Dr Lamas Sandbox
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Dr.Lamas .

Favorite SCPs (pending):

  • SCP-7620
  • SCP-7223
  • SCP-049
  • ••-••••-••
  • SCP-096 (I used to chase ma li'l bro pretending to be the shy guy when I was younger)
  • SCP-999 (NOT)
  • SCP-6999

Dr. Michael Lamas is an estimated to be 30-year old SCP-Foundation level 4 researcher. The reason his age is estimated is because Dr. Lamas is not a human, but a shapeshifting entity usually known as Mush. Mushes are predator anomalies that feed on human beings, imitating their physical appereances and even voices, although they lack emotional abilities, which explains Dr. Lamas' incapability to understand his coworkers at many times or his unawareness of the harm he can cause using certain words or being more honest than needed.

Even if Dr. Lamas is supposed to be a predator, he has become the exception in his species. He's felt fascination for the Human race and has tried to integrate himself as much as he could, although he needs to take a specialized pill every hour in order to keep his predatory instincts at bay.

Dr. Lamas thinks that using fancy words and long sentences will make people accept him, so it is common for him to write in a "letter-like fashion" even when texting in a live chat. Dr. Lamas is aware of the fact that he is incapable of feeling emotions, so he will frequently excuse himself when interacting with other people.

Interactions with Dr. Lamas, however, have proven to be in most cases nice and satisfying, due to his forced attempts of making himself accepted, however, Dr. Lamas' love for dark clothing has made some Foundation personnel question why he doesn't wear the reglamentary white coats.