Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: In order to prevent any SCP - XXXX - A from accessing SCP - XXXX, the anomaly is to be kept in a secure 1m x 1m x 1m steel cube, which is to be suspended in a concrete and rebar room, patrolled by two guards 24/7. Two guards are to be stationed outside the entrance to said room as well, with all four guards taking a mental evaluation test every other week as a precaution.

Description: SCP - XXXX is a traditional marionette in appearance, with a wooden cross handle, long strings, and a blank cloth doll. It does not appear to be sentient, but further research is being conducted to figures this out.

Anomalous Properties: SCP - XXXX allows the user, now classified as SCP - XXXX - A, to control any ONE person that the user is thinking of. The victim, now classified as SCP - XXXX - B, will be unconscious and unable to recall any events that happened whilst under the control of SCP - XXXX. After using the anomaly, SCP - XXXX - A will begin to experience symptoms of separation anxiety and irritability, which, over time, will degrade into mental problems such as megalomania and insanity. SCP - XXXX - A will eventually proceed to do anything within their power to acquire SCP - XXXX once more.

Discovery: SCP - XXXX was discovered after the Foundation began to investigate a strange series of suicides, murders, and robberies that were eventually deemed anomalous. The Foundation eventually identified Hyram Goddard with SCP - XXXX, and learned of it's anomalous properties through immediate research.

History: The Foundation has not yet discovered too much history on the object (See Addendum XXXX.1), however, it may be connected to many famous assassinations and heists, the most likely incident being related to SCP - XXXX being the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth.

Other Notes:

  • When in use, the cloth doll will accurately reflect the appearance of SCP - XXXX - B, including any tattoos, injurys, or any other appearance-altering that happens while under the influence of SCP - XXXX. Once use of the anomaly has ceased, the doll will return to its normal appearance.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, only D - class personnel are allotted to use SCP - XXXX, albeit at gunpoint to prevent the D - class from getting any ideas.
  • Despite being mostly harmless unless used, Level 4 security clearance is required to gain knowledge of SCP - XXXX, to prevent any GoI from learning about and obtaining SCP - XXXX.
  • Research is ongoing into wether or not SCP - XXXX has any mental effects on those around it, of of it is strictly limited to SCP - XXXX - A.
  • At the current moment, SCP - XXXX is believed to be a Dr. Wondertainment toy.

Addendum XXXX.1: While on a reconnaissance mission to investigate a possible anomaly, the Foundation cam across an old farm where the anomaly (which was not discovered) was presumed to be. Within the old farmhouse, a journal dating back to May 24, 1967, was found. Within the diary was a blueprint and description of SCP - XXXX, which was proved to be 97% accurate. The author, [DATA EXPUNGED], describes whilst creating the marionette, she was visited by an angel (the Foundation is looking into this being a possible anomaly), who offered to do the author a favor. The author suffered from multiple mental complications, and was a very controlling and aggressive person. However, the author was aware of this, and on multiple occasions attempted to revise her behavior, to no avail. The “angel” took these feelings and put them into the marionette, according to the journal. The author then sold the marionette, and all records of SCP - XXXX between the diary’s time and the Foundation is unknown.