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Item #: SCP-0000 Level 4/0000
Object Class: Keter Classified

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-48 Dir. Linda Lutz Rs. Dominic Donahue MTF A-58 "Pallet Raiders"



Special Containment Procedures: Currently, Mobile Task Force Alpha-58 ("Pallet Raiders") and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Unusual Incidents Unit (FBI UIU) are responsible for locating and subduing the entity. Two Alpha-58 members are to be stationed in SCP-0000's former residence.

Foundation assets are to monitor 911 calls in California, USA for mentions of SCP-0000. The cited location is to be noted to Alpha-58 and FBI UIU personnel; amnesticization of the caller is at Alpha-58 discretion. Once captured, SCP-0000 is to be contained unconscious in a standard humanoid chamber until further notice.

Following the events of November 14, 2019, SCP-0000's former belongings are to be auctioned to the public under a Foundation front company as a financial supplement.

Description: SCP-0000 is a young adult male humanoid with the given name "Luke Rodney".

SCP-0000 possesses the ability to physically relocate itself instantaneously to a limited selection of locations. It can extend its ability to certain physical objects it is in contact with during the event, including clothing and electronic devices.

Directly inquiring SCP-0000 regarding its ability is currently unfeasible. Through observation, the following limitations are presumed to exist:

  • The destination location is one that SCP-0000 has previously been located in without the use of its ability.
  • Its ability consumes a significant amount of personal energy when used, resulting in a high-calorie diet and limited use of the ability in question.

The mechanism in which SCP-0000 exercises its ability is currently uncertain.

Addendum 01: SCP-0000 was first identified by the Foundation in October 2019 following civilian reports of "an adolescent male suddenly appearing in retail stores, acquiring merchandise, and disappearing". Routine CCTV surveillance was able to confirm the reports as genuine, with Foundation facial-recognition software identifying SCP-0000. Further research revealed its home address in Sullenberger, California, USA, and Mobile Task Force Alpha-58 was dispatched to detain SCP-0000 on November 9, 2019. SCP-0000 was successfully subdued while it was sleeping, and transported to Site-48 for initial containment.

Transcript 0000-1

Interviewer: Lead Researcher Dominic Donahue

Interviewed: SCP-0000

Date: November 9, 2019

<Begin Log>

SCP-0000 is asleep, seated in a chair and wearing standard restraints. A portable Scranton Reality Anchor is attached to its right ankle.

Researcher Donahue is seated opposite the table, waiting for SCP-0000 to awaken.

SCP-0000 begins to gain consciousness as it tugs against its restraints. Donahue checks his wristwatch.

Donahue: <to himself> That's odd… waking up already?

SCP-0000 continues to awaken.

SCP-0000: Ugh…

Donahue: Can you hear me, sir? I need you to state your name for me, please.

SCP-0000 begins to panic as it fully awakens.

SCP-0000: Wha- what is this? Where am I? Who are you?

Donahue: Look, sir, I need you to relax. My name is Dominic. Dom-uh-nick. What's yours?

SCP-0000 suddenly demanifests. The Scranton Reality Anchor strapped to its ankle disappears with it.

Donahue: What the- Containment breach! Containment breach!

<End Log>

Due to the unexpected ineffectiveness of the Scranton Reality Anchor, Foundation personnel were not prepared to re-contain SCP-0000 on such short notice. As Researcher Donahue did not violate any procedures, he was not reprimanded for this breach.

The portable Scranton anchor was later recovered from a civilian construction site near SCP-0000's former residence. It is presumed that SCP-0000 reappeared in its apartment following the breach, quickly abandoning it and using a medal grounding tool to remove the Scranton anchor. The containment procedures have been updated to station Alpha-58 agents at its apartment at all times in preparation for its possible return.

Addendum 02: Investigation of SCP-0000's apartment revealed a large selection of collectible action figurines, stored in shipment cases and boxes. Through further review of security footage involving SCP-0000, it is believed that it primarily used its anomalous teleportation ability to collect certain desired figurines from store shelves and storage rooms while avoiding payment.

The following review was produced by a member of MTF Alpha-58 stationed in SCP-0000's residence regarding the team's investigation.


