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Item #: SCP-0000 Level 4/0000
Object Class: Keter Classified

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-48 Dir. Linda Lutz Rs. Dominic Donahue MTF A-58 "Pallet Raiders"

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its anomaly, SCP-0000 cannot be traditionally contained. Mobile Task Force Alpha-58 ("Pallet Raiders") is responsible for responding to SCP-0000 sightings, subduing the entity, and administering amnestics to witnesses.

When in Foundation custody, SCP-0000 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site-48. Operation 0000-PLACEHOLDER is currently underway to initiate a method of tracking its movements.

Description: SCP-0000 is a young adult male humanoid with the given name [DO THIS LATER].

SCP-0000 possesses the ability of spontaneous physical teleportation of itself to a limited selection of locations. The mechanism in which SCP-0000 exercises its ability is currently uncertain.

Addendum 01: SCP-0000 was first identified by the Foundation on October 13, 2018 following civilian reports of "a teenage boy appearing near them, then disappearing." Routine CCTV surveillance was able to confirm the reports as genuine, with Foundation facial-recognition software identifying SCP-0000. Further research revealed its home address, and Mobile Task Force Alpha-58 was dispatched to detain SCP-0000 on October 29, 2018. SCP-0000 was successfully subdued by Foundation-issue knockout aerosols without incident.

Transcript 0000-1

Interviewer: Lead Researcher Dominic Donahue

Interviewed: SCP-0000

Date: October 30, 2018

<Begin Log>

SCP-0000 is asleep, seated in a chair and wearing standard restraints. A portable Scranton Reality Anchor is attached to its right ankle.

Researcher Donahue is seated opposite the table, waiting for SCP-0000 to wake up.

Eventually, SCP-0000 slowly awakens as it tugs against its restraints.

SCP-0000: What the… what the fuck…?

Donahue: Oh! You're awake! Ok, firstly, I need you to state your name for me, please.

SCP-0000 fully awakes as it begins to panic.

SCP-0000: What the fuck is this? Where am I? Who are you?

Donahue: Look, sir, I need you to relax. My name is Dominic. Dom-uh-nick. What's your name?

SCP-0000 suddenly demanifests. The Scranton Reality Anchor strapped to its ankle disappears with it.

Donahue: What the- Containment breach! Containment breach!

<End Log>

The portable Scranton anchor was later recovered from a civilian construction site, along with the handcuffs. It is presumed that SCP-0000 used a metal grinding tool to remove its restraints following its escape.

Addendum 02: Investigation of SCP-0000's apartment revealed a large selection of collectible action figurines, stored in shipment cases and boxes. Through further review of security footage involving SCP-0000, it is believed that it primarily used its anomalous teleportation ability to collect certain desired figurines from store shelves and storage rooms while avoiding payment.

MTF Alpha-58 Agent Lancaster Lugo produced the following review regarding the team's investigation into SCP-0000's history.


Transcript 0000-2

Personnel Present:

  • Site Director Linda Lutz
  • Hazardous Materials Containment Liaison Benjamin Bolton
  • Lead Researcher Dominic Donahue
  • Ethics Committee Liaison Patricia Potter
  • O5-8

<Begin Log>

Director Lutz: …and we'll send the truck-slash-dog entity to Wilson's tomorrow morning. Next on the agenda, we have a new arrival to our facility, designation's "0000". They have the ability to teleport to wherever they please… you can tell how that would be a problem. Bolton will take it from here.

HMCL Benjamin Bolton sifts through his documents.

HMCL Bolton: Basically, SCP-0000 is immune to our Scranton anchors, which means it can breach containment whenever it wants, as long as it's awake. I've already come up with a few alternate options for containment, which I'll share with you now for feedback and approval.

HMCL Bolton clears his throat.

HMCL Bolton: One course of action would be to coerce SCP-0000 into remaining in our custody through some simple operant conditioning. Perhaps we could offer… say, a nicer containment chamber. I saw the bodycam footage of its apartment, and it's… not the nicest place to live.

Director Lutz: So you're suggesting giving an SCP anomaly their own hotel room? Complete with 24-hour room service?

HMCL Bolton: Well- no, but when it can leave whenever it wants, there has to be some sort of incentive for it to stay in our custody.

Director Lutz stares down at HMCL Bolton.

HMCL Bolton: <sighs> That's what I thought. Next option: A media campaign to convince the civilian public that SCP-0000 is a… criminal of some sort, Very dangerous criminal. This would coerce SCP-0000 to avoid appearing in public, therefore hiding its anomalous ability by itself, maintaining the Veil.


