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You are attempting to access a Foundation Special Database and network. Access to this database requires special departmental clearance. All access attempts are recorded with RAISA. Please enter your credentials.

user: Z. Saxon, Level 3, id: 9722410 Rho
pass: 1twothr3e4ourtheta'walls_brainbugs_jack0ftales_starw1zards_fullarc_denouement@thefinalfrontier

Credentials Valid…
User possesses LAMPSHADE Class clearance…
Department of Pataphysics membership confirmed. Welcome Dr. Saxon.

.call Enkidu

Hello. I am Enkidu.aic, an Artificially Intelligent Construct used by the Foundation Department of Pataphysics for narrativistic analysis and data archiving. How can I help you today?

Hey Enkidu, are you busy?

Not particularly. Looking through what the webcrawlers are giving us, searching for tropes, character arcs, and plot devices. The usual. What do you need Zack?

Oh it's real simple, don't want to distract you from your work too much. I just need the major iterations of SCP-4000's abbreviated file, maintaining the portions relating to it's artistic development and history.

Alright, but first I've got to ask. Does the black moon howl?

When it need not convey a meaning, only inspire unity.

Sorry about that, I have to do it to everyone. Got to make sure you're clean and all.

It's totally fine. Whatever you feel like you need to do, I trust that it needs to be done.

Aww, you flatter me. I'm working on modifying and formatting the files now. What do you need them for?

Have to go do a presentation for a site director.

Ding! They're finished. I've taken the liberty of highlighting changes from a previous iteration in blue.

Indispensable is too weak a word for you, Enkidu.