sort of liquid, which is supposedly Mercury, this theory is still questionable. The Robertson effect also happens to SCP-XXXX-2 but in a different manner, how is still unknown.

Within these structures and roaming around SCP-XXXX internally is anthropomorphic entities, size seeming to vary from (5.5) millimeters to (1.5) millimeters, entities now classified as SCP-XXXX-2, reproduce through means of Mitosis, this resulting in SCP-XXXX-2 having no reproductive system of any kind. The origins of SCP-XXXX-2 is still unknown but from reports by the hospital of ██████
a tumor (Type unknown but said to be a Benign) grew with SCP-XXXXs diaphragm, the tumor was reported to burst with assumingly SCP-XXXX-2 after three (3) days. Past these events, SCP-XXXX was taken in to Foundation callosity, all papers and documents related to SCP-XXXX were either taken in for research and studying or destroyed, and any medical assistants/Doctors that were directly related to SCP-XXXX's treatment were given a Class-B Amnesiac

As stated, SCP-XXXX has no internal organs/organ systems, however disincluding skin, the only object that is considered to be an organ within SCP-XXXX is his "center" described by Minitopians, this center is located were n the middle of the rib cage (If it was still here that is). This center, now referred as SCP-XXXX-3, is a large spherical white mass of light, approximately (2) manometers in diameter, this phenomenon within SCP-XXXX-3 has appeared to change in appearance, the most recent and common transformation is shown to be a mini-earth, still the same acreage but multiple vegetation like growth, resemble different countries within Earth, and SCP-XXXX-3 turning from a bright white to a dark blue, similar to the color of water. Surrounding SCP-XXXX-3 are several doors, all going in a circular motion, covering SCP-XXXX-3 but a distance of (9) nanometers. Further research upon SCP-XXXX-3 shows it to be the central control point of SCP-XXXX, having similar characteristics to a human nervous system, including {DATA REDACTED}, this causing tremendous destruction to SCP-XXXX's {DATA REDACTED} leading to death.


The cancerous growth before [DATA REDACTED], the picture shows more than one hole being made with the growth

SCP-XXXx-2 are significantly intelligent, able to exceed the intelligence of an adolescence humanoid after 5 minutes of replication. The culture of SCP-XXXX-2 incidents seems to be a single religion, being called "Traplity", observation shows SCP-XXXX being a "sadistic hell", and the only way to escape SCP-XXXX is by "destroying its center", but still must "worship" SCP-XXXX. An unintelligible language referred to personnel as "Tavin". SCP-XXXX has a similar social structure to humans as well, however following the English social structure, with MPs and "groups of politics", and a "Prime Minister". Minitopia and Site-39 have signed a peace treaty with each other at 7/██/20██ 14:50 PM Eastern Time (EST), stating that the Foundation (Site-39) will continuously supple Mintopia with food and resources and as a result Minitopia

Further study has shown that Minitopia has a series of jobs these jobs still following the English culture. Inspections of these said jobs have shown that they have been split into two main variants, "Committees" seeming to be for the higher up classed Minitopians and "Labours" seemed to be for the lower class Minitopians.

Name: Date Of Information Recovery: Description:
Committee Of Government 9/8/19██ Ensures the well-being and safety of most Mintopia civilians, however, does not pose a huge effect upon Minitopia itself.
Committee Of Communication 10/8/19██ Is the central hub of communication around Minitopia, firstly showing that Minitopia is capable of internet access (Or the form Minitopia uses) but deals with on-going calls and such. However, there is a variant of Committee Of Communication that works with the Committee Of Security.
Committee Of Security 7/8/19██ As the name states, ensure the general security of Minitopia civilians, seen as the police force of Minitopia.
Labour Of Miners 8/9/19██ Is the lower class mining expedition team of SCP-XXXX, not much information of this Labour is known due to the "mining" locations still unknown to the Foundation, however, it is suspected to be in the abdominal region, further research has to lead to this assumption due to hardened areas are within that region.
Labour Of Farmers 6/9/19██ Low-class farming civilians, usual tasks are seen to gather up food (Food being transported goods from the Foundation) and sell them to the nearest settlements.
Committee Of Rogues 20/1/20██ This is the most recent discovery of the social structure of Minitopia, however, this was a former Committee which has turned rogue due to unknown reasons, usually the "riot bringers" of most settlements, having "impertinent" ideas of Minitopia's social structure.

Objects Recovered

Incident XXXX-01: SCP-XXXX was discovered on 19/4/19██, United States, ████████ with reports from a local hospital of a man in his early thirties' with multiple metal objects piercing the lining of his stomach and upper abdominal region. After a week or so, a Foundation medical assistant by the name of Dr ████████ was sent out to the said hospital after more reports came in of the same patient having small humanoid like figures roaming around near his lung area and abdominal region. After 3 more days of the hospital housing SCP-XXXX, and arguing with Foundation staff about the situation, the hospital gave SCP-XXXX into Foundation possessions.

Addendum: After the recent alliance with Minitopia and Site-39, the "Prime Minister" has offered to personally speak to a member of Site Command, █████████████, and Dr ████████. The Prime Minister, now referred to as POI-XXXX, was extracted from SCP-XXXX via the mouth and in this interview was placed on a small stadium, around (5) five x (5) five x (5) five millimeters in size, interview with SCP-XXXX's containment unit, however, SCP-XXXX was not present and was transported to a different location for the remainder of the interview.