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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 5 m by 5 m by 3 m windowless cell, made out of concrete at site ███. Any objects composed of metal or containing more than 5% metal in them are to be removed from the presence of SCP-XXXX,and not to be allowed within a radius of 20 meters.Living beings will be allowed in to the cell containing SCP-XXXX for feeding under constant supervision of at least 3 spiritual figures of 3 different religions. Testing on SCP-XXXX will be performed under similar supervision, as well as at least 2 04 level personnel and the direct approval of at least ██ 05 level personnel.
In the event where it is not possible, or too impractical, to remove metal objects(such as water pipes, communication lines, etc)from the vicinity of SCP-XXXX they are to be wrapped in silver wiring of at least 926 sterling quality, at least 3.2 mm in thickness and no more than 1 cm apart.
The walls, ceiling, floor, any and all amenities provided, as well as any non living object brought into the cell of SCP-XXXX, outside of special approval (as detailed above) will be blessed by at least 3 spiritual figures of different religions. These precautions are undertaken to avoid giving SCP-XXXX any possible way of escaping.The perimeter of the cell is to be outfitted with modified sprinkler systems-on top of the usual water dispersing variant, an additional, similar system filled with level 2 or bellow pH acid, is to be installed. This system is to be treated in the same manner of an object that is to enter SCP-XXXX's cell. Any visual contact between SCP-XXXX and the outside world, unapproved personnel or unapproved objects is completely prohibited.
Any attempts to do so will lead to immediate termination .

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid resembling a decaying human with lagomorph features. Standing 2.3 meters tall, its flesh and skin appear in a constant state of decay.The SCP possesses a pair of Lagomorph-like ears, as well as legs.The subjects hands,torso and majority of the head appear human. Subject has one,red eye,located in the middle of its face horizontally, although vertically it is proportionate.The SCP is omnivorous, with preference for carrots and human flesh , although it seems to have a strange aversion to the flesh of humans below the age of 18. It is currently unknown why it refuses to eat humans of this age.
SCP-XXXX has a regeneritve capability:after consuming any kind of organic material its state of decomposition will revert to a point where roughly 10% of its body is decomposed.It will not heal beyond 10% of decomposition. The reason for that is unknown. Its body is in a constant state of decay of roughly 1% per day.Direct sunlight will greatly increase this rate of decomposition to 5% per minute, while moonlight from a full moon will revert it at a rate of roughly 4% per hour. If the SCP reaches 80% decomposition it will enters a dormant state, in which it will remain until exposed to the light of a full moon or organic matter which it will then proceed to {DATA EXPUNGED}. Due to this ability it appears to be unkillable.
SCP-XXXX possesses high levels of intelligence, as well as a rather sadistic nature. It is capable of speech, although, possibly due to decay of the vocal cords,its voice often can not be understood properly. It speaks multiple languages, primarily Russian, Greek and Norwegian, as well as heavily accented English.Despite this, subject refuses to disclose its true origin, regardless of stimuli. It has stated on multiple occasions that it was Attila the Hun,Caligula, Yeshua of Nazareth, King solomon, a Djin,Quetzalcoatl, Koshey the deathless and king Midas, as well as {DATA EXPUNGED}.
SCP-XXXX possesses the ability to manipulate probability within visible range of itself-in layman's terms it can "create good or bad luck" on desire.This ability does not extend to silver, acid of pH balance 4 or lower,or any object blessed by a person of true faith and religious authority.This flaw in its ability does not extend to people(as shown in the case of D-8145), however wearing an object with these criteria will protect its wearer from the effects of SCP-XXXX. Curiously, its probability manipulation seems very limited when it comes to SCP-XXXX itself, as it can not fix its own tissues, despite being able to use it to remove foreign objects from its body. Further more, it appears that SCP-XXXX can both sense and manipulate the probability of items containing more than 5% of non-silver metals within a 20 meter radius, even without visibility.
While it appears that causing a persons heart to stop is possible and even trivial for SCP-XXXX, it prefers to kill a person slowly, sometimes forgoing the killing all together in favor of massive damage as shown in the case of D-8145,Dr. ██████ and the town of{DATA EXPUNGED}.
SCP-XXXX has been recovered in 19 ██ on December ██ from the town of ██████ in northern part of ██████ .The foundation has first received intel of the SCP when an agent embedded in the town's government has reported a rising number of occurrences: Abnormally high cancer rates, deaths and injuries from workplace and civilian accidents, no less than 4 cases of leprosy and multiple occasions of{Data expunged}.Mobile task force Alpha 15,code name-Fortuna,under commanding officer Anderson, was sent to investigate. After finding the lair of the creature, the agents reported a multitude of mutilated bodies, whole, fragmented bones and tissue, as well as {Data expunged}.The SCP was dormant at the time, and thus containment resulted in the loss of only 1 member who was{Data expunged}.
Addendum XXXX-1: While SCP-XXXX has been in Foundation care for nearly ██ years, it is apparent, both from local stories and interviews with SCP-XXXX itself that it has been around for quite a bit longer. No exact time frame has been found , but it is estimated that it has been around for at least ████ years.
Addendum test log XXXX-156: By unanimous approval of the O5 council SCP-XXXX is not to be allowed any contact with doctor Bright, and vice versa, under any circumstances.