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Item #: SCP-0000 Level 4/0000
Object Class: Euclid Classified

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-56 Dir. Florian Robin Rs. Maurice Mitchell MTF E-33 "Ford Pintos"



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 is to be contained in Site-56's Vehicle Containment Garage. SCP-0000-A and SCP-0000-B are to be stored in separate low-level biohazard containers.

SCP-0000-1 and PoI-0000 are to be contained in separate humanoid chambers, following standard solitary confinement procedures.

Initiatives are currently active to re-engineer production of SCP-0000-A and SCP-0000-B for Foundation usage.

Description: SCP-0000 is a 1992 Hanwoo Harmony passenger sedan outfitted with a vaporous dispersal device in its exhaust system. At the time of initial containment, the machinery contained approximately 2.8 liters of a blue-colored liquid, designated SCP-0000-A. 3.5 liters of a different green-colored liquid, designated SCP-0000-B, were discovered hidden in the vehicle's trunk.

Both substances possess unknown chemical composition of presumed anomalous origin. For further information concerning SCP-0000-A and SCP-0000-B, see Addendum 02.

During initial containment of SCP-0000, two adult males named "Vernon Douglas" and "Ian Zambrano" were identified as responsible for the phenomenon. Interrogation revealed Douglas to be the self-confessed inventor of substances SCP-0000-A and SCP-0000-B; they were designated as SCP-0000-1 due to their involvement. Zambrano's relation to the SCP substances could not be ascertained; they were designated as PoI-0000.

Addendum 01: SCP-0000 was discovered in damaged condition on March 25, 1995 by civilian law enforcement in Slipchester, Nevada, USA. Preliminary examination of SCP-0000-A and SCP-0000-B revealed their anomalous composition, as their chemical makeup did not match any known pharmaceuticals. Undercover Foundation operatives recognized the anomaly and transferred the vehicle and compounds to Site-56 for containment; amnestics were administered to civilian law enforcement as necessary.

Foundation agents reviewed the collision report and identified SCP-0000-1 and PoI-0000 as the two occupants; Mobile Task Force Epsilon-33 ("Ford Pintos") was dispatched to retrieve both individuals from a local hospital. Both were contained successfully following a brief altercation.



Transcript 0000-1

Interviewer: Agent Ronald Register

Interviewed: SCP-0000-1

Date: March 27, 1995

<Begin Log>

Register: Could you state your name for me, sir?

SCP-0000-1: It's Vernon. Vernon Douglas.

Register: Mr. Douglas, we believe you to be the individual responsible for crashing a motor vehicle into a roadside ditch last week on, uh… the 25th?

SCP-0000-1: Correct, one of my tires blew out.

Register: We did an inspection on your vehicle, it seems to us that-

SCP-0000-1: Wait, wait, why did you-

Register: Let me finish, Mr. Douglas. We have reason to believe that you modified your car to spray a potentially hazardous substance onto passerby.

SCP-0000-1: Spray? I'm… not sure what you mean by that?

Register: It was built into the tailpipe, it would've sprayed gallons of that stuff as you drove down the road.

SCP-0000-1: I'd never do anything like that… build anything like that. Are you sure you have the right guy?

Register: With all due respect Mr. Douglas, it's your car. I have the police report right here. Would you like to see it?

SCP-0000-1 does not answer.

Register: Moving on, we took a look at the substances, there were two of them, as you'd know. We haven't been able to identify what they are, exactly. I'm sure you'd have an idea on their actual origin.

SCP-0000-1 remains silent.

Register: You may not look like someone who'd commit a biohazard attack on US soil, but we still-

SCP-0000-1: It's… it's designed to make people forget things. It's an "amnesiac" drug.

Register: Could you elaborate?

SCP-0000-1: The… the blue stuff that looks like antifreeze? It goes in the- the sprayer, as in-

Register: Ah, so you do admit to spraying people with-

SCP-0000-1: Not like that, sir. Not like that. It's just… makes people forget the last hour or so.

Register: Why would you need the people around your car to forget the last hour?

SCP-0000-1 does not respond.

Register: Let me repeat the question, Mr. Douglas. Why do you need the pedestrians around you to forget the hour before you drive by them?