Author: Alpha-58 Agent Lancaster Lugo

As of the time of this report, SCP-0000 has not been back to its apartment ever since we first attempted to contain it. Presumably, it figured that we'd still be stationed in its living space after we detained it in its sleep.

One cursory glance at its apartment will reveal the sheer amount of Space Battle merchandise stuffed in there, most of them still in the packaging. Boxes of action figures and toy spaceships sitting everywhere. One of my fellow agents, Lambert, he recognized a few rare ones, or at least ones that were very popular, and therefore hard to find on store shelves.

It had a desktop computer with no password; its browsing history revealed that it had a Kijiji website where it would sell the Space Battle toys to other collectors. Judging by the landlord's good track record with SCP-0000, as well as a lack of employment paperwork, this was enough of a profitable endeavor to pay the rent on time. It's easy to make money on stuff you didn't pay for in the first place.

We did find its cell phone; the password was four zeros in a row. There weren't many contacts, just phone numbers of prospective toy buyers. We've sent all the numbers to Site-15 for tracing, but I doubt we'll find anything relevant to its abilities.


SCP-0000's personal vehicle.

It also owns a car, a silver Mazda 626 to be exact. The apartment security footage shows it hasn't been driven for some time, suggesting that SCP-0000 used its abilities to substitute for driving. It started right up, and Agent Malik's going to examine it later to see if we'll be able to repurpose the car as Foundation-issued employee transport.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to find any personal journals that would have any insight into the origins of SCP-0000's abilities. Given that it left all its belongings behind, I'd reason that it wasn't the journaling type. Would've been nice if it was.

SCP-0000's apartment, personal vehicle, electronics, and collectible items were seized by the Foundation per standard protocol to monitor for anomalous influence, although no such influence was discovered.


A wanted poster produced by the FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit.

Addendum 03: Due to evidence of criminal activity committed by SCP-0000, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Unusual Incidents Unit (FBI UIU) was notified of its existence. A joint proposal was reached to release SCP-0000's identity to the public in order to more quickly facilitate its capture by endorsing civilian reporting of its whereabouts. To avoid possible visibility of its anomalous ability, SCP-0000 was pre-emptively branded as dangerous to discourage civilian interactions.

Currently, containment efforts are focused on approaching SCP-0000 during its sleeping period, and subduing it further with Foundation-issue knockout aerosols. Its status as a wanted fugitive will prevent it from utilizing aircraft, watercraft, and public transportation as a means of evasion.

Additionally, SCP-0000's immunity to Scranton Reality Anchors presented a challenge to Site-48 containment personnel. Multiple proposals were drafted and presented during the weekly facility administration meeting with an O5 Council member on November 11, 2019.

Transcript 0000-2

Personnel Present:

  • Site Director Linda Lutz
  • Hazardous Materials Containment Liaison Benjamin Bolton
  • Lead Researcher Dominic Donahue
  • Ethics Committee Liaison Patricia Potter
  • O5-8 (via Skype)

<Begin Log>

The four personnel are seated at the meeting table. At one end of the table is a TV screen from which O5-8 is observing from.

Director Lutz: …and we'll send the truck-slash-dog entity to Wilson's tomorrow morning. Next on the agenda, we have a new arrival to our facility, designation's "0000". They have the ability to teleport to wherever they please… you can tell how that would be a problem. Bolton will take it from here.

HMCL Benjamin Bolton sifts through his documents.

HMCL Bolton: Basically, SCP-0000 is immune to our Scranton anchors, which means it can breach containment whenever it wants, as long as it's awake. I've already come up with a few alternate options for containment, which I'll share with you now for feedback and approval.

HMCL Bolton clears his throat.

HMCL Bolton: One course of action would be to coerce SCP-0000 into remaining in our custody through some simple operant conditioning. Perhaps we could offer… say, a nicer containment chamber. I saw the bodycam footage of its apartment, and it's… not the nicest place to live.

Director Lutz: So you're suggesting giving an SCP anomaly their own five-star hotel room? Complete with 24-hour room service, a pool, and a hot tub?

HMCL Bolton: Well- no, but when it can leave whenever it wants, there has to be some sort of incentive for it to stay in our custody.

Director Lutz stares down at HMCL Bolton.

