Jiwoahn II
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Item #: SCP-0000-EX Level 1/0000
Object Class: Explained Unrestricted

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-56 Dir. Garner Manzanita Rs. Vernon Douglas N/A


The interior of Site-56's Amnestic Substance Refinery.

Special Containment Procedures: Compounds 0000-A and 0000-B are currently under mass production in Site-56's Amnestic Substance Refinery. Standard distribution permissions are to be followed regarding these substances.

SCP-0000-EX is contained in Site-56's Vehicle Containment Garage for posterity.

Description: SCP-0000-EX is a 1992 Hanwoo Harmony passenger sedan outfitted with a device used to disperse aerosol amnestic substances of previously unknown composition.1 The device was built and installed by Amnestics Researcher Vernon Douglas prior to his tenure at the Foundation. In addition, Researcher Douglas had developed a separate compound to counteract the amnestic.

SCP-0000-EX was recovered from Slipchester, Nevada, USA on March 25, 1995 by Nevada law enforcement; Foundation operatives transported it to Site-56 for further study. Through investigation, then-civilian Douglas was revealed to be its owner.

Following negotiation, Researcher Douglas volunteered to recreate the substances used in SCP-0000-EX in exchange for employment at the Foundation. The substances were successfully reengineered in September 1995; the amnestics and mnestics were designated Compounds 0000-A and 0000-B, respectively. The vehicle was reclassified as Explained; provisional testing continued under the supervision of Senior Researcher Maurice Mitchell.

Due to their ease of use, increased potency, and quicker application time over previous capsule-based provisions, the compounds were implemented on March 1996 as standard Class-B amnestic and Class-W mnestic provisions for Foundation field agents.

The following transcript depicts the first introduction of Compounds 0000-A and 0000-B to high-ranking Foundation personnel on March 25, 1996.

Transcript 0000-7

<Begin Log>

Researcher Douglas enters the chamber, pushing a cart stocked with a CPAP mask connected to an amnestic canister, as well as multiple bottles.

A single D-class personnel, D-6744, is seated in the center of the chamber.

Douglas approaches the D-class. He turns to face the observation window where multiple Foundation personnel are watching.

Douglas: Good morning, everyone. Today, I'm going to demonstrate, for the first time, how to administer the Foundation's new Class-B aerosol amnestics. They're designed to be much easier to administer to both civilians who see something they're not supposed to see, and personnel leaving an SCP research project. But before I show you how…

Researcher Douglas takes out a small cup and a bottle, pours a small amount of green liquid into the cup, and holds it up for the observing personnel.

Douglas: This is a Class-W mnestic designed to neutralize the effects of the Class-B. You should always take a sip of this, about five milliliters, no more than a teaspoon prior to handling any amnestics, to mitigate the effects of accidental self-application.

Researcher Douglas drinks the mnestics and sets the empty cup back on the cart.

Douglas: Tastes like Mountain Dew, but with some Sprite mixed in. It'll have a slight aftertaste, but it beats forgetting something you shouldn't.

D-6744: Can I have some?

Douglas: Um… not now. And I believe you've been instructed to remain quiet.

D-6744: Right… sorry.

Researcher Douglas grabs a different bottle from the cart. He readies the nozzle.

Douglas: Before you administer the Class-B, I recommend using our standard two-in-one aerosol tranquilizer and Class-A amnestic, like so.

He sprays the bottle into D-6744's face. The latter opens the mouth agape; no exclamation is made.

D-6744 becomes dazed and motionless. Researcher Douglas turns to the cart, grabs the CPAP mask, and secures it onto D-6744's face. He turns to face the observers.

Douglas: Now that the subject is docile, you'll be able to hook this mask onto their face without any resistance. Don't worry, we've crosstested the Class-A with the Class-B, they don't conflict in any way. Actually, anecdotal evidence suggests slightly increased effectiveness, although nothing's conclusive yet.

Researcher Douglas turns towards the aerosol canister on the cart and turns its nozzle. A hissing sound is produced as the gauge on top begins to move.

Douglas: Have the Class-B going for one minute; accuracy's not the most important for this step, but don't go over a minute and a half. Make sure the subject's breathing it all in.

He leans forward to check D-6744's breathing, then looks back at the gauge on top of the canister.

Douglas: One minute of Class-B is equivalent to 25 milligrams of the stuff, so watch that gauge carefully. You don't want to overdo it. And… there we go.

Researcher Douglas turns the nozzle off. The hissing noise stops. He turns and gestures towards D-6744.

Douglas: Now our D-class is ready for another month of service.

He removes the CPAP mask from D-6744, sets it on the cart, and turns to the audience.

Douglas: As you can see, our new Class-B amnestics are significantly easier and quicker to administer. No more discretely taking civilians to Sites for amnestic treatment, no more subjecting D-classes to five-hour surgeries, and no more complications from such surgeries.

Douglas: That concludes my demonstration of the Foundation's next generation of amnestics. I'll be out soon to answer any of your questions.

Researcher Douglas begins to push the cart towards the chamber exit. He pauses and looks back at D-6744.

Douglas: Goodbye, Z.

He proceeds to exit the chamber with the cart.

<End Log>