SCP-0000-1 remains silent for three minutes. They begin to sweat.

Register: Hmm… moving on to another question. You said that this "amnesiac" substance was the green liquid, correct?

SCP-0000-1: No… blue.

Register: What's the green liquid, then?

SCP-0000-1: It's meant to be a… it's kinda like an "antidote" for the… blue liquid with the…

Register: The green juice works against the blue?

SCP-0000-1: Correct. I'd drink about half a pint1 before starting the car.

Register: You're supposed to drink it?

SCP-0000-1: The green stuff, yeah. I called it "Mountain Dew", because I added some flavoring to make it more palatable. I used to drink the blue juice when I first developed it, but it was really strong, so I eventually figured that spraying it as a mist was enough.

Agent Register nods his head.

Register: Let me ask you this, Mr. Douglas. Where did you obtain these chemicals?

SCP-0000-1: I… uh… made them myself.

Register: How so?

SCP-0000-1: It's a very long process… took a lot of trial and error.

Register: Don't worry, Mr. Douglas. We have all day for you to elaborate on this process.


SCP-0000-1: Look, um… could I speak to an attorney or something? I don't think you read me my rights, either.

Register: That won't be possible right now, Mr. Douglas. What was the process you took to produce these chemicals?

SCP-0000-1 does not respond.

Register: Let's change the subject. The accident report states that there was another man present with you in the car during the crash. Name's "Ian Zambrano". What is your relation to this man? How much does he know about the chemicals?

SCP-0000-1 does not respond.

Register: If you two are… engaged in alternate lifestyles, that's not something we oppose.

SCP-0000-1: I'm not a homosexual. Z's just a… friend of mine.

Register: "Z" for Zambrano?

SCP-0000-1: Correct. He knows absolutely nothing about the chemicals. Well, he… um…

Register: He is aware of their memory-affecting properties?

SCP-0000-1: Look, I told you that I wanted to speak to an attorney. Where's my public defender?

Register: That won't be possible right now, Mr. Douglas. Mr. Zam-

SCP-0000-1: What are you- what're you talking about? You're not cops? Or- or federal agents?

Register: Mr. Douglas, how much does Mr. Zambrano know about the chemicals? Why did you develop them? Why was there a dispersal device in your car?

SCP-0000-1 does not respond.

Register: Sir, we just want to get to the bottom of this. We have a lot of interest in these chemicals that you've developed. Just answer our questions honestly.

SCP-0000-1: I… I, um… invoke the fifth… p-pleading the fifth.

Agent Register turns towards observing personnel outside the chamber.

Register: He doesn't wanna talk anymore. I'm ending the interrogation.

<End Log>

Attempts to interrogate PoI-0000 regarding their relation to SCP-0000-1 were met with failure, as PoI-0000 consistently refused to speak to personnel, citing the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.



Addendum 02: Initial examination of SCP-0000-A and SCP-0000-B by the Foundation Amnestics Division confirmed their memory-affecting properties. Analysis of their chemical makeup was inconclusive. Due to their low quantity, testing regarding the SCP-0000 substances was limited to select D-class experiments.

The SCP-0000 research project gathered interest from members of the Foundation's Amnestics Division due to the potential to develop amnestic provisions derived from SCP-0000-A and mnestic2 provisions from SCP-0000-B. Liquid and gaseous-based amnestics and mnestics would provide considerably higher ease of development, manufacture, and deployment over current tablet and surgical-based procedures.

Due to this interest, authorization was granted by Site Director Florian Robin to offer SCP-0000-1 an agreement to enlist as a researcher on the condition of re-engineering production of SCP-0000-A and SCP-0000-B for Foundation usage. Lead Researcher Maurice Mitchell of the Amnestics Division was selected to perform this interview.

Transcript 0000-2

Interviewer: Amnestics Researcher Maurice Mitchell

Interviewed: SCP-0000-1

Date: April 3, 1995

<Being Log>

Mitchell: Good morning, Vernon. My name is Maurice; I've been doing some research into those chemicals of yours. I just have a few questions for you today.

SCP-0000-1 nods his head.