HMCL Bolton: <sighs> That's what I thought. Next option: We induce a coma, followed by long-term storage in a cryogenics chamber. It'll remain alive, it won't be able to breach containment, and it'll buy us some time to think of other solutions. Any comments? Objections?

Researcher Dominic Donahue raises his hand.

EC Liaison Potter: You want to put a sapient humanoid into a coma for the crime of being able to teleport?

HMCL Bolton: Well, it'll definitely stop it from escaping again.

Researcher Donahue: If I may inter-

EC Liaison Potter: You're suggesting that we subject them to an unnecessary medical procedure, a risky procedure mind you, and leave him frozen in ice for the rest of time?

HMCL Bolton: It was only a proposal.

EC Liaison Potter: Haven't you considered the simple possibility of just amnesticizing the subject? Class-F should be potent enough to erase their memory on how to perform their ability, assuming that… it was thaumaturgic or ontokinetic in nature.

HMCL Bolton: Ah, now I get where the confusion's coming from. See, I was under the impression that SCP-0000's teleporting ability is… much more innate, like breathing or walking. If we gave it an amnestic dose strong enough to erase such an ability that's akin to a bodily function, that would also probably kill the subject, and you wouldn't want that, right?

EC Liaison Potter: You don't know that for certain. Class-F has worked before to remove the abilities of thaumaturges, with minimal side effects. Who's to say that… <looks down at document> SCP-0000 is any different?

HMCL Bolton: And if it wakes up after surgery and teleports away again, will that make you change your mind?

A short pause.

HMCL Bolton: Don't we have a simulation program of some sort? I can't recall its name…

Director Lutz: I believe you're talking about Simulacrum.

HMCL Bolton: Ah, yes! Simulacrum! We could hook SCP-0000 up to it for some stimuli so it's not completely bored. Would that work for you, Miss…?

EC Liaison Potter: It's Potter, and… I, um… can't come up with any objections at the moment…

Director Lutz: Bolton, the problem is that my Site doesn't have any Simulacrum infrastructure, so we'll-

HMCL Bolton: Have it shipped to a Site that does?

Director Lutz: I'm not finished. There's also the-

HMCL Bolton: <meekly> Sorry.

Director Lutz: …possibility that it brings its ability into the virtual world. And I know that the programming shouldn't be able to allow this, but electronics are still fallible to anomalies, and we can't risk the development of a glitch or virus that infects the entire project.

HMCL Bolton: Well, we could give SCP-0000 its own server, complete with its own separate hardware.

Director Lutz looks towards O5-8 on the TV screen.

O5-8: Huh? Oh, uh… I can talk to Eleven about granting enough funding for SCP-0000 to get its own personal server on isolated hardware, but the project's still in its infancy, so I doubt they'll be willing to divulge that many resources on somebody who just shoplifts while teleporting.

Researcher Donahue raises his hand again.

Researcher Donahue: We have yet to discuss my personal proposal regarding Luke's- er… 0000's future with the Foundation.

HMCL Bolton: <sighing> Go ahead.

Researcher Donahue: There's a program on the East Coast about employing SCP entities as Foundation personnel, right? It was in last month's newsletter.

HMCL Bolton: And what does that have to do with-

Researcher Donahue: Let me finish. Currently, all 0000's using his ability for is shoplifting, but he has the potential to be an incredible agent for the Foundation! Potential that Ben here refuses to acknowledge!

Researcher Donahue turns towards O5-8's screen.

Researcher Donahue: Think about it, Overseer. A man who can teleport to wherever he wants, whenever he wants, would be invaluable on our side!

HMCL Bolton: To clarify, Donahue, you are proposing that we indoctrinate an SCP anomaly to function as an agent, an operative, just because it can teleport? Do you know-

Researcher Donahue: With the right training and materials, we can turn 0000 from a rouge fugitive into a unique operative who can teleport to safety as soon as danger arises. We've seen through direct observation that whatever he's holding will teleport with him, so it's possible for him to infiltrate enemy Groups of Interest, grab evidence such as anomalous objects, and instantly appear back at base!

HMCL Bolton: You- you want to take the risk of training a teleporting humanoid, to try turning it into a Foundation spy? Let me remind you, that's a huge risk that will require lots of time and money to attempt, and I do stress that it's an attempt.

