Child Creation Lab
Dr. *: "Some interns may ask what and where the hell we got people to label as class-D and use them as human subjects for our SCP's. Sometimes I think they are fucking lazy, after they have been told about * and , one time I wanted to murder this little fucker *. We know that class-D are just worthless humans who are getting what they deserve for their horrendous actions, but some of us that work for the foundation, if any, know something horrible about them. Every time I hear about that… that p-place. I can't fucking stand it, why am I here. Fuck this, don't talk to me again. Get the fuck away from me. No. Piss of—-"
Dr. *, has been for not complying with the foundation. What is known about the class-D is sickening to most people. However, if there is to be a sudden shortage of class-D, there has been a solution. In *, they built a backup plan for this. In fact, it would be considered a replacement to just taking prisoners for testing. Dr. had the idea that we use humans for testing, but we also use rats for testing as well. He thought, If we took some class-D, and bred humans for the foundation, it would be an endless supply of class-D that wouldn't take any time to receive. He was seen as crazy, but, the others, especially Dr. ** thought it was an excellent solution. He thought, that the foundation could breed humans that were perfect for testing. This doctor was then given resources to make this happen. This doctor, he didn't have the subjects through intercourse, he instead extracted their gametes and created artificial embryos. These embryos would later become children, but they would not have normal human lives. They would be raised without parents, without enjoyment, without love, they would instead have nothing but complete obedience. Poor things, they never felt anything but pain. They would be malnourished, dehydrated most of the time, just barely enough to live. No exercise, the foundation didn't want to make them strong to fight, to run away. Some soldiers, they are plain brutal, sometimes as a reward for handling a containment breach, they would be given a handful of girls from this class-D born breed, they could whatever they wanted to them. One of the most terrifying things about this lab, they are thousands of these poor souls suffering for the rest of there lives, only waiting until a horrible death at the hands of the foundation. The worst thing, this is only the first generation. Dr. has more to come, he wants to breed a second generation out of the first. He is creating a sub group of humans. I wish I could say more, but if I do, everyone I knew and love would be
-Document written by *
*, former researcher who was caught defying the foundation and has been terminated. This document has already been received by others from the outside world. Process 9-0-9* has been launched and all recipients will be terminated. All secrets of the foundation committing crimes of humanity shall be destroyed. This will be saved to show new workers what happens when they work on their own accord from the foundation-