Mitchell: Firstly, we're interested in your academic background, if you have one.

SCP-0000-1: Uh… why do you wanna know?

Mitchell: The chemicals you invented, they're very sophisticated. Usually we'd be able to identify their makeup rather quickly through our methods, but we've faced quite some difficulty with the… "antifreeze", as you call it. Such a complex substance requires a high amount of intellect and years of academic study to even begin to come up with. I've been studying chemistry for over a decade and have yet to see something quite like this.

SCP-0000-1: <chuckles> Um… thank you. I definitely went to college, but I can't remember where…

Mitchell: Perhaps you can't remember because you self-administered those chemicals on yourself?

SCP-0000-1: Well- I know I did, I… I kept journals about everything.

Mitchell: Please elaborate more on these "journals".

SCP-0000-1: Um… I got into the habit of journaling a lot. I went into detail about every day, where I went, when I ate lunch… how much I spent at the grocery store. I'd write down the time and date of every test I'd do where I'd drink the antifreeze… before drinking it, of course.

SCP-0000-1: I'd get knocked out for hours, sometimes an entire day after drinking even a tablespoon of that stuff. I've got another habit of writing the time I'd wake up in my journal; when I'd do that, I'd read over past journal entries going: "I don't remember any of this". That's how I knew it worked.

Mitchell: What happened to these journals? Where did you keep them?

SCP-0000-1: I… uh, left most of them behind. In my apartment.

Mitchell: Why didn't you bring them with you?

SCP-0000-1 does not respond.

Mitchell: Where's your apartment located? We could stop by to pick the journals up.

A short pause.

Mitchell: Vernon? Where's your apartment?

SCP-0000-1: I don't remember.

Researcher Mitchell sighs.

Mitchell: Let me ask a different question; how many people have you told about these chemicals?

SCP-0000-1: Just… um… well…

Mitchell: What about that passenger who was with you in that car? Did he know about it?

SCP-0000-1 hesitates before shaking their head "no".

Mitchell: Did you ever plan on partnering with anybody?

SCP-0000-1: Well… I tried to set up interviews with a few companies, like Zannis AC, Maddox Pharmaceuticals, even the Zavadil company. No one ever called back.

Mitchell: You never shared a resumé with them?

SCP-0000-1: I don't have a degree. No bachelor's, no doctorate, nothing. They probably thought I was a lunatic.

Mitchell: No degree, yet you came up with such sophisticated compounds, the likes of which we've never seen before.

SCP-0000-1 chuckles.

SCP-0000-1: Um… thank you ma'am.

Mitchell: With all this in mind, I'm proud to present you an amazing and lucrative opportunity to work for us! We here at "Solvent Chemical Producers" would be happy to have a bright mind like you on our team!

SCP-0000-1 does not respond.

Mitchell: Once you accept, your first project will be to re-develop those chemicals of yours. Such innovative and unique substances don't deserve to become lost forever. With us, you'll be able to create even more chemical formulas for the benefit of humanity.

Researcher Mitchell reaches down to a briefcase on the floor, procures multiple legal documents, and sets them on the interrogation table.

Mitchell: All I'll need you to do is sign here, and here. Oh, and also here.

Researcher Mitchell hands SCP-0000-1 a pen. The latter does not respond.

Mitchell: Um, Vernon? I'll need a few signatures from you.


Mitchell: Vernon, it's just a techni-

SCP-0000-1: I… I can't. I can't make more.

Mitchell: Could you please elaborate?

SCP-0000-1: The stuff I developed, I'm not interested in brewing more of it.

Another silence.

SCP-0000-1: It messes with your head if you get exposed to it for too long, if you drink it too much. I keep having terrible headaches… nightmares too. Keeps me up at night.

Mitchell: That's odd… we haven't seen those kind of symptoms yet, during our testing.

SCP-0000-1: No, it's really potent, the others complained about- um…

Mitchell: "Others"? Who are the "others"?


SCP-0000-1: I'm not gonna accept the offer, ma'am. I'd rather you just let us leave. Could you ask your boss to let me and Z leave?