Researcher Donahue: There's also the possibility of learning how 0000 obtained his abilities, and if we can reverse-engineer the process, we could potentially teach thousands of our agents how to teleport at will, away from harm and danger. Once again, Overseer, please consider how valuable such a breakthrough would be.

HMCL Bolton: Donohue, your suggestion is absurd! A long-term coma is the much safer option in the long run, and more importantly, is the humane option.

HMCL Bolton glances at Ethics Committee Liaison Patricia Potter.

EC Liaison Potter: Exactly. Mr. Donahue, your suggestion of-

Researcher Donahue: It's Researcher Donahue.

EC Liaison Potter: Your suggestion is even risker than Mr. Bolton's original proposal, as it requires a sapient being to be subjected to Foundation operative training potentially against their will.

Researcher Donahue: And having them in a coma forever is humane?

HMCL Bolton: First off, it's painless, and second off, it's much less expensive than opening a five-star hotel for them to willingly stay at.

Director Lutz: You don't even have a method of tracking SCP-0000 outside of our direct custody. What's stopping it from defecting to a rival, or just sawing off an ankle bracelet… again?


O5-8: There is an experimental new tracking device being developed in a facility in Canada. It uses thaumaturgics to bond to its target and replenish its power supply… reverse-engineered from a few SCP objects.

O5-8 clears their throat.

O5-8: What I can do is arrange for the development team to fly down to Site-48 and perform a surgery to implant the device into SCP-0000… whenever it re-enters your custody, of course.

Director Lutz: To clarify, sir: you are officially accepting Donohue's proposal?

O5-8: Not quite, Linda. To be clear, I am open to this idea because of… um… it's classified. Besides, I believe that the Foundation should be more eager to study and experiment with our SCP anomalies, in order to further humanity's progress in a steady, safe, and most importantly, controlled manner.

HMCL Bolton: But- but Overseer Eight, couldn't we do both? Have the device in 0000 while it's in cryogenic storage, in case the chamber fails or it gets released by an infiltrated agent?

O5-8: That won't work, I'm afraid. The tracking device requires a constant amount of body heat to function. Besides… if we're going to use an experimental device to track its whereabouts, we might as well get our money's worth by having our SCP humanoid… do a few missions on our behalf.

Researcher Donahue: Wait, so- so that's a yes?

O5-8: Affirmative.

Researcher Donahue begins to hyperventilate with joy.

Researcher Donahue: Th- thank you, Overseer! I will not let you down.

O5-8: <chuckles> You're quite welcome. <to Director Lutz> Linda, I'll have the development team fly down to your facility before the end of tomorrow. The project lead's name is "Carson Yanouzas".

Director Lutz: I look forward to meeting them tomorrow, sir.

O5-8: Now that we've settled that, what's next on the agenda?

<End Log>

Following the meeting, O5-8 approved the transfer of multiple members of the project from Area-55 in British Columbia, Canada, to Site-48. Upon arrival, Project Lead Carson Yanouzas began preparations for the operation, rehearsing the procedure's thaumic prayer ritual with Site-48 medical personnel.

Addendum 04: On November 14, 2019, SCP-0000 was re-identified at the offices of the RFHS-TV news station in San Joaquin, California, USA. The individual had approached employees of the location in an attempt to reveal the existence of the Foundation to civilians. The employees proceeded to alert authorities; Foundation operatives embedded in the emergency services recognized SCP-0000, and MTF Alpha-58 was dispatched to the location. The agents were successful in subduing SCP-0000; the news station employees were successfully amnesticized.

Following its recapture, SCP-0000 was rushed to surgery for implantation of the device. To foster awareness of the technology, the procedure was conducted in an observation chamber for Site-48 personnel to freely observe.

Transcript 0000-3

<Begin Log>

SCP-0000 is laid down on the operating table in Observation Chamber 12. Surgical Doctor Joshua Nijhuis is beginning the procedure.

In the audience are Researcher Donahue and HMCL Bolton.

Bolton: Looks like you've got what you wanted, Donahue.

Donahue: I didn't do this for me, Ben. I did it for him.