EC Liaison Potter: Excuse me, but are you genuinely suggesting we publicly slander someone, even if they're an SCP humanoid,

Director Lutz: The point of our organization is to reduce and prevent disruption. Publicly branding someone as a wanted criminal would only create disruption, and it will certainly turn 0000 against us even more.

HMCL Bolton shakes his head in agreement and looks down at his notes.

HMCL Bolton: Third option: We induce a coma, followed by long-term storage in a cryogenics chamber. It'll remain alive, it won't be able to breach containment, and it'll buy us some time to think of other solutions. Any comments? Objections?

Researcher Donahue: Hold on, hold on. We have yet to discuss my personal proposal regarding 0000's future with the Foundation.

HMCL Bolton: <sighing> Go ahead.

Researcher Donahue: There's a program on the East Coast about employing SCP entities as Foundation personnel, right? It was in last month's newsletter.

HMCL Bolton: And what does that have to do with-

Researcher Donahue: Let me finish.

Researcher Donahue: But 0000 has the potential to be an incredible agent for the Foundation! Potential that Benny here refuses to acknowledge! Think about it, Overseer. A man who can teleport to wherever he wants would be invaluable on our side! The

HMCL Bolton: To clarify, Donahue, you are proposing that we indoctrinate an SCP anomaly to function as an agent, an operative, just because they can teleport? Do you know-

Researcher Donahue: With the right training and materials, we can turn 0000 from a rouge fugitive into a unique operative who can teleport to safety as soon as danger arises. We've seen through direct observation that whatever he's holding will teleport with him, so it's possible for him to infiltrate enemy Groups of Interest, grab evidence such as anomalous objects, and instantly appear back at base!

HMCL Bolton: You- you want to take the risk of training a teleporting humanoid, to try turning it into a Foundation spy? Let me remind you, that's a huge risk that will require lots of time and money to attempt, and I do stress that it's an attempt.

Researcher Donahue: There's also the possibility of learning how 0000 obtained its abilities, and if we can reverse-engineer the process, we could potentially teach thousands of our agents how to teleport at will, away from harm and danger. Once again, Overseer, please consider how valuable such a breakthrough would be.

HMCL Bolton: Donohue, your suggestion is absolutely absurd! A long-term coma is the much safer option in the long run, and more importantly, is the humane option.

HMCL Bolton glances at Ethics Committee Liaison Patricia Potter.

EC Liaison Potter: Exactly. Mr. Donahue, your suggestion of-

Researcher Donahue: It's Researcher Donahue.

EC Liaison Potter: Your suggestion is very risky and somewhat unethical, as it requires a sapient being to be subjected to Foundation operative training potentially against their will.

Researcher Donahue: And having them in a coma forever is humane?

HMCL Bolton: First off, it's painless, and second off, it's much less expensive than opening a five-star hotel for them to willingly stay at.

Director Lutz: You don't even have a method of tracking SCP-0000 outside of our direct custody. What's stopping it from defecting to a rival, or just sawing off an ankle bracelet… again?


O5-8: There is an experimental new tracking device being developed in a facility in Canada. It uses thaumaturgics to bond to its target and replenish its power supply… reverse-engineered from a couple SCP objects.

Researcher Donahue: What SCPs are they, Overseer?

O5-8: I'm sorry, but that's classified. What I can do is arrange for the development team to fly down to California and perform a surgery to implant the device into SCP-0000… whenever it re-enters your custody, of course.

Director Lutz: To clarify, you are officially accepting Donohue's proposal?

O5-8: I'm open to this idea only because of… um… that's also classified. Plus, I believe that the Foundation should be more eager to study and experiment with our SCP anomalies, in order to further humanity's progress in a steady, safe, and most importantly, controlled manner. We can't do that if we leave them to freeze in a fridge.

HMCL Bolton stammers.

Researcher Donahue:

SCP-0000 was later re-identified at the offices of the KNLZ-TV news station in San Joaquin, California, USA. The individual had approached employees of the location in an attempt to reveal the existence of the Foundation to civilians. The employees proceeded to alert authorities of "a mentally ill teenager spewing conspiracy theories nonstop". Foundation operatives performing routine emergency telephone surveillance recognized SCP-0000; MTF Alpha-58 was dispatched to the location. The agents were successful in administering a tranquilizer, subduing SCP-0000. The news station employees were successfully amnesticized.

Addendum 03:

Reclassification to Neutralized is pending.