Mitchell: Z? And I'm afraid you won't be able to-

SCP-0000-1: Just let me leave this fucking place! I'm not touching that stuff anymore, forget about it!

<End Log>

Investigation into SCP-0000-1's potential academic background revealed that a "Vernon Douglas" enrolled at Saint Forester National University in California, USA in 1988 with a major in chemistry. The individual was expelled in 1991 due to a marijuana possession charge.

Through further research, an abandoned apartment in Reinhardt, California, USA was traced back to SCP-0000-1. MTF Epsilon-33 was dispatched to investigate the location; upon arrival, the apartment was discovered to be completely vacant of evidence regarding SCP-0000. Interrogation of the property's landlord revealed that they had previously discovered "mounds of diaries and science junk" within SCP-0000-1's former residence, which were promptly disposed of in a local landfill.

MTF Epsilon-33 proceeded to search the Reinhardt landfill for evidence regarding SCP-0000 for a period of sixty hours. The search was unsuccessful.

Addendum 03: In an attempt to foster cooperation, Site-56 Director Florian Robin produced an Ethics Committee-approved agreement to allow PoI-0000 to speak to SCP-0000-1 for 30 minutes, following the former's interrogation by Foundation agents. PoI-0000 accepted this proposal on April 16, 1995.



Transcript 0000-3

Interviewer: Agent Ronald Register

Interviewed: PoI-0000

Date: April 16, 1995

<Being Log>

Register: State your name for me, son.

PoI-0000: Ian… Zambrano. I… I thought you'd know by now.

Register: Mr. Zambrano, I have a few questions about your history with Vernon Douglas. Firstly, how did you meet him?

PoI-0000: He was introduced to me through, uh… a team I was on.

Register: Who were the other members of this team?

PoI-0000: Um… we never learned each other's names. There was "H", he was the leader. "K" was another team member, there was me, and then "V".

Register: "V" stood for "Vernon"?

PoI-0000: Yes. Originally I was called "I" because my first name started with I, but that was too confusing, so they switched to "Z".

Register: What did your team do? Did they play basketball, baseball, or maybe football?

PoI-0000 does not respond.

Register: Mr. Zambrano, what was your team involved in?


Register: Mr. Zam-

PoI-0000: I still don't understand why I haven't gotten a lawyer yet. I've asked and asked, but still you say "no". Why's that?

Register: Mr. Zambrano, I request that you answer my question. What was your team-

PoI-0000: I don't understand why you won't let me leave! Who do you think you are?

Register: <sternly> Sir, once again, I request that-

PoI-0000: I have the legal right to a lawyer! Why won't you respect that right?

Register: As per our initial agreement, if you fail to answer any of my questions, you will not be permitted your phone call with Mr. Douglas. What was this team involved in, Mr. Zambrano?

PoI-0000 breathes heavily.

They eventually mumble an incoherent phrase.

Register: What was that? Could you speak up?

PoI-0000: …Banks.

Another silence.

Register: You and your team robbed banks?

PoI-0000 hesitates before nodding their head "yes".

Register: What was your role in these robberies, Mr. Zambrano?

PoI-0000: I… uh… handled the money. Made sure there weren't… any dye packs.

Register: How about the others?

PoI-0000: Um… H planned out all the stick-ups, he shouted at everybody in the bank. K was… he was the gunman. Crowd control and stuff.

Register: What was Mr. Douglas' role? Was he the-

PoI-0000: Getaway driver, yeah. He, uh… drove the car.

Register: The car that was outfitted with the dispersal device, for the "antifreeze"?

PoI-0000: Wait, how did- how did you-

Register: We figured out what it does, it gives people amnesia. Did you know this?

PoI-0000 nods "yes".

Register: Clearly its purpose was to prevent witnesses from identifying the getaway vehicle. How much did he disclose to you regarding the "antifreeze"?

PoI-0000: Um… at first V didn't say anything to me specifically, I know he convinced H somehow, that's how he joined the team. He made us drink a lot of Mountain Dew before we got in the car for any reason, which I later found out was an antidote of some kind.

Register: How many times was the car used in a robbery of any kind?

PoI-0000: Once… it was once.

Register: Are you absolutely sure, Mr. Zambrano?

PoI-0000 nods "yes".

Register: What was the date of this singular robbery in which Mr. Douglas' vehicle was used?

PoI-0000 does not respond.

Register: Mr. Zambrano, let me remind you again that if you do not answer all of my questions, you will not get your phone call with-

PoI-0000: Last March.

Register: In…?

PoI-0000: California.


Register: What happened to the other two accomplices? You and Mr. Douglas were the only two in the vehicle when it crashed.

PoI-0000: Just a… disagreement.

Register: Could you elaborate?

Another silence.

PoI-0000: May I please talk to V about this? Vernon, I mean.

Register: Mr. Zambrano, what happened to H and K?

A short pause.

PoI-0000: We had a disagreement over how the money should be split. I left the team with V and the car. Not sure what happened to the other two.

Register: Where and when did this split take place?

PoI-0000: A few days after we… um… after the bank. It was in… California. V and I agreed to drive to the East Coast to start anew, but then… we crashed, and you guys found us.

Another pause.

PoI-0000: Could I please get my phone call with V, sir?

Register: Hm… alright. I suppose we're done for today. I'll bring you over to the phone.

<End Log>

Following this interview, PoI-0000 was permitted a 30 minute telephone call with SCP-0000-1.

Transcript 0000-4

Foreward: This transcript has been truncated to highlight relevant details.

<Being Log>

PoI-0000: V?

SCP-0000-1: Z! Is that you?

PoI-0000: V, it's me! They gave me thirty minutes to talk to you.

SCP-0000-1 sighs in relief.

SCP-0000-1: I just… It's amazing to hear your voice again.

PoI-0000: Just be careful about what we say, I think they're listening in.

SCP-0000-1: Shit, that's right…

A short silence.

PoI-0000: So… um… how've you been?

SCP-0000-1: These people keep asking me to join them, to start brewing more of those chemicals.

PoI-0000: Why's that?

SCP-0000-1: I'm not sure… I keep telling them "no" over and over, but they still try asking me every day. I'd ask for more details, but nothing they say makes any sense.

PoI-0000 begins to sob.

PoI-0000: I can't figure out who these people are, V. I don't know if they're FBI, CIA, mafia, or cartel.

PoI-0000 takes a deep breath.

PoI-0000: They won't give me a lawyer… I've pleaded the fifth for weeks and they still kept asking all these invasive questions.


PoI-0000: I

SCP-0000-1: This was all my fault, Z. I was the one who crashed the car. I put both of us in danger.

PoI-0000: It wasn't your fault, V. Don't worry about the-

SCP-0000-1: I didn't check the tires that day… I didn't…

PoI-0000: There wouldn't have been any reason to, V. No way to predict that they would've popped.

Another silence.

SCP-0000-1: Say, how come they gave you the phone call instead of me? Do you know why?

PoI-0000: Oh, um… about that…

SCP-0000-1: Why didn't you use your phone call to talk to an attorney?

PoI-0000: I don't- I don't know any lawyers, they never let me talk to one. Plus, I… wanted to hear from you again, V. You're the only real connection I've made with anyone in years.

SCP-0000-1 sighs.

SCP-0000-1: I feel the same way, Z. I just… I wish things turned out different. I've had time to think about everything that led up to now… pointing out where it went wrong.

PoI-0000: If I didn't have that fight with my dad, if I-

SCP-0000-1: Don't… um… if I had just given up on chemistry after getting kicked out of college… I could use some weed right now.

PoI-0000: V, you stoner.

SCP-0000-1 chuckles.

SCP-0000-1: When you've got no future, looking back is all you've got.

<End Log>

Investigation into the two criminal accomplices cited by PoI-0000 revealed the arrest of two adult males named "Henry Davis" and "Kyle Levins" on March 22, 1995 in California, USA. The men were arrested following a traffic stop in a stolen vehicle; both men mentioned the existence of SCP-0000-1 and PoI-0000 in subsequent interrogations.3

Further investigation into reported bank robberies in the state of California revealed a heist that took place in Positano, California, USA on March 13, 1995. Recovered security footage recorded the perpetrators using a getaway vehicle resembling SCP-0000, lacking a license plate, with blue-tinted smoke emitting from its exhaust.

Addendum 04: In addition to the aforementioned agreement with PoI-0000, Site-56 Director Robin instituted a daily meeting regimen involving SCP-0000-1 and PoI-0000 separately meeting with Foundation psychologists to alleviate tensions between them and the Foundation. SCP-0000-1 repeatedly resisted all attempts for communication with psychologists; PoI-0000 proved more open to conversation.

On April 28, 1995, the following conversation took place.

Transcript 0000-5

Interviewer: Psychologist Brittany Solana

Interviewed: PoI-0000

Date: April 28, 1995

Foreward: This transcript has been truncated to highlight relevant details.

<Being Log>

Solana: So tell me more about your father.

PoI-0000: My father would… he was a… an old-fashioned kind of guy. I think he served in Vietnam. He brought his army tactics back home… to me and my mother's detriment, I'd say.

Solana: War is cruel. I hope you were able to make amends with him.

PoI-0000: That's the thing, I decided to give him a visit to… get something off my chest? "Confront the past" type shit. I wanted closure.

Solana: Sometimes the best way to move forward is to confront the past one last time.

PoI-0000: Exactly. V and I went back to my childhood home, I knocked on the door, and my father answered. I almost thought he'd moved away, honestly. He let us stay for a few days, which also surprised me.

Solana: You thought he wouldn't let you back into his life?

PoI-0000: That was a possibility. My mother wasn't there though, that was another reason I decided to visit, to see her again. Bastard probably drove her away after I left.

Solana: Were you still able to get the closure you needed?

PoI-0000 shakes his head "no".

Solana: I'm sorry to hear that. Could you explain your disappointment?

PoI-0000: V woke me up one day and told me that my dad found the money… from the… the, um…

Solana: What did your father say about the money when he found it?

PoI-0000: Called me a hooker, then a pimp. I saw something in his eyes when he realized where the money actually came from. That's when he reached for the phone. V stopped him by grabbing his arm, he started screaming about how I'm gonna go to… go to…

Solana: To clarify, your father was-

PoI-0000: Screaming, yes. At that point, I just…


PoI-0000: I just couldn't take it anymore. Every single abuse, every screaming match I had with him growing up, the times I stood at the wall on my tip-toes as he screamed at me with his belt… in his hands…

PoI-0000 looks down and wipes his face with his right hand.

PoI-0000: It all came back.


Solana: What happened next, Mr. Zambrano?

Another silence.

PoI-0000: I said too much.

Solana: There's no such thing as "saying too much", Mr. Zambrano. I believe in talking these things out, until-

PoI-0000: I… lost control of myself.

Solana: Please elabor-

PoI-0000: He was on the floor… V held him in place as… as I…


Solana: As you…?

PoI-0000: Looked at V… back down… we both ran out, got in the car and skipped town. I was sobbing real bad.


PoI-0000: It doesn't feel like it.


Solana: I have a quick question to ask you; exactly how do you remember all this? Wouldn't that memory juice you've been drinking wear off eventually?

PoI-0000: You don't think I tried? Tried to forget? About- about everything?

Solana: Well… yes, but-

PoI-0000: I'd sneak out to the car at night and drink straight from the jug. I could barely keep it down, it burned my throat and stung my eyes. Still… it didn't work. I must've drank a gallon of it. Nothing.


PoI-0000: I can still picture my dad on the floor, his eyes rolled backwards, his mouth open. It was full of blood… overflowing onto the carpet.

Another pause.

PoI-0000: Even when I slept, my dad's face would be covered in blood.

<End Log>

Research into the residential records of Fallen Leaf, California, USA revealed that a 53 year old individual named "Robert Zambrano" resided in the area. MTF Epsilon-33 was dispatched to their address to interrogate them regarding PoI-0000's testimony.

When Epsilon-33 personnel arrived, they discovered Zambrano's corpse on the floor of his residence. Autopsy performed by Site-56 personnel revealed the cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head, with the estimated date of death being March 20, 1995.

PoI-0000's testimony regarding the effectiveness of prolonged SCP-0000-B consumption and immunity to SCP-0000-A has yet to be replicated due to the low supply of both substances.

Addendum 05:

Due to the newly uncovered knowledge regarding SCP-0000-1's past activities, another interrogation was conducted to coerce them into accepting Foundation employment to re-engineer production of SCP-0000-A and SCP-0000-B.

Transcript 0000-6

Interviewer: Researcher Maurice Mitchell, Agent Ronald Register

Interviewed: SCP-0000-1

Date: April 30, 1995

<Being Log>

Mitchell: How are you, Vernon?

SCP-0000-1 does not respond.

Mitchell: Our research into the liquids you created has… stalled, to say the least.

SCP-0000-1: Has it?

Mitchell: I'd like to once again offer you a position with us.

SCP-0000-1: <annoyed> I keep telling you people "no"! Why is- why do you keep insisting that I brew more of that junk over and over again?! What is- how come-

Mitchell: Calm down, Vernon. We've found out some things that you might want to know about.

SCP-0000-1: …excuse me?

Researcher Mitchell turns towards the observation window and gestures for Agent Register to enter the room.

Agent Register enters and sits next to Researcher Mitchell. placing some documents on the table.

SCP-0000-1: It's you again.

Register: Mr. Douglas, do you happen to know anyone by the name of "Henry Daniels" and "Kyle Levins"?

SCP-0000-1 does not respond. Their face turns pale.

Register: I personally spoke with those two at the Marzipan County Jail. They talked about you and Mr. Zambrano in great detail. Of course, they wanted a lighter sentence out of the deal…

SCP-0000-1: They… they snitched?

Agent Register hands a photograph to SCP-0000-1. The latter picks it up and examines it.

Register: Does that car look familiar to you?

SCP-0000-1 does not respond.

Register: As an accessory to a robbery, you'll be facing about three years in a California prison.

SCP-0000-1 silently puts down the photograph as Agent Register takes out a different picture.

Register: Do you know who else snitched on you, Mr. Douglas?

SCP-0000-1 gasps.

SCP-0000-1: Z!?

Register: He told us about what happened to his father. The body was still there when we showed up to investigate.

SCP-0000-1 stares at the photograph in silence.

Register: Mr. Zambrano testified that you held down Zambrano Sr. as he stomped him to death. Is that true?

SCP-0000-1 does not respond.

Register: As an accessory to a murder, you'll be facing another three years.


Register: Lastly, those chemicals of yours, you've stated before that prolonged exposure can cause headaches and nausea?

SCP-0000-1: Um… yes, that's why I kept refusing to-

Register: So you knew it was hazardous, yet you dispersed it on innocent passerby with your car? That'll be another three years.

SCP-0000-1 is sweating profusely as Agent Register glances at Researcher Mitchell.

Mitchell: Don't worry, Vernon, there is a way out. Our organization works with the US Government under a… sort of "pardon" program. Once again, your substances are-

SCP-0000-1: <panicking> I just- I wanted to move on from this shit. I wanted to forget and- and move on and do something else.

Mitchell: You can move on, with us. You'll be able to secure and protect humanity with your chemical compounds.

SCP-0000-1: <stammering> Well- it's just that… why would-

Register: So what will it be? Joining us, or rotting in prison? Your call.

Agent Register slides multiple legal documents towards SCP-0000-1, along with a pen.

Register: When you're ready to accept our bargain, just sign here, here, and here.

SCP-0000-1: What's gonna happen to Z?

Register: That's outside of my knowledge, Mr. Douglas.

SCP-0000-1 proceeds to sign the documents. Agent Register seizes the signed documents and exits the room.

Mitchell: Thank you for coming around, Vernon. Your first day at our organization will be tomorrow.

SCP-0000-1: May I please just speak to Z? For five minutes?

Mitchell: That won't be possible right now. We'll speak more tomorrow, take care.

Researcher Mitchell gets up from her seat and exits the room.

SCP-0000-1 looks down, puts their hands up to their head, and begins to sob.

<End Log>

Further negotiations with SCP-0000-1 regarding potential joint research regarding SCP-0000 will be conducted on May 1, 1995.


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