Bolton: Say that all you want, but-

Donahue: While you saw a teleporting anomaly, I saw a young man who needed direction in his life. Something fulfilling to do that isn't petty shoplifting over kids toys and cheap Funko Pops.

Bolton: Yes, so I wanted him- it to stop-

Donahue: I used to be just like him; barely graduated college, made a bunch of bad choices, used vices to entertain myself. Would I have been happy if I were put into a cryo chamber for the rest of time?

Bolton: But Donahue, you can't- you can't teleport.

Donahue: One day I found myself in a heap of trouble; only by accepting a job at the Foundation was I able to avoid a trip to the bottom of the Pacific with a free pair of concrete shoes. That's what I'm doing for Luke.

Bolton: I wasn't gonna throw him in the ocean!

Donahue: With our help, Luke will gain the purpose he desperately needs in his life. To join us in fighting against the truly dangerous life-threatening anomalies and hostile groups of interest who wish to harm humanity. That's a greater use of his ability than just leaving him in a freezer.

HMCL Bolton lets out a sigh.

Bolton: Alright then. You've got the backing of an Overseer, so who am I to argue with you?

Researcher Donahue smiles.

Donahue: I knew you'd come around eventually.

They turn to face the surgery.

Dr. Nijhuis has opened SCP-0000's abdomen, inserted the tracking device, and is beginning the thaumic prayer ritual to bond the device to SCP-0000.

A piece of medical equipment begins to beep, interrupting the ritual.

Dr. Nijhuis: Patient's waking up ahead of schedule. <to the nurse> Check the anesthetics, did we use enough?

SCP-0000 opens its eyes and looks downward at its open chest.

SCP-0000: What the- What is this?

SCP-0000 vanishes with the tracking device.

Dr. Nijhuis: Shit, he's- he's gone! Containment breach!

Klaxons begin to sound. The audience begins to panic.

Donahue: Ben, what've you fucking done?!

Bolton: I- I didn't do anything! I swear I didn't!

Donahue: You fucker! I will have you expelled!

<End Log>

Following the unauthorized activation of its ability, SCP-0000 re-appeared at its former residence, and was confronted by the two stationed Alpha-58 personnel. Foundation-installed CCTV cameras captured the following footage.


Transcript 0000-4

<Begin Log>

MTF Alpha-58 agents Lancaster Lugo and Maurice Tilley are seated at a table in SCP-0000's former apartment.

SCP-0000 suddenly manifests in the center of the room lying down on its back, to the shock of the agents.

It manages to sit upright. As it does so, its intestines begin to spill out onto the floor, covering the carpet in blood. Agent Tilley procures his handheld radio transmitter.

Agent Tilley: Seven-Two's back! He's back!

SCP-0000 looks down at its intestines as Agent Lugo approaches it. The tracking device falls out.

SCP-0000 notices the device and picks it up with its right hand.

It observes the device's design.

Agent Lugo: Look, sir, I need you to hand me that black box you've got there.

SCP-0000 glances at Agent Lugo, then looks around its apartment.

SCP-0000: <breathing heavily> You took my stuff… you took everything…

SCP-0000 coughs blood as its intestines continue to vacate its abdomen. It stares at the tracking device again.

SCP-0000: What is this?

Agent Lugo takes the device out of SCP-0000's hand as Agent Tilley approaches with a towel.

Tilley attempts to pick up SCP-0000's vacated intestinal tract with the towel. Blood and viscera cover the towel as SCP-0000 begins to resist.

SCP-0000: Don't fucking touch me, asshole!

Agent Tilley: Sir, I'm trying to save-

SCP-0000 attempts to stand up; kicking its intestines about. Agent Lugo begins to restrain SCP-0000.

It continues to cough as Agent Tilley attempts to gather the intestines with the towel, struggling to do so.

SCP-0000 goes into shock.

<End Log>

Foundation medical personnel were dispatched to the location. Upon arrival, SCP-0000 was declared deceased from blood loss. The tracking device was collected successfully for reuse.

Review of the surgical procedures did not uncover any discrepancies; SCP-0000 had been administered the standard amount of anesthetics. A standard post-mortem autopsy performed on SCP-0000 did not uncover any anomalous physiology. Ultimately, no reprimand was issued to any involved personnel.

Reclassification to Neutralized